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Badho Bahu 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji takes over the mike. She says every family has different kinds of people living under same roof. Sangram Singh is also like a part of my bigger family (village). There is no harm if he wants to support my husband. You all should decide if we should take his support or not. Raghubir has full right to interrupt if he thinks me to be wrong. He can tell my husband not to seek Sangram Singh’s support in that case. People get busy talking. Komal is sure there is only one person who can help in this situation.

Komal runs to call Chotto Bua for help. She explains everything to her.

People ask Raghubir ji to speak up. Right then, they hear Chotto Bua calling out to Raghubir ji for help. Raghubir ji and Lucky rush to check on her. They are surprised to see her fine. Bua tells them that she did this drama to divert them from the pressure which Bhabhi is putting on you. Kamla ji claps for Komal. You played such a smart move. You told Chotto everything and now you are turning everyone against us. Komal reasons she isn’t doing anything wrong. Sangram Singh is not the right person. Raghubir ji is also not in his favour. Kamla ji doesn’t mind who the enemy or friend is in politics. Seems like you had a change of heart. You want to win the elections. You very well know that my husband will win the elections with Sangram Singh’s support but you don’t want him to win. Raghubir ji tells her he got her point. Kamla ji says no one supports anyone. Raghubir ji looks at Komal.

Kamla ji comes back outside. Malti ji asks her if everything is fine. Kailash ji too has the same question. Kamla ji assures them everything is fine. She apologises to everyone for making them wait. I have come here to tell you Raghubir’s decision. Raghubir ji interrupts her. I know everyone wants to know what I have decided. He requests his brother to accept Sangram Singh’s support. Sangram Singh gets up excitedly. Tell me now Kailash Singh ji. Kailash ji also gets up. He accepts his support finally. Lucky, Malti ji and Komal are unhappy whereas everyone else claps in excitement. Pinki hides her happiness from Komal. I spread axes. Wish we had diya’s to distribute too. She smiles as she turns to the other side. Lucky and Komal look at each other. She decides to distribute the diya’s at any cost. I cannot see Lucky ji upset.

Komal tells someone to send the diya’s asap. Bua tells her to stop thinking about politics for some time. I got you yellow saree especially. Don’t take it lightly. Sridevi wore the same saree in Chandni. Komal says they were enjoying in Switzerland in this saree. Bua nods. You too should think of the same and enjoy. Komal insists upon distributing diya’s first but Bua wants her to wear it and then go. She thinks this is the last chapter of love that I have to teach them. komal thinks to wear the saree. Maybe I too will look like saree.

Komal wears the saree. She imagines dancing with Lucky romantically on Tere Mere Hothon Pe. She tells Lucky not to do this. Lucky looks at her in confusion. What have I done now? She replies that she was dreaming of him doing something. He advises her to first go out and do what she has to do. You anyways cannot do anything correct. She goes out humming the song to herself.

Som comes to kitchen. He gives Bharpayi Cindrella’s story book. Read it and tell me what’s written in it. It’s in English. Will you be able to read it? she nods and smiles holding the book.

Malti ji prays to God to do something. My son isn’t listening to me these days. Don’t know what Badho has done to him. My husband is contesting for elections. Please make him win. I will be thankful to you and offer you Prasad of 100 coconuts. I cannot share my feelings with anyone in this house. Please listen to me. Kamla ji and Pinki smile hearing her wishlist from far.

Komal tells Bua she wills urely distribute diya’s today. Bua nods knowing her well. My drama dint have any effect on Bhaiya. Bhabhi made Kailash Bhaiya accept Sangram Singh’s support. She used Raghubir Bhaiya in the process. This is nothing. Her intention is wrong. Don’t you think so? She took support from such a man then is it not possible that they too had a change of heart? Komal doesn’t buy it. She speaks in their favour. She excuses herself on the pretext of some work. Bua thinks she is too innocent. Nothing will happen if she will continue to be like this.

Kamla ji enjoys seeing Malti ji crying and in pain. This happiness and peace will remain forever only if you would make sure my son becomes Iron Man. I take responsibility of making your FIL Sarpanch. It is your responsibility to make Rana Iron Man. Pinki nods.

Komal checks the diyas. The same guy brings more diyas. She thanks him. I found many diyas which are intact. I will join the others. He assures her they will be fixed. I got a Bhatti outside your house. You can join them and give to the guy. He will make them. He leaves. Lucky asks Komal if she will fix all the diyas. She nods. I will also distribute them tonight. God did the right thing though. It wouldn’t have cast the same impact in evening. It will spread light at night when I will light it in front of each house in the village. It will spread our message. Bua’s words disturb her. He asks her what she is thinking. She asks him the same question which Bua had posed to her. Lucky angrily asks her if she is gone mad. I wont spare you if you will say anything against my Tau ji, Bhai or Bhabhi! He refuses to support her in her endeavour and angrily walks away in a huff. She thinks even I too don’t believe that but what if it turns out to be true.


Badho Bahu 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal comes to a house to distribute the diya. She explains the significance of the diya to the family. The daughter of that house stops Komal from lighting the diya in front of the house. You came to light a diya today but what about the light that you showed us earlier! You ended that light yourself! Komal and Lucky look at her in confusion.

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