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Ayushaman Bhava 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Avi’s dad asking Krish who is he, how does he know him. Krish says I don’t know, I have seen you when I was cutting my birthday cake. Sudha and Madhav come to take Krish. Krish says I have to talk to him. Sudha takes him. Avi’s dad recalls Avi. Samaira recalls Avi. FB shows Avi telling her that he will not cheat ethics. She says its all things found in books, you have to be practical. He says I have some morals in life, I can’t sell my ethics, I don’t need it, there is much corruption, but I m not like that, you are talking like them. She says I m just trying to explain you. He says I know you are saying this to calm me, sorry, I m angry on them, how did they know I m developing software, they wanted to give me blank cheque and buy me. Sudhir looks on. She asks Avi to get water for her.

Sudhir tells her to give some sense to Avi or save him from destruction. Avi gets water. Sudhir asks him what happened. Samaira says Vikrant has tried to buy Avi’s software. Sudhir says maybe Avi refused. Avi says I will never agree, I will make sure Vikrant gets punished for this. Samaira asks why do you want to do this. Avi says a little truth is enough to end lies. Sudhir acts good. He asks Avi to focus on his software, they are with him. Samaira nods. FB ends. She regrets to cheat Avi. She says if I knew Avi will be sacrificed, I would have risked my life, but not do this.

Krish sees the box of Avi’s memories. Samaira recalls Avi taking her to his family. FB shows Samaira talking to inspector and saying I want Avi to get free of jail, I don’t want him to spend life in jail, he loves me a lot, he trusts me a lot. Kartik says we can understand, we promise none will know about this. Kartik asks what’s the password of Avi’s system. Samaira tells them. FB ends. Samaira says I didn’t know I will have to pay so much for one decision. Sudhir says Avi didn’t leave from your heart, don’t scratch your wounds, forget what happened. She says none can get what I lost, truth is we are very different, you did everything in your greed, I was helpless to do this, I didn’t know you all will kill Avi.

Krish goes to talk to Sudha. She asks him to finish milk first. Krish says its very important. Sudha comes. Krish tells them everything he has experienced till now, about Avi and his family. He shows the box to them. He says I saw that uncle again and again, I felt I was in some different house. Madhav asks where. Krish says that uncle, his parents and a girl was also there, I know her also. Sudha asks in dream. Krish says Papa took me to press conference, I have seen that girl on stage. Madhav recalls Samaira.

Sudha cries and asks why did you not tell me anything. Madhav asks her to calm down. Krish says I felt I have magical power and liked all this, I felt I m like Kanha, when you took me in party, I met that inspector, I got scared, I felt he will kill me. Madhav says so you got so much scared. Krish says yes, I felt he will suffocate my neck. Sudha asks him not to say this again. She says this is happening recently, he has never seen any bad dreams, why is this happening now, I will go to any good pandit and tell all this. Krish says no, whatever I have seen in dream, I remember well, that place, people, I have to go there once and see. Sudha asks why. Krish says please we will go there and see once. She says no need, you are not related to them. Krish says please I want to go. Madhav asks her to listen. She says no, he won’t go, he is scared of that place. Sudhir says try to understand situation, we three were involved in it, you see truth, what’s use to talk of this now, we should find that man who hacked the server. Kartik agrees.

Inspector comes and says there is a bad news. Krish says please, I have to see once. Inspector tells them about Krish, he knows everything about us, if he tells anything, we are gone.


Ayushaman Bhava 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha says I won’t let him go anywhere. Madhav says Krish is saying he remembers everything, we will do what you say.

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