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Badho Bahu 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kailash Ji Stops His Brother From Leaving!


Badho Bahu 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 12th December 2017 Episode start with Loveena tells Komal to tighten his grip a little more. It will leave your opponent in a fix. Komal thinks of how Loveena trained her incorrectly. Payal advises Komal to listen to Loveena carefully. Komal vows to teach a good lesson to Loveena. Pinki and Kamla ji come there. Kamla ji asks Komal if her training is not over yet.

A lot is still left to be done. Komal tightens her grip around Loveena’s shoulder/ neck. Loveena tells her to continue holding her so tight that even she wont be able to break it. Pinki is scared to see Komal holding Loveena so strongly. Her eyes look angry. Komal even keeps her foot over Loveena’s because of which she is unable to move. Kamla ji and Pinki gulp seeing Komal’s avatar. They keep hiding behind each other one by one. Komal ends up pushing Loveena in a different direction. Loveena falls over Pinki and Kamla ji. All 3 of them fall down in the process.

Kamla ji ask Komal if she has gone mad. She tells Payal to take her inside. She is hurting her own family members for no reason. Komal apologizes to all 3 of them. Payal takes Komal aside. Your anger will take you down. It will not be of any use. Komal rushes upstairs. Loveena thinks Badho feels she is super powerful. It might be but it wont stand before my smartness. I am much smarter than you. I will also prove it.

Pragya decides to go to Bakriawal against Vardaan’s wish. I will give these fruits and stuff to Ma ji. Vardaan ignores her when he comes in the room. She expresses a wish to meet Jamuna Ma ji. He tells her to not act before him. Your tactics wont work on me. Don’t think that I wont tell your truth to anyone. We have this deal till my mom is unwell. The day she recovers, I will show your true face to every member of both the families. She gets worried.

Raghubir ji returns home. He notices people digging in the Akhada. He questions them and even scolds them for messing up with the Akhada. Villagers tell him that his Bhabhi has sold Akhada to them. We were only creating shops here. Raghubir ji, Malti ji and Lucky are stunned. Ramphal adds that even Sarpanch ji is aware of this.

Raghubir ji shouts for his brother as soon as he enters in the house. Malti ji tries to stop him but in vain. Kamla ji looks tensed. Raghubir ji asks his brother what made him sell the Akhada. Kamla ji begins to reply but Raghubir ji warns her not to intervene. I am talking to my elder brother. He repeats his question at his brother. Did you forget what this Akhada means to us and me? It was made by our ancestors! So many generations have practised there and you sold it today? It gave us respect and our identity. You did a deal of that? This Akhada is not just an Akhada but my soul! You have sold my soul today! Why? Kailash ji tells him to calm down but Raghubir ji refuses.

He again does not let his Bhabhi intervene. You don’t know what I am going through? First you threw me and my son out of this Akhada and now you are setting up shops there? Kamla ji says my husband is not at fault here. Malti told me that you get upset whenever you look at the Akhada. I thought to get it away from your eyes! Malti reasons that she dint say that they should sell it. Kamla ji nods. I know you dint say anything like that. You aren’t at fault here. Kailash ji justifies his brother’s anger. Kamla did it only for your sake. What would she gain out of this after all? Raghubir ji tells him to let it be. Since last 6 months I have been watching how much she is concerned about my family and me! I am neither deaf nor dumb. I kept mum only for my elder brother’s sake. Anyways, I cannot understand what my Bhabhi’s motive behind this action is. First she stopped my son and me from entering in the Akhada and then she got you in agreement with her idea of selling the Akhada. I gave her so much respect.

She is the same Bhabhi. I don’t understand this kind of love. Family supports you but you guys withdrew all your support from me family completely! This house does not need me. I will leave this house right away! He asks Malti ji and Lucky to pack his bags. Kailash ji stops him somehow. He asks Malti to stop him. He isn’t listening to me. He even reprimands his wife to fix things now. Kamla ji acts before Raghubir ji. How will we live without you here? Think about us. Lucky requests her not to think about them anymore. Now we will only do what Babu ji will do. Kamla ji apologizes to Raghubir ji with folded hands. I forgot how much this Akhada means to you. I wont do anything after today that will hurt you. think of the day when you stopped me from leaving the house. I stayed back. I beg you not to leave this house! She touches his feet. Raghubir ji tells her not to do this. I don’t have to hear anything that you have to say. I only want to leave. He begins to go when Kailash ji requests him to stop or he will see him dead. Raghubir ji stops in his tracks. May you get my age too. What happened wasn’t right though! He leaves from there followed by Lucky and Kamla ji.

Kamla ji thinks she had to stop Raghubir ji today because of her husband. I wont do it again. I promise I will throw you and your family out of this village one day!

Lucky ignores all the phone calls. Komal tells him to control himself. He is angry after seeing what happened outside. We were only banned from wrestling till now but now it is a matter of our Akhada! Babu ji, Dada ji and I have spent our entire lifetime here. How can I calm down? She tells him this is their test. We will sail through this too but we need to calm down for that first. We should do it for Babu ji’s sake. We will have to do it for him. He nods. I have never seen Babu ji this angry before. It isn’t good for him. We should take care of him. She suggests not going to Bakriawal today but he assures her he will take care of Babu ji. Ma is also our responsibility.

Kamla ji thinks of entire incident. Pinki comes to her room. She closes the door from inside. She has to shout to distract Kamla ji from her reverie. Pinki says I dint like whatever you had to do today. You are elder in relation yet you had to touch Raghubir ji’s feet today to apologize to him! Kamla ji says I am already not over it but you are just adding salt to my wounds. I did the right thing by sending the papers to Sunita and Ramphal. My husband called both of them to stop setting their work but neither of them agreed to give up this land. No one can stop this Akhada from selling now. Pinki is happy to think that she can go to Beauty Parlour daily now. Payal overhears their convo. I will do something after which you will never visit Parlour again!

Raghubir ji is sitting quietly. Malti ji gives him water. He asks for some time alone. She turns to go but then stops. He shouts at her to leave. She walks out. He thinks how his land, wrestling and Akhada were snatched from him! Everything is falling apart. Am I compromising with my self-respect by stating in this house?


Badho Bahu 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky tells his father that these boundations have snatched his dream from me. I still have a hope left though which can fulfil my and your dream. Raghubir ji asks him if he is speaking about Komal. Lucky nods. Later, Lucky asks Badho why she needs to undergo training once again even after training under Loveena ji. You dint tell me about any of this. Why are you doing this stealthily? Komal shares that she cannot train under Loveena. She has cheated us!

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