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Badho Bahu 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Epi begins with Komal saying my decision might make some of you happy and might leave others upset. I wont continue wrestling after today! Everyone is taken aback with her decision. Komal walks up the well. Lucky’s words echo in her head. She throws the kit in the well shocking everyone. She looks at Lucky. I threw it in the well. Malti ji smiles. Komal folds her hands before Raghubir ji who walks away from there upset.

Bharpayi tells a guy no one named Kareena lives here. Aren’t you leaving now? Rana and Lucky come there. She tells them about the guy wanting to meet some Kareena Sangwan. Malti ji says she doesn’t live here. She lives in Punjab. Lucky holds the guy by his neck. How does it matter to you as to where my sister stays? Why did you bring flowers? Kareena asks Lucky why he is beating the guy. Everyone looks at her. She hugs Lucky and Rana and meets everyone one by one. Kareena asks Lucky how he became so weak. Don’t you give him anything to eat Mami ji (Malti ji)? Lucky asks her about the guy. She shares that he is her college friend who fell in love with a Behen ji in college. The match was so weird. I entered and sorted everything. I opened his eyes and asked him to free himself. I somehow broke their relation. Kamla ji asks her about break up. Kareena continues her story. Now this guy has such a hot girlfriend. He keeps talking about me to everyone. The guy nods and gives her flowers and gifts. He leaves. Kamla ji tells Malti ji she could have called Kareena in Lucky’s wedding then this wouldn’t have happened. Malti ji agrees. It all happened so fast that I dint think of it. Kamla ji asks Bharpayi to clean the guestroom.

Kamla ji asks Kareena why she is wearing torn clothes. Kareena replies that this is fashion. Raghubir ji walks in just then. He asks her about her mother. She could have also spent some time with us. Kareena says we will talk about that later. She asks Raghubir ji how he is turning so hot and handsome day by day. Everyone smiles. He tells her to stop buttering him. You wont get anything out of it. She invites him to Punjab for Roka. Raghubir ji points out that both the brothers wont be able to join her. Pinki asks Badho who this girl is. Badho is equally unaware. Seems to be some old acquaintance. Raghubir ji tells Kareena everyone other than the brothers will go with her. She nods. Everyone goes about their chores. Komal notices the broom and bucket there and picks them up. Kamla ji again asks Kareena why she is wearing torn clothes. Kareena asks Komal to put her bags in her room. Komal is taken aback. Kareena picks up her purse. She also asks Komal to get her something to eat and drink. Offer water to your guests sometimes. Komal goes.

Kareena takes Pinki with her and calls her Komal. Kamla ji nods at her. Kareena offers to do her makeover. She also gifts her western clothes and keeps calling Pinki hot and beautiful. Pinki gladly takes the clothes. Kamla ji is happy thinking Kareena would be shocked to find out who her real Komal Bhabhi is. Kareena goes inside. Pinki excitedly asks Kamla ji about Kareena. Kamla ji calls her too quick both in mind and tongue. Be careful of her.

Komal makes breakfast for Kareena. She dint like the way Kareena spoke to her. She notices Raghubir ji passing by from there. I should talk to him. I just threw the sports kit in well like that! She sends Bharpayi to give breakfast to Kareena.

Raghubir ji asks Malti ji to take care of Komal in Punjab. She is going through a difficult time. I don’t want anyone to say anything wrong to her. She might get hurt. You are grown up. You should take care of her like a mother. Malti ji looks at him in disbelief. I don’t understand you. You asked her to wrestle; gave her a wrestling kit which she threw in the well yet you want me to take care of her as a mother. He nods. You are a mother so I am saying so. Did we try to find out the reason behind what she did? She is a smart girl. There must be some valid reason behind her action. Whatever happened is between us. I only want you to take care of her in Punjab. She agrees and takes leave.

Komal calls Raghubir ji Guru ji. I have to talk to you. he says I am not your Guru anymore. She asks him not to say so. You will always be my Guru ji. I know you are upset with me for giving up wrestling but I assure you I will start practise again. He is surprised. She nods. I will do it with Lucky ji’s wish. I have faith it will happen one day. He asks her if she feels he put her dreams on her and forced her to wrestle. She denies. Don’t say so. I started practise willing but I have to stop because of Lucky ji.

Kareena comes to kitchen. She comaplins about the maid (Komal). Lucky asks her what happened. Who is in trouble now? Kareena complains about Komal. I asked her to make tea but she just disappeared. Lucky asks her if she said anything to her. Kareena says don’t tell me it is wrong to say anything to her. Bharpayi comes just then. Lucky asks about Badho. Bharpayi shares that she went to talk to Raghubir ji. Lucky and Kareena head towards Babu ji’s room.

Komal shares that Lucky is against her practise. I want to practise with his support. I can win the world with his support. Lucky stops Kareena from interfering. Raghubir ji asks Komal if she has thought well before making a decision. She nods. I will only wrestle when Lucky ji will ask me to do it. They high-five. Lucky calls her hypocrite. Kareena asks him who she is. Don’t tell me that this maid is in love with you! Lucky explains that she isn’t the maid of the house. She is the younger DIL of the house – Komal Singh Ahlawat. Babu ji forced me to marry her. Kareena vows to show Komal her place. No one could stand before me. Who is she then? I will throw her out of your life soon!


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