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Ayushaman Bhava 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Krish coming home and seeing Avi’s family. He gets shocked. Krish dreams of Avi getting Samaira home. He wakes up. Sudha asks what happened. Krish asks who am I, who are you. Sudha wakes up Madhav. Madhav asks why did you wake up at night. Krish says I was not here, it was day time where I was. Sudha asks what, this is our house. Krish looks around and says sorry, I was scared. He chants mantras and sleeps.

Vikrant reprimands Samaira, Sudhir and Kartik. Sudhir says I think someone is fraud here. Vikram scolds him for cyber company hack, who will buy our software, its a big blunder, I got sure that I shook hands with wrong people. Kartk says we took all precautions. Vikram says you failed miserably, my life’s biggest mistake is I joined you all, I felt you have a wish to succeed, you want to be on top, but no, I was wrong, I trusted wrong people, you guys are not worth anything, Sudhir you are the worst of all three, I invested my belief in you, someone hacked company server and you didn’t know it.

Kartik says we proved ourselves before. Vikrant says you guys are here because of Avinash, you are getting the fruit of his hardwork and brilliance, all three of you are useless, find someone who can help you guys. Samaira says we don’t need any help, we will develop this security system, I know we did mistake, I assure you, we will do our best, we will find the culprit and get him to you. Vikrant says that’s better Samaira, its big loss, so I want you to get that man in front of me.

Samaira taunts Sudhir. Sudhir says you want to say I m fool, did I not work hard, company went ahead by our hardwork, think logically, our server got hacked, it must be someone we know, people who sell their honesty for money are everywhere, moral and ethics are just in books now. Samaira asks why are you saying this today, you want the credit of our progress. Sudhir says its clear you don’t want to give me credit, look at yourself, truth will be out. Kartik says guys please… Sudhir says we all three were involved in it, that password didn’t come to us, remember. Samaira recalls Avi telling her about his promotion after his project launches. He says I want to give you all a comfortable life, dad and mum didn’t think for their dreams, I never gave them anything, now its turn to give them everything, which they never imagined. She says I m very proud of you, never change yourself. He says you know most of my personal and professional life. She says I feel I know everything about you.

He says yes, everything. She says you don’t need to tell me anything, you have to be really confidential in your job, your projects, files and passwords, its really okay. He asks why, you can ask me anything. She says I don’t want to ask. He says okay, but I have to tell something. She asks are you sure. He nods and tells her about his big software, its launching tomorrow, I have all its details, its all locked by a password, and that password is…. She says wait, you don’t need to tell me that password, I know we love each other a lot, I don’t want any proof for this. He smiles and says I m not giving any proof, I trust you, I m telling you to know what’s that password. She says don’t tell me. He says its my life’s password, its I love Samaira. She hugs him and says I love you too Avi. FB ends. Samaira says I remember well.

Sudha asks driver to stop at temple, she has to buy puja items. Krish gets down the car and goes. He sees Avi’s dad getting scolded by the senior. He goes to Avi’s dad and does a gesture like Avi. Avi’s dad gets shocked. Krish asks why do you tolerate all this, why don’t you leave this job, where there is no respect, what’s meaning to work here. Avi’s dad recalls Avi and cries. He holds Krish.


Ayushaman Bhava 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avi says my hardwork is not on sale. Samaira says you are over reacting. Krish tells Madhav about Avi’s family. Sudha says no need to go there. Madhav says we will see if those people really exist. Sudha says Krish you are not related to them.

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