Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal comes in holding two buckets of milk. Teji and Pragya stop in their tracks in shock but hide before she can spot them. Komal closes the door behind her and heads inside. Pragya and Teji come out from their hiding place. Teji leaves for temple.

Next morning, Bharpayi calls out to Pragya when she is heading out. The groom’s family will be reaching soon. Pragya lies that she was going to pray for the same. Bharpayi offers to come along but Pragya assures her she will manage it. So many guests are coming. You would be needed here. Bharpayi nods. Pragya requests her not to tell anyone or Ma will be worried. Bharpayi agrees. Pragya leaves for temple.

Komal asks Pinki to light diya. I have to go out for some urgent work. Malti ji and Kamla ji ask her about it. Why don’t you stay at home for a while? Komal shares that her mother has sent shagun for Pragya’s wedding. Vardaan is bringing it there. He cannot come here, right. Malti ji points out at the tasks which are needed to be done as it is Pragya’s engagement today. Komal is taken aback to hear it. She remembers Lucky telling her that Pragya loves someone else. Now Lucky wont have much time to talk to everyone and explain this. I will have to do something. She agrees to stay at home to help. Kamla ji allows her to go (as she doesn’t want her near her daughter). Pray well. Meet everyone. Take your time. Engagement is in evening. There is ample time. Komal nods. Don’t worry I will manage everything when I am back. Kamla ji tells her to leave. We will take care of everything. Komal leaves. Malti ji asks her Bhabhi why she lied to Komal. Kamla ji shares that she does not want any hindrance in her daughter’s wedding.

Pragya reaches temple and complinents Teji. You look really nice in this attire. He asks her if he dint look good before. She shakes her head. I cannot imagine we will get married today. He acts sad for the fact that he could not bring Baraat to her home. She says it is ok. Atleast we will be together. she goes in a room in the backside of the temple to change.

Pradhan Singh, Zalim Singh and Vijay also reach temple. Zalim Singh suggests stopping the wedding. Vijay points out that it will be a cherry on the cake if it happens before entire world. The boys of Ahlawat Family will be after our life. Pradhan Singh instructs a guy to do as he was told to. The guy assures him his work will be done.

Komal meets Vardaan. They talk about their mother.

Vijay asks Teji how he is feeling. Teji asks him how come he is here. I am doing all that you told me to. Vijay tells him that he has paid Bhatti already. Teji panics. You shouldn’t be here. You got me in this situation. You are making me marry this girl! I don’t want to marry. Vijay advises him to leave then. We wont let your wedding happen without your wish. Teji tells him not to joke. I cannot leave her alone at this moment. We have come too far. Her brothers wont spare me if I run now. Vijay points his gun at him so Teji flees from the scene.

The same guy (Raju) meets Komal and Vardaan. He tells her that Zalim Singh, Pradhan Singh and Vijay were seen 15 kms far from here. Please tell Lucky ji. Vardaan suggests his sister to tell Lucky but she is hesitant.

Pragya comes out dressed as a bride but Teji is nowhere to be seen.

Kamla ji asks Bharpayi about Pragya. Bharpayi lies that she is getting ready. Kamla ji buys it. Bharpayi is concerned for Pragya. It’s been too long. What should I do now? Should I tell everyone or not?

Lucky notices Rana, Ajay and Jitesh lost in deep conversation. What are you guys discussing about? Rana reminds him of Pragya’s engagement. Lucky is taken aback. Did Badho come to tell me this yesterday? He asks his Tau ji about Pragya. Was she happy with the news of her engagement? Kamla ji nods. She herself came to me to get her clothes and jewellery. She has no issues with this engagement. He gets thinking. Did you fix the alliance forcibly? Kailash ji tells him not to worry for no reason. We wont do something like that. Lucky almost takes Teji’s name but stops.

Komal decides to inform Lucky. Rana assures Lucky that Pragya said yes before him only. Don’t worry. Komal calls Lucky and tells him about Pradhan Singh’s whereabouts. Think well before doing something. I don’t want you to get in any trouble. Raju watches them from far. I should update Pradhan Singh.

Lucky vows to finish Pradhan’s story once and for all today.

Pragya begins to worry now. Teji hides behind a tree to see what Pradhan and his gang are up to. Pundit ji recognizes Pragya. You are marrying Teji? She nods. Why do you care? Just do the rituals. He agrees and asks her about her groom. Did he run away? She declines. Sangram Singh and other Panch come there just then. Your groom ran away! Pragya looks down tensed. Vardaan and Komal are headed towards the temple while Teji continues to watch from where he is standing.

Sangram Singh looks at Pragya from top to toe.


Badho Bahu 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji greets the groom and his family. Everyone asks for Pragya. Bharpayi points out that she is not in her room. Sangram Singh calls Pragya runaway bride. People speak ill about Teji. Who will marry this girl now? She too is a runaway bride now!


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