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Badho Bahu 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal calls her mother. Jamuna ji cries seeing Komal’s name on the screen. She picks the call but recalls her promise made to herself yesterday night. She disconnects the call and cries her heart out. Komal hugs her father’s photo sadly. Jamuna ji cries. What should I do! It is her birthday and I cannot even go to meet her. No problem, she might stay near or far but she will always be close to my heart.

Lucky’s friend and his sister reach Ahlawat House. They feel no one is at home and turn to go but find Lucky at the door. Lucky asks him if he will return without meeting him. They share a hug. Gajendra’s sister is excited to meet Lucky. Komal also joins them. Gajendra’s sister speak well of her and of her wrestling. Komal asks them who told them this. Gajendra takes Lucky’s name. They head inside.

Gajendra agrees to meet Lucky later. Komal requests them to stay back. I will make arrangements. Gajendra denies. Didi’s kids are waiting. We need to be home before night time. Gajendra’s sister sadly says what I should tell you. Komal takes her inside with her leaving the men alone.

Vardaan ends the class with reminder of exam due next week. You can ask me anything without hesitation if you want. Everyone leaves. Vardaan calls out to Bharpayi. He gives her an envelope to give to Komal. She agrees. Bharpayi asks him if everything is fine between him, Pragya and Teji. Vardaan denies. She is curious but he tells her to focus on studies. You are doing really well. She leaves.

Komal tells Gajendra’s sister about the puja that will happen at home. It is my birthday. Gajendra’s sister wishes her. Is Lucky Bhaiya taking you out on a date or not? Komal says I only want a puja. Gajendra’s sister shares that she has come to give BA Exam papers. Komal calls her lucky. You got a chance to study after marriage. You have become an example for the girls of the society. Gajendra’s sister says the same to her. Komal replies that she does not wrestle anymore. Is your husband always occupied with work? I felt so as you came with your brother. Gajendra’s sister denies but gets sad. She recalls how her husband had threated to throw her out of the house if she speaks of studying again. Komal notices the tension on her face. What happened? You seem disturbed.

Gajendra tells Lucky that he brought his sister to give exam without his Brother-in-law’s permission. He will create a fuss if he finds out.

Gajendra’s sister too has told Komal everything. You know the limitations this society puts on the girls. I too had a dream to study and become an example before my kids. What about that? Komal says that’s alright but is it ok to fulfil it by keeping it a secret? Gajendra’s sister justifies it as it helps one become independent. What if something goes wrong in future and I have to stand up for my kids? How will I do it? Komal still suggests her to tell her husband. He will understand it. Gajendra’s sister is sure it wont be like that. He feels it isn’t important to study when I am with him. I have tried many times but in vain. I came to give exam without telling him. Komal finds it hard to digest. Gajendra’s sister asks her what she would have done if she was in her place. Komal says I wouldn’t have done so. No dream is bigger than my family. Gajendra’s sister still isn’t convinced. Don’t you have a dream?

Gajendra wants to fulfil his sister’s dream. Lucky nods. Gajendra asks him if Komal Bhabhi also has a dream. She is lucky to have my friend Lucky. Lucky thinks she only dreams of winning his heart every second.

Gajendra’s sister suggests Komal to go out with Lucky in evening if possible. Komal shakes her head. He has to go to another village for Dangal. He wont be there in puja also. Gajendra’s sister asks her if she does not wish to spend some time with Lucky. Komal replies that if it was up to her then she would like to spend every second with Lucky only. Lucky and his friend hear them from outside. He takes their leave as it is getting late. Komal wishes good luck to Gajendra’s sister for her exam. Lucky tells them to stay little longer next time. They nod and take leave.

Jamuna ji speaks to her husband’s photo. It is your daughter’s birthday today. I cooked all this for her but she isn’t here to eat it. Vardaan comes home. He wipes the tears off his mother’s cheeks. She lies that it is because of the smoke. He knows she has cooked all of Komal’s favourite dishes. Pack it. I will go to give her. Jamuna ji advises him against it. The farther we stay away from her the better. I will feed the poor. They will bless her. Vardaan offers to go but she tells him to freshen up first. We will go later. He heads inside. I know it wasn’t because of smoke Ma. You aren’t showing how much you are missing Didi. If it was up to me then I would have taken you there right now itself!

Bharpayi tells Komal to rest today atleast. It is your birthday. She hands over the envelope to Komal. Bharpayi takes the buckets inside. Komal tells her to keep it aside safely. It will be used for puja. Bharpayi nods.

Komal is teary eyed to see two chocolates in the envelope. She recalls how he used to give them to her even when they were kids. He had been saving money to buy them for her. Komal happily eats the chocolates. She gets his call just then. Vardaan wishes her happy birthday. Eat that alone. Don’t share it with anyone. Jamuna ji hears his convo. Komal asks about Jamuna ji. Vardaan notices his mother but she walks up. He lies to Komal that she is fine. What did you get from Jija ji? Komal recalls the snow globe which Lucky broke in the morning. What to take from him? Everything that is here is mine only. Vardaan buys it. They end the call.

Lucky is buying gifts for the kids. He notices a similar showpiece (snow globe) there. He remembers how he broke Komal’s snow globe in the morning.


Badho Bahu 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pundit ji asks Komal if they can start the puja. Komal says some people aren’t here but let’s start. Lucky is on his way to the village but his car stops. He is surprised / confused. I got it full today only. Gajendra calls him. Thank Bhabhi from our side. If she had not given us petrol then we would not have been able to reach on time today. Lucky confirms if it was Komal who gave him petrol. Gajendra agrees. Lucky angrily shouts Badho (Flashback shows Komal taking out petrol from Lucky’s car to give to Gajendra)!

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