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Badho Bahu 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Akhada Gets Sold!


Badho Bahu 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Pinki comes to her MIL’s room. Kamla ji asks her where she was. I was looking for you everywhere. Pinki says I have another sad story. Do you see something different about me? Kamla ji denies. Pinki says I was about to get facial done. Beauty parlour closed by the time I reached there. I thought to go to a different one and it is so hot outside. Kamla ji agrees to bring her parlour home if she will do her work.

I have a condition though. You will have to ask Rana to leave Akhada for me in return. Pinki panics. He became Iron Man with so much difficulty. How can I say that? Kamla ji suggests her to tell Rana to practise in the new Stadium. Pinki reasons that he got Akhada all for himself now. How will my parlour come home if I will make him do so? Kamla ji tells her to leave it all on her. Pinki agrees to do it.

Kailash ji asks Rana why he wants to train in Stadium when they have an Akhada right in their home. Rana agrees he is right but Stadium has all the new equipments. I wont be able to learn anything new in Akhada. Balwinder seconds him. The atmosphere of Stadium will be new and different for him. It becomes too mundane here in Akhada. You cannot focus at home. Raghubir ji points out that both the kids have been training in Akhada since childhood. I never saw their focus swaying. Balwinder insists that times have changed. We only fulfil the wish of the player. If Rana wants to be trained with new equipments then there cannot be a better place than Stadium. I also want to train him there only. Rahgubir ji walks up to Rana. I want you to think about it. Rana apologizes to him. My future is in Stadium. Raghubir ji gives in for his sake. Balwinder smirks. Kamla ji and Pinki watch everything from inside. Pinki asks her MIL why she proposed this idea.

Komal and Payal make a temporary practise area for Komal to practise. Komal keeps her Babu ji and father’s photo there. You both are my first Guru ji. I want your blessings. I want to become a good wrestler and teach a lesson to those who have cheated with me!

Next morning, Kailash ji is leaving for temple. Raghubir ji, Malti ji and Lucky are going to some wedding in a nearby village. Kamla ji asks them all when they will be back. Malti ji replies that it will take some time. Kamla ji nods. Take your time. All 4 of them leave. Kamla ji tells Pinki to call Sangram Singh. I was waiting for this day since so long. Entire house is empty today. I will make use of this opportunity today!

Kamla ji tells some people they have to sell their Akhada today. Raghubir ji and Lucky have stopped wrestling while Rana will train in Stadium. We don’t need it anymore. We will have to sell it sadly. The villagers ask about Kailash ji and Raghubir ji. Have they gone out? Kamla ji nods. Do you have any problem? I am here right? They nod. Kamla ji keeps the amount of Rs. 15 lacs in return. She tells one guy she wont take any less than Rs. 7 lacs to give him a small place.

Komal and Payal meet Kailash ji outside the house.The guy fixes the deal in Rs. 7 lacs.Kailash ji, Komal and Payal come home.

Kamla ji asks the villagers to sign on the legal papers. Sangram Singh is also present there. All 2 vendors sign the papers. Kamla ji tells them to keep the paper with them. Akhada becomes yours now! Kailash ji shouts Kamla! Kamla ji and everyone looks at him in shock. Sangram Singh greets him. Kailash ji dismisses everyone. I will talk on this matter later. Kailash ji takes the paper from the villager before going. He stares angrily at his wife and throws them on the floor. Kamla ji tries saying something but Kailash ji does not let her speak. How dare you both sell Akhada without the consent of family? I got to see your true face today somehow or I would have never known! Tell me what is your intention behind doing this? Kamla ji acts to cry. Kailash ji refuses to fall in her trap. Answer me. Why did you sell our Akhada? She shouts that she is scolded whenever she tries doing something good for the family. He tells her to come to the point.

She shares that Malti was crying. She told me that Raghubir ji is broken from inside. Akhada is his life. He cannot get over it. She was crying seeing her husband like that. She wished that this Akhada should disappear somewhere so her husband can be at peace. I melted down hearing her words. I thought to open shops in Akhada to divert Lucky and Raghubir ji’s mind. Komal counters that she misunderstood it. It will only aggravate their pain. Pinki insists that Kamla ji knows them from before. She will take the right decision. Kailash ji seconds his wife. Maybe Raghu will feel better if he wont see this Akhada. Kamla ji says this is what I am saying. We will open a beauty parlour for the village thereby diverting Lucky and Raghubir ji’s attention. I will explain everything. They go inside. Pinki walks away too. Komal is tensed recalling her Babu ji’s dream.

Komal comes out in Akhada. She collects the dirt of Akhada in her hands and keeps it near Bajrang Bali. Babu ji threw it away but it does not mean you have no responsibilities towards this Akhada anymore. I keep this here to promise that this was, is and will always remain an Akhada. I promise that I wont let anything else be made here. I also promise you I will make Lucky ji and Babu ji resume their wrestling. I know you cannot be upset with anyone for too long. You will have to support me in this!


Badho Bahu 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Raghubir ji returns home. He notices people digging the Akhada. Villagers tell him that his Bhai and Bhabhi have sold it to him. Raghubir ji shouts for his brother. This Akhada is not just an Akhada but my soul! You have sold my soul today! I will leave this house right away!

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