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Ayushaman Bhava 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vikrant Punishes Krish


Ayushaman Bhava 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ayushaman Bhava 4th December 2017 Episode start With Vikrant attacking Krish. Krish gets dizzy and sees Vikrant and Maai. Kavya learns about him from Bubbly. She gets shocked. Vikrant beats up Krish. Sudhir gets memory flashes. Vikrant scolds Krish for thinking of Kavya. He asks why did you take Kavya in that party, what was happening there, you want to reach to my status by using her. Samaira feels bad seeing Krish getting beaten up. Vikrant says you have proved Maai’s doubt right today, I will prove myself right now. Samaira thinks something is wrong, how can Krish announce his marriage with Kavya, I have to do something.

Kavya comes and stops Vikrant. She says its not Krishna’s mistake, its all my mistake, I left him alone and went in the party. She tells everything. Vikrant and Maai get shocked. Kavya says Krish did this to save me, he was thinking of our family respect and took blame on himself. Kavya frees Krish. Guards take Krish. Vikrant looks at his hands. He feels guilty. Maai says its fine, Krish was responsible for protecting Kavya, he has failed. Vikrant says no, maybe you didn’t hear Kavya, Krish didn’t leave Kavya, Kavya left him and went ahead alone, its her mistake, she didn’t listen to Krishna, its my mistake that I didn’t listen to Krishna and punished him. Sudhir comes and says I recalled everything.

Maai asks what. Sudhir says I remember I was buried in the ground, I know you all, who has buried me, I don’t remember. Maai says you will recall everything, go and take rest. Badri calls up Krish. Krish tells everything. Badri says you should have not said this. Krish says I m not able to take revenge from Vikrant and Samaira, I have to do something, we have to keep Kavya away, my heart gets hurt thinking of her sorrow, I know she is enemy’s daughter, but she was my best friend. Samaira comes. Krish says I will call later and ends call. She says Kavya is Vikrant’s daughter, why did you say that. He says I had no option, media was blaming her. Kavya cries and feels sorry. She says I will go and see him once, don’t know how is he. Samaira asks why did you say you will marry her. He says Kavya’s respect was at stake, try to understand. She says fine, you maybe hurt, I will apply ointment. He says no, this pain doesn’t matter to me. She says but this matters to me, we have to find some way. He says I have decided, tonight something big will happen. She says I m with you, take care. She goes. He smiles.

Kavya comes to him. She asks how do you feel now. He says better. She apologizes. He thinks I should be sorry, I m responsible for your tears. He leaves. Maai does a yagya to know Krish’s intentions. Krish sends a threatening note to Vikrant. Vikrant gets angry. He stops Krish and asks him to read the letter. Krish reads it.

Vikrant says how dare that bodyguard do this, get him to me, he will regret a lot, I know I did injustice with you, trust me, I was mistaken, I can just trust you, I m sure you will not hurt my trust. Krish smiles and thinks just see how your protector turns into your attacker.


Ayushaman Bhava 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikrant sees Samaira leaving. Krish thinks to fulfill the plan. He sees Maai and wonders what is she doing here.

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