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Badho Bahu 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Payal is helping Lattu revise but he keeps forgetting the words. Payal gives example of B for Badho. Remember this much atleast. Komal asks her if some exam is coming. Payal denies. He is weak in English. I was helping him practise. Lattu gets excited seeing his father but Payal tells him to focus. Shankar asks Payal why she dint call him. Ma is so injured. Komal politely says we dint want to trouble you which is why we dint call you. Spend some time with Ma. I will meet Lucky ji. Jamuna ji agrees.

Rana comes in his room. Pinki has spread his bed sheet. She apologizes to him and cutely holds her ears. He smiles seeing her do so. They both accept that shouting at each other in front of everyone was wrong. She hugs him to thank him but thinks I wont forgive ever! She asks about Lucky coming home early from practise. Rana shares that he got injured which is why he came. Pinki tells him to ask Lucky to teach him whatever he learnt from the camp. Rana agrees.

Komal comes to her room. She recalls the way Lucky had risked his life for her mother in the afternoon and had looked after her. Her eyes well up. Lucky is irked to see her getting emotional again. It means she will create another drama. Komal quietly hugs him. Lucky is uncomfortable. Komal realises she had been hugging him and quickly pulls away. I wanted to thank you. I wont forget what you have done for Ma. He calls her mad. She is my mother as well. It’s my duty too. She notices his wound. He dismisses it but she insists to apply something on it. He gives in reluctantly. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays in the background. Lucky looks at her on and off while she cleans the wound and applies Band-aid on it. Lucky leaves from there. Komal smiles to herself.

Next morning, Jamuna ji is pain. Komal gives tea to her brother. Komal scolds her mother for not listening to her. I told you to come to hospital but you don’t listen to me. Raghubir ji seconds her. Komal too refuses to listen to her mother anymore now. Shankar too thinks it to be correct. Raghubir ji goes to call doctor. Komal goes to inform Lucky.

Payal has filled Lattu’s registration form for the new English medium school. She tells Lattu to write answers correctly. I will give you kheer daily if you pass the exam. Lattu says Master Ji says it is a sin to lie. Why are you making me sin in the morning itself? She speaks of her dream of putting him in English Medium School. Don’t tell anyone anything outside. I will talk.

Kareena is with Lucky. It’s good to have you back. I was tired thinking how to throw them out. Lucky says I too am thinking about it. I don’t mind Jamuna Ma ji staying here for as long as she wants to. Kareena asks him if he made any plan to throw the one out that he wants to. Lucky decides to fill Payal’s life with so many luxuries that she will not miss anything ever. Komal asks him where he will drop whom off. He says I will drop your family at their home as one must be independent. Who will help them in case I or our family isn’t here tomorrow? They must be independent. Komal appreciates his idea. She informs him about she leaving for hospital with Ma, Babu ji and Bhaiya. Lucky nods. Kareena looks unhappy.

Komal decides to help her family become independent. Lucky ji thinks so well about me and my family. I will make sure what he wants happens in reality.

Pragya brings breakfast for Teji. He is shocked to see a knife in the plate instead. What’s this joke? She says you have made a joke of my life. You promised to do my photo shoot and make me a model. You dint do any of them. thanks to Vardaan, the truth dint come out! You don’t care about anything. Cut my vein! He acts to cut his vein instead. She makes him drop the knife. He asks her if she does not trust him. How do I make you believe that I love you? I am just asking for some time. Will you? He hugs her to calm her down. She is making me mad. Pragya goes to bring breakfast for him.

Two ward boys bring stretcher and try to lift Jamuna ji. One of them gets a back ache instead while picking her up. It is his first day at work. Komal gives him a balm. I will lift Ma. Raghubir ji asks her how she will do so. Komal smiles. Ma used to take us to school in childhood by lifting us in her arms. Now it is our turn.

Komal calls out to Payal. We have to go hospital. She tells Lattu against going to school today. Dadi isn’t well. Jamuna ji tells her not to teach such things to kid. You got him ready and now telling him to take a day off. Raghubir ji offers to ask someone to drop Lattu to school. Payal politely tells him against it. You are already doing so much for it. There is a Parent Teacher Meeting today. Shankar asks her why she dint tell him. Payal cleverly makes the situation in her favour. Lattu assures his Dadi he will come to meet her after school. Take care of yourself. Payal takes him with her.

Komal and Shankar lift their mother in the stretcher. Komal tells Kareena to give breakfast to Lucky. Kareena nods. They leave for hospital. Kareena and Lucky are irked to see new antic of Badho. Lucky suggests fixing Badho’s house. I have to drop them all back to their home by today evening at any cost! Kareena agrees with him.


Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Lucky fixes Jamuna ji’s house. In Ahlawat House, everyone is gathered at one place. Lucky comes there with luggage bags belonging to Jamuna ji and her family He tells Jamuna ji he has fixed entire house with new things, paint and everything. I know you might feel awkward but now everything is set at your home. Let’s go. Komal ends up telling him that her family will now be living in Sirsa only.

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