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Ayushaman Bhava 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Maai Fails To Prove Krish’s Truth


Ayushaman Bhava 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ayushaman Bhava 9th December 2017 Episode Start With  Kaushalya getting upset with Krish. She says I know you want revenge from Vikrant, but don’t drag Kavya in this, she is innocent and good, don’t punish her, its a sin, its not her mistake, she is not like her family. He says I shall come and leaves. Kavya thinks of Krish. Adha ishq….plays…. Krish comes to her. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I have to tell you something, refuse for this marriage. She gets shocked.

She asks why. He says we have a mismatch, you are a doctor, I m a bodyguard, you are educated and rich, I m not rich, I just came here with a motive to serve Vikrant, I can respect him, but I can’t ruin your life, refuse for this marriage. She asks are you done, I know what you want to prove, did you forget what I said, you are soft hearted, I can’t believe you are bad, you are a good person, you want good for everyone, about marriage, its fine if you don’t want to marry me, you can go and tell dad, its your life and its your decision, I will not do this. He asks her to tell Vikrant. She says I said what I had to, you can tell dad. He goes out. He calls Badri and says I can’t play with Kavya’s trust. Maai looks on.

Badri asks what makes you think this. Krish says I couldn’t meet Kaushalya’s eyes, I m worried to hurt Kavya’s trust. Badri says it seems you don’t want to hurt her. Maai says I have to find out, whom is he talking. Badri says Vikrant, Sudhir and Samaira are your enemies, you can protect Kavya, like you did in that party, she will get many thorns in her way, you can save her by marrying her. Krish says you have shown me a new way, I will marry Kavya now. He goes. Maai says who is helping Kavya, who is showing him the way. She gets Krish’s wallet. She gets shocked seeing Krish and Avi’s parents pics inside. She says I was finding this secret, I will see how Krish marries Kavya.

Kavya asks Maai to say will the bridal dress fit her. Maai thinks you won’t need this. Vikrant smiles and asks Krishna to come. He says I know its just one day to do arrangements, I m glad you don’t have any problem, did you see any dreams. Krish says I have no family to see dreams. Vikrant says don’t say this, our family is your family now, when will you stop calling me boss. Krish says old enmities and habits take time to get off, it will end soon. Vikrant gives clothes to Krish. Maai asks Krish to give nek to Vikrant, its a rasam, he can give it according to his status. Vikrant gets angry on Krish’s insult. Maai says what shall we expect from you.

Krish says its fine, I will fulfill the rasam. He looks for wallet. Maai asks are you finding this. Krish gets shocked seeing the wallet. Maai says Vikrant, you feel I m wrong, I will show you the truth, you will know Krish was hiding a big truth from us, check this wallet. Vikrant asks Krish what’s this. Maai says truth is in your hands, check it. She smiles. Vikrant checks wallet and asks what’s this, what do you want to prove, that he is poor, we know his status. Maai checks wallet and asks how can this happen, I have seen Kaushalya’s pic in this, its his plan, you believe it or not, Krish has some relation with Avinash, else why would he have their pics. Vikrant says enough, there is no pic, you are spoiling the ambience. Maai goes. Kavya asks Vikrant who is Avinash, why did Dadi take Kaushalya’s name. Vikrant holds his anger.

Maai says how did this happen, I have seen Avi’s parents’ pic. Vikrant says don’t trouble me and yourself. She says its not a small thing, try to understand, Krish had relation with Kaushalya, Sudha and Madhav. Vikrant shows Avi’s dead body and says don’t forget I have killed him in second birth too, we have much work for Kavya’s marriage, forget this, get to work. He goes. She says I will get ready, truth will come out.


Ayushaman Bhava 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krish does some rituals. A goon hits on his head. Krish falls down.

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