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Ayushaman Bhava 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav and Sudha meeting doctor and asking about Krish. Doctor asks them not to worry, Krish will get ready with time. Vikrant asks Govind to vacate the school. He scolds him. Govind agrees. The man sees Krish and asks do you remember me. Krish says yes, you saved me from falling down the stairs, I didn’t see you before. The man says its better to forget everything. Krish asks why did you got handcuffed, you are good, you saved me. He says deeds are always with us. Constable says your reports are fine, come. The man says everyone is in jail, while some jails don’t have locks. Sudha looks on. Constable makes Govind hear Kailash’s recording. He suggests to arrest Madhav for stealing the file. Govind asks him to get warrant.

Sudha and Madhav bring Krish home.Madhav says we will enjoy a lot and have your fav icecream. Sudha asks him to become happy like before. Madhav recalls the man’s words. Madhav asks Krish what happened on picnic day. Krish gets tensed. Madhav asks did you see anything bad happening. He shouts they have killed both. Sudha asks him to calm down and hugs. Krish faints. Madhav says Krish needs rest. They make him rest. Vikrant talks to Kartik, Sudhir and Rudra. Rudra says your work will happen.

Vikrant asks Sudhir to share progress of the software. Sudhir and Kartik say they are working on it. Vikrant asks where is Samaira. Sudhir says she is unwell. Vikrant says make sure she comes in meeting. Sudhir agrees. Vikrant says Avi’s death gave me a good team like you all, I promise after this project’s success, you don’t know what will you all have.

Its morning, Sudha says it means Krish has seen something on picnic day, he used to see Avi before. Madhav thinks I shouldn’t tell Sudha what Krish told to that man, we should pray to Lord. Govind talks to Kailash and Kaushalya and threatens about Krish. He asks Kailash to ask Madhav to stop investigation, else same thing will happen with Krish. He asks for Avi’s file.

Sudha and Madhav pray. Krish prays to Lord and asks what’s Avi for him, why does he see Avi in dreams. Avi comes. Krish opens eyes and sees Avi. Avi says now you would be knowing me well, I m Avinash Dubey. Krish says how can this happen, you are dead, how can you talk to me, maybe its my dream. Avi says no, don’t get scared, I have come to answer your questions, what’s connection between us, its not easy to understand, but I know you are a smart kid, the answer is, I m you and you are me, we are one, you are Avinash. Krish gets shocked.


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