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Badho Bahu 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rana becomes the new Iron Man of Haryana. His family is thrilled. Lucky holds his hand in pain. Malti ji is about to go to him but Lucky signals her against it. Pinki claps her hand victoriously. Rana ji won!

Lucky remembers what Komal had told him about Pinki reading the reports and how sure he was his brother wont take disadvantage of Lucky’s wound. Host asks both the wrestlers to take blessings from Raghubir ji. Lucky touches his father’s feet but Rana has his eyes on his mother and Pinki. He only bends down to touch raghubir ji’s feet but does not do it in reality. Everyone rushes on stage to congratulate Rana. He is certainly enjoying the limelight. Raghubir ji asks Lucky about his wound. Are you hurt? Lucky denies but Raghubir ji knows him well. Lucky calls it a small internal injury. Raghubir ji says such small wounds become bigger wounds later on. It’s alright.

Kamla ji and Pinki go back on stage when it is time for Rana to get medal. Kamla ji takes the mike. She thanks everyone for coming to see the championship. She acts all modest about her son winning the medal. We don’t want it. The elections and wedding are about to happen soon. Please allow us to go. Mr. Tokas is impressed by her words. We will postpone the prize distribution ceremony for later. Rana is unable to understand what his mother really wants. She wanted the medal till yesterday and now she has just postponed the ceremony! Lucky thinks Komal was right to worry.

Komal comes down from the temple.

Payal asks Pragya to get water from well. Pragya points out that there is motor in the house. Payal acts to save money. Badho used to bring 4 buckets of water in one go. Pragya knows she is upset as she is back. Payal denies. I know where your heart is. Pragya tells her to switch on the motor. Payal clearly tells her she wont get even a drop of water if she wont fill the bucket. Pragya throws the bucket on the ground warning her not to threaten her ever.

Chotto Bua asks Komal if she was wrestling. How did you get hurt like this? Komal shares that she went to the Pahaldi Wala Mandir. I couldn’t see the wrestling but I prayed for everyone. I am at peace now. I am sure everything would have happened smoothly. Chotto Bua asks Komal what she thinks. Who will be the winner? Komal says I am sure Lucky ji will win if everything is well. Everyone returns home. Komal asks Lucky about his bandage / plaster. Pinki calls it medal. Komal asks about the medal. Pinki explains that one gets hurt when one fights bravely. This is his respect so it is equivalent to a medal only. Komal again asks about the result. Kamla ji tells her to get aarti thaal. I have to welcome Iron Man.

Komal is about to do Lucky’s aarti when Kamla ji advises her to do Iron Man Rana’s aarti first. Lucky points out that Rana is the new Iron Man. Komal and Chotto Bua are stunned. Kailash ji says Rana used a smart technique because of which he won the game in the last move. Everyone was cheering for Rana. Many people even said that they haven’t seen such a match in their life before. We had lots of fun. Chotto is surprised. Really? Rana asks her if she doubts him. She denies. Kamla ji tells her to now believe and agree that Rana is the number 1 Iron Man. Malti ji asks Komal where she disappeared after the match began. Komal shares that she went to temple as the atmosphere was tensed. Kamla ji says she would have gone there to pray for her husband’s victory and my son’s defeat. That’s why she seemed so shocked to know that my son won. It is natural for a wife to feel that ways though. It is ok. Pinki takes the aarti thaal and does Rana’s aarti. Komal and Lucky look at each other.

Rana smiles broadly when Pinki does his tilak. Komal asks Lucky if he is fine. He nods. She is about to ask more when he tells her to leave something for later also. She does his tilak. Kamla ji tells everyone not to argue on why and how Rana became Iron Man. We must focus on Chotto’s wedding now. Lucky and Komal took charge of it. They will get busy in it. Elections are before that. We will all work together for it followed by the wedding. No one will talk about Iron Man Celebrations in between. Lucky and Komal will manage everything. But Lucky is hurt. Lucky assures her they will manage everything just like they did earlier. Everyone heads for their rooms. Komal thinks something is surely wrong. I should take updates from Babu ji.

Komal comes to Raghubir ji’s room. She asks him about the match. Can you tell me in detail? He tells her everything (in mute). He begins to talk about the third round. I also taught you about the move that can help you gain 5 points. Rana played that move only and won! She asks him he felt everything was fine. She also asks about Lucky’s wound. Raghubir ji nods. I saw he was hurt. When two wrestlers fight then such ordinary wounds happen. It will heal in a month or two. I saw Lucky losing for the first time. I dint like it and found it strange too. Why are you asking me? She says just like that. He asks her if she is feeling bad that Lucky lost. She denies. Winning and losing is part of the game. My babu ji used to say that what matters is your intention. He is surprised that he still remembers it. Mahender used to say that your way of fighting should be right. She takes his leave. Komal is still doubtful that something went wrong. Lucky ji and Babu ji seem fine though. I must do something. She thinks of an idea.

Komal meets Rana in the corridor. She congratulates him on his victory. I just got to know about the game from Babu ji. You did play well. He smiles and turns to go when Komal also asks Rana if he knew Lucky is wounded. He avoids her gaze. Don’t take me wrong. I know you are a devotee of Bajrang Bali and no one can be as honest as you. Lucky ji trusts you more than himself. Don’t take me wrong but can you tell me if you used no foul means to win the game. Lucky warns her not to utter another word. How dare you even think of that or even ask my brother? Enough!


Badho Bahu 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky asks Komal if she felt bad that he lost. She denies. Winning and losing is part of the game. You always be Hero Number 1 for me. Malti ji scolds Komal. My son lost because of you! He couldn’t practise for the wrestling as you got him busy in the wedding preps. He lost so badly.

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