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Badho Bahu 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sevak Ram ji (Sarpanch of nearby village) comes to Ahlawat House. He invites the jewel of Ahlawat family to come in the fair (in Dangal). It will add flavour to the fair. Kamla ji says it would be difficult for Rana to come as he isn’t well. The guy says I was talking about Iron Man of Haryana. Kamla ji’s face turns red with anger. Lucky is reluctant to leave his father alone but Raghubir ji assures him he is fine. Komal tells Lucky not to worry. We will take care of babu ji. Lucky does not react or reply. Raghubir ji assures Sevak Ram ji Lucky will come in Dangal. Sevak Ram ji takes Lucky’s promise that he will surely come. People especially kids will be upset if you wont turn up. Kids are most eager to see you. Raghubir ji promises him on Lucky’s behalf. Sevak Ram ji takes leave. Kamla ji and Rana look at each other.

Raghubir ji advises Lucky to take gifts for the kids. Lucky nods. Lattu comes running and hugs his Bua. Kamla ji asks him if he came alone. Lattu replies that they are at home. Kamla ji taunts his upbringing. They sent such a small kid all by himself from Bakriawal. Raghubir ji is confused. Lattu shares that only Dadi and Chachu went there. I stayed back with my parents. Raghubir ji asks him what he means. Kamla ji says Jamuna went to her Bakriawal House. How could we stop them? Raghubir ji asks for details. Kamla ji turns to Lattu who shares that his mother does not wish to leave Sirsa. Komal says it because of Lattu’s school and Bhaiya’s office. Raghubir ji wants to speak to Jamuna ji right away but Komal tells him to do that later. Raghubir ji nods. Lattu gives a card and rose to Komal. He sings Happy Birthday Song for her (too cute). She happily hugs him. Kailash ji praises Lattu for his English. Raghubir ji apologizes to Komal. I forgot it’s your birthday. Komal says it isn’t a big thing. Kamla ji acts sweet. Did you want to keep it private? Komal shares that she only wanted to keep a small puja at home. Komal seeks everyone’s blessings.

Lucky is about to wish Komal when Kamla ji cuts him off mid sentence. We will celebrate in the evening. Komal denies. I have just kept a small puja. Everyone agrees. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to leave only after the puja. Lucky says it wont be possible or I will get late. Komal too tells him to finish his work first. Lucky gets a call. He tells his friend to come over. Kamla ji asks about his new friend. Lucky shares that he met him in Delhi Sports Camp (Gajendra). His sister’s exam centre is Sirsa. He will leave once the exam is over. Lucky heads inside. Kamla ji asks Lattu to join them for breakfast but he already had it. He agrees to go on his own as he knows the route well. Komal thanks him. He asks her if she wont celebrate today. She says I only want puja. Tell mummy not to come as there wont be any celebrations. Lattu agrees to convey the message and leaves.

Vardaan thanks his students for the first English play in Sirsa. I hope it would have boosted your confidence. Level one is over. There will be a test next week. Students get tensed. He encourages them to work hard to get good marks. Teji walks in. Vardaan stops him. You are not the student of the class. Teji agrees. I am a teacher though. Vardaan points out that he was the teacher of drama which is over now. I request you to leave now. Teji wants to speak to Pragya first but Vardaan tells him to do so after the class. Pragya also insists but he reminds her she is in class. You might not respect the teacher but you got to respect the classroom. I shouldn’t be reminding you again. Sit down. She complies. Vardaan requests Teji to not to disturb the class. Teji leaves. Bharpayi wonders why Vardaan is talking like this. Surely something happened. Don’t know what Didi and Teji ji did!

Payal paces anxiously in her room. Where is my son? Lattu comes running just then. She fires n number of questions on him. He replies that he will talk only when she will stop talking. She nods. He tells her everything. Lattu is missing his Dadi but Payal tells him to study. You are not going anywhere. Your school will start in a few days. He goes sadly. Payal thinks Komal dint invite her in the puja as well. Seems like she is really upset. No problem, she will be fine in a few days.

Komal is making preps for the puja. She looks at her phone and then picks up a small antique trunk. It has memories of her father. Her eyes well up. She picks up her father’s photo. He had told her to always smile while he will fulfil their dreams. Komal cries. I am missing you very much. I have not felt this lonely ever. There has been no birthday when I dint take mother’s blessings. It is so late in the day but she hasn’t called. She must be busy. Komal calls her mother. Jamuna ji cries seeing Komal’s name on the screen. She picks the call but recalls her promise made to herself yesterday night. She disconnects the call and cries her heart out. Komal hugs her father’s photo sadly.


Badho Bahu 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky’s friend and his sister come over. They speak well of her and of her wrestling. Komal asks them who told them this. Gajendra’s sister takes Lucky’s name. Later, Gajendra’s sister advises Komal to go somewhere with Lucky. Komal replies that he has to go to the fair. Gajendra’s sister asks her if she does not wish to spend some time with Lucky. Komal replies that if it was up to her then she would like to spend every second with Lucky only. Lucky and his friend hear them from outside. Lucky goes to buy gifts for the kids. He notices a similar showpiece (snow globe) there.

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