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Badho Bahu 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Everyone comes for evening meeting. Kamla ji confirms with Pinki that the task given to her is complete. Distribute the axes now.

Komal comes to the store room and finds the diyas broken. How will I distribute them now? What should I do?

Som shows the clip to Chotto. Pinki Bhabhi broke all the diyas herself! Bua knows they have no good intentions towards Badho. Som wants to show the video to Raghubir ji, Lucky and everyone. She tells him against it. He calls it cheating and injustice. She nods. Some people become greedy and do anything. I don’t want any complication in the house. We must forget it as a bad dream. We must hide this here only. Everyone will otherwise fight amongst themselves. I cannot let this happen. I also want Pinki to be punished for her misdeed but I too cannot do anything right now.

Rinki comes to Bakriawal Houe. Vardaan and Rinki look awkwardly at each other. Pragya asks her to come. I will serve you food. Rinki tells her she only came to meet her. Pragya says it is good as you are my only friend in Bakriawal. Vardaan leaves. Rinki tells Pragya she thought a lot about what she had earlier said. I want you unite you with Teji. Pragya is thrilled and hugs her. Rinki says I decided but I don’t know how I will do it. Pragya is about to reply when Rinki asks her what she has cooked. Pragya is confused. Rinki points at the window. Pragya notices Vardaan and changes topic. Vardaan returns the gift to Rinki. Pragya tries to say something but he tells her to stay out of it. It is between me and Rinki ji. we will sort it. He leaves. Pragya apologises to Rinki on Vardaan’s behalf. Rinki assures her she knows him well. She wonders how to make Pragya elope with Teji.

Pinki comes to storeroom and acts shocked to see the diyas broken. Komal points out that she kept the sacks here. Pinki lies that she cannot even imaging doing something like this. you know me. I am your childhood friend. Komal denies. I was only thinking if you saw someone doing this. Pinki declines. If you think these diyas got broken because of then we will also not distribute the axes. She realises what she just said. I will be in trouble if Badho agrees. Komal tells Pinki this wont happen. We will distribute the axes. Go outside. I will see what I can do with the diyas. Pinki nods and leaves with a smirk on her face. Komal prays to Bholenath for help. Diya’s must be distributed somehow. She picks up the sack and heads outside. Bua asks her about it. Badho shares that this has axes. Bua asks for Pinki. Komal reasons that it is too heavy. I will carry them. Bua decides to teach Pinki a lesson. She asks Komal to come with her to practise dance. Komal declines. I have so much to do. Bua tells her that the thread of her blouse is open. You dint realise it! Badho asks her to tie it but Bua points out that it is her husband who ties it. I don’t know how to do it. She thinks to bring Lucky and Komal close. She goes to call Lucky.

Bua tells Lucky to tie the thread of Komal’s blouse. He panics. I wont do such things. Bharpayi and Bhabhi are there. Call them. Bua asks him if he isn’t married to Komal. Did you forget what I told you about duties? A husband’s duty is not just to help her in chores but to help her in every way. He goes reluctantly. She is sure this thread will become their thread of love.

Komal is standing against a wall. She is unable to tie it. Lucky fumbles while offering to help her. She asks him if he is sure. He replies that he will try. She allows him. He closes his eyes while tying the thread. Bua watches them. I have to teach them the next lesson. It will be to tighten this thread all the more. Lucky leaves from the spot immediately after tying the knot.

Pragya happily sits down to help Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji asks her the reason as to why she looks so happy today. Pragya says I have decided to leave all this and go back to my Teji ji. Payal and her mother watch her. Laxmidevi tells Payal her plan is going in the right direction. Pragya will leave the house.

Kailash ji addresses the audiences. Komal gives axes to Lucky, Rana and Pinki to distribute. Lucky asks her about diyas. She shares that they are broken. I went to storeroom but they were already broken. I will think of something. He angrily tells her to let it be. You cannot do anything nicely.

Malti ji and Kamla ji see Rana and Pinki distributing axes to everyone. Malti ji goes to ask about diyas from Komal. She too ends up scolding Komal. You couldn’t fulfil one duty. See how the opponents have distributed the axes. We have nothing to give. Komal says I understand you are angry with me but there is no opponent. They are family. Malti ji tells her to let it be. Don’t know how you have trapped my son. he only listens to you these days. Komal says it isn’t so. Kamla ji scolds Malti ji for taunting her DIL before everyone. Don’t do drama before everyone. Distribute axes amongst everyone. Malti ji insists she will only support her husband in this election. She apologizes to her Bhabhi once again and then goes back to her seat.

Sangram Singh comes there. Kamla ji is pleased to see him. There will be a blast now. She greets him with folded hands. Sangram Singh greets everyone and takes permission from Sarpanch ji to share his vote. Sarpanch ji allows him. Malti ji asks her Bhabhi why he came here. Sangram Singh shows support for Kailash ji. I have full faith in him. Kailash ji politely thanks him for his support. I cannot accept it though. Everyone is happy except Kamla ji, Pinki and Rana. Komal praises Kailash ji’s choice. Sangram Singh asks him why he isn’t ready to take his support. we have the same agendas. Kailash ji agrees that their agendas are same but they have something uncommon. Kamla ji interrupts him before he can say anything further.


Badho Bahu 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal and Lucky dance romantically on Tere Mere Hothon Pe. Kamla ji addresses everyone. I will tell you Raghubir’s decision. This time Raghubir ji interrupts her.

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