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Badho Bahu 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Komal And Lucky See Pragya And Vardaan Fighting


Badho Bahu 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 12th January 2018 Written Episode starts with Lucky is resting when Komal enters. She smiles. Lucky wakes up. She asks him if he hasn’t slept. He nods. I was waiting for you only. How was your day? She shares that it was really difficult. I will tell you some other day. Tell me did you miss me? He says how will I the one, who spent the entire day in kitchen, get time to miss you. Everyone is right though. You are indeed a superwoman. How do you manage everything singlehandedly? How do you multitask? He explains it to her. I really am proud of you. I want to learn it from you so I can cook something if need be. She tells him to forget about kitchen. It is my responsibility. Just do training for Nationals now. He offers to bring water for her. She tells him against it. She slips and they both end up falling on the bed. Ae Hamnava plays in the background as they share an eye lock. He moves the hair away from her face and keeps looking at her sweetly. Pragya coughs to distract them. She has brought milk. Komal takes it. Lucky says Ma forgot me when she came. Komal says she might have felt you would have slept. Pragya says Ma ji was right. She told me to give it to Bhabhi carefully or you (Lucky) will fight if you will see it. Lucky and Komal nod. She suggests sharing it. It increases love. Lucky smiles. Komal thanks her for dropping Ma back to Bakriawal. He is not happy hearing it. Will she celebrate Lohri alone? Pragya smiles. He tells her to go to Bakriawal with Vardaan tomorrow and bring Ma home. She thinks he would not go anywhere with her. She cites his work as an excuse. Komal says he said he will go to Bakriawal himself. Don’t you know? Lucky asks her about it. She says I will go there tomorrow itself.

Pragya brings tea for Vardaan. Before she can say anything, he gets up thereby colliding with her. Tea falls over his file. She immediately apologies to him. He is upset that all his work is spoiled now. Why don’t you take care? You enjoy creating problems in my life. Why do you do so many mistakes when you only end up apologising? You keep making mistakes in life and keep apologizing. It is nice. Lucky feels bad hearing him speak to his sister like that. He thinks to talk to him some other time about it.

All the ladies are cooking. Komal excitedly speaks of Lohri and Makar Sankranti. Malti ji says our festivals teach her how we should spend every minute of our life happily with each other. We forget it though and become envious of each other. Festivals come as soon as New Year starts. We will all hug each other again. Kamla ji agrees with her. I love my India. Pinki corrects her English. Kamla ji advises her to focus on work. Kamla ji has made preps for both the occasions. She tells Komal to fly kite carefully. Don’t hurt your finger. She accidently touches knife or something on Pinki’s hand. Pinki rubs her hand worriedly. Kamla ji tells her it is nothing much. You will be fine.

Malti ji gets call from her old neighbour (Ram). He requests her to allow him to send his daughter to her house for some day. Train her like Badho Bahu. Raise her just like Badho Bahu. We all know how intelligent and smart she is. My daughter Titli will also become like her then. Malti ji readily agrees. You know that she only listens to me anyways. He tells her that she has changed completely. She listens to no one. She does not act like a girl. She gets angry in no second. She is very beautiful. She never harms anyone nor does she let anyone harm anyone. She is no less than a monkey though. She does not know how to carry herself. Malti ji tells him to send her to her home. She will groom after spending some time with us. Komal appreciates her idea. They hear the sound of a police siren. Jitesh brings what Malti ji had asked him to. They ask about the siren. He shares that a thief (female) is absconding. Her name is Bhago. Police does not have her photo. Just be alert. Keep the doors and windows shut. We don’t know from where she can enter. Malti ji tells him to get on his work. Pinki says no thief will be able to even look at our house till the time Badho is there. They all smile at the idea.

Vardaan looks at Pragya from outside the kitchen. I got upset a little extra than required. Her actions are such but I should apologize for what I did wrong. He walks up to her. She tells him not to worry. Bharpayi has cooked your meal. You would have come to see that only. He denies. I wanted to apologize to you. I haven’t been speaking nicely to you since some days. I realised I was wrong and thought to apologize. I am sorry. She tells him to think it through once. Have you come here to scold me or apologize? It isn’t needed as I know I was wrong. Do you think what you are doing is right? I don’t have to talk to you anyways. Think with a cool mind and decide what you have to do. Komal hears them. Why is she speaking to him like that? He has done so much for her yet she is behaving like this? Pragya tells Vardaan she dint come to his room on his own. Bhabhi and Bhai asked me to ask you to take me to Bakriawal with you but I will go alone.

Pragya serves food to her MIL. Jamuna ji says I don’t feel like eating. Pragya does not buy her excuse. Jamuna ji eats. Pragya invites her to Ahlawat House for Lohri. Bhai scolded me when he found out that you came back here. Jamuna ji knows he loves her very much. He wouldn’t have let me come here if he knew about it. Why have you come alone? Why dint Vardaan come with you? Pragya begins to say he had some work when Vardaan enters. Nothing is important than mother. Now we will go Sirsa together. Jamuna ji gives in. I feel really happy seeing you both together. I pray that you both stay together always. Pragya and Vardaan look at each other.

Lucky is thinking about Pragya and Vardaan. If he will continue to be like this with Pragya then she can never be happy. Komal is also thinking about the verbal duel between Pragya and Vardaan. Pragya needs to understand she must speak nicely to Vardaan and respect him if they have to live together. Lucky asks her what she is thinking. She says I thought you are thinking about something. He denies. I was thinking about Lohri. She says the same to him. They both decide to not tell the other person anything. They decide to do something during Lohri celebrations.

A girl is tied and gagged. A guy (Kapoor) looks at her. Another guy enters and demands for a girl. Kapoor says I understand. The guy insists that he wants this girl sitting here in a similar manner. Kapoor reasons that she is from a really rich family. it would be really difficult. Kapoor gets a warning and agrees to bring the girl. He looks at Pragya’s photo.


Badho Bahu 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :A girl comes to Ahlawat House with her bag. Komal asks her if she wants to meet someone.

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