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Badho Bahu 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Payal Puts Her Next Plan In Practise


Badho Bahu 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 12th March 2018 Episode Start With Komal comes to Titli’s room and hears her recording from outside. She is relieved that Titli is practising. I am sure she will learn everything by tomorrow morning.

Next morning, Kamla ji asks about Titli. Only God knows what she will do next! Komal speaks positively about her. You will surely be impressed as she was up all night learning aarti’s. Pinki asks about Titli. Did she fell asleep or go to another temple? Malti ji assures her that Titli will come. I believe we must not scold Titli if she makes some minor mistakes. Kamla ji agrees to pass Titli if she sings 5 aarti’s. Titli comes there just then. Komal asks her to sing the aarti’s that she learnt overnight. Titli says I don’t know anyone by that name. Komal corrects her. Kamla ji also asks Titli to sing Saraswati Ma’s aarti.

Everyone looks at her hopefully. Titli says I can sing but I just woke up. I should take bath first. Kamla ji agrees. We pardon you for today though. Sing aarti. Malti ji tells Titli to make sure she takes bath first before heading to temple. Titli cannot sing it. She tells Badho she cannot recall this one particularly. Can I sing Om Jai Jagdish? Malti ji nods. Kamla ji tells her to sing one complete aarti. We will pass you on the basis of this one only. Titli sings the aarti in a hurried tone (only the first lines and bits here and there).

Pinki tells Titli to accept she does not even recall 4 lines. Komal says she might be feeling nervous. Kamla ji is sure Titli cannot get all this in her head. Malti ji asks Titli if she did learn even one aarti. Titli fumbles. Kamla ji asks her why she is making excuses. Badho does everything well but could not teach anything to Titli! Who will marry this Titli now? Malti ji leaves from there disappointed. Komal too looks sadly at Titli.

Kamla ji asks Payal about her business. Is it down? You have left everything behind and are staying here since so many days. Payal assures her she can manage everything by staying here also. Kamla ji asks her what she is up and uses her stick to scare her. Payal ends up blurting out that she is staying here to unite Vardaan and Pragya. I want Pragya to understand the difference between Vardaan and Teji. I want her to understand that she can spend her life happily with Vardaan only.

Kamla ji says I understood your plan the moment you sent gifts through Vardaan. You even got Pragya a gift through Vardaan. Payal compliments her on the same. you can see what even people with eyes cannot! Landline rings. Bharpayi wont be in today as she is unwell. She gets another idea. Pinki is busy looking after you while Badho has to train Titli. Who will do the work then? Pragya? Kamla ji nods. I know what you are up to! Go ahead. You are on the right path. She goes. Payal is happy that Kamla ji is on her side too. Pragya will have to work now!

Kamla ji shouts at everyone for not caring about her. Can someone give me water? Pinki gives her water. Malti ji gets Ram ji’s call. She passes the phone to Kamla ji. They lie to ram ji that the training is going well. It will take some time. Malti ji asks Kamla ji why she lied. The training is nowhere on the track. People will instead throw her out if she goes anywhere! Pinki says how it will happen when it did not happen with me.

She can atleast keep her husband happy. She should instead focus on makeup so she can keep her husband in her control atleast. Komal offers to do it but Pinki gets the responsibility. Pinki heaves a sigh of relief and happily agrees to do it. Kamla ji asks Komal to call Parlour ladies for her. She thinks I don’t know why my husband is upset with me. Maybe he will be happy when I will dress up nicely.

Titli is wondering what will happen if Kamla ji will complain to her father. She acts of stomach ache before Lucky. He thinks it to be serious but she smiles. I was only practising as to how to act before Babu ji. He is going out for some work. I also promised JItesh for golgappa treat. She calls him cheater. You know how much I love food and you are teasing me! Maybe you fear that you will lose out to me. Go. He accepts her challenge. They agree to meet after an hour to see who will win.

Payal comes to Teji’s room looking for Pragya. Teji says she isn’t here. Payal says she told me she will meet me here. Teji says she cares so much about me. payal tells him that Pragya will instead clean entire house. Bharpayi wont come today. Pragya said that you will help me. It is right as she is so delicate. How will she do it all by herself? I also remember that people call such husbands “Joru Ka Ghulam”. Teji makes faces.

Kamla ji gets a pedicure done.

Titli is excited to go for the golgappa competition when Pinki enters with her makeup and stuff. Titli reminds her it is her room. You can get ready in your room. Pinki replies that it is she who has to get ready today. Titli asks her if someone is coming to see her today. You could have atleast told me. Pinki says I am your trainer. Sit down. Titli panics.

Payal gives bucket and broom to Pragya. Bharpayi wont be in today and everyone is busy. You will have to clean the house. You can seek Teji’s help as he is free. He is guy though. Pragya says what if he is a guy. He will help me if I will ask him to. Payal tells him she is hoping a little too much but Pragya is positive he will help her. She goes. Payal is excited.

Titli thinks if she wont reach Lucky on time then I would be considered a loser. If I go there all decked up then it will be another problem!


Badho Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Titli and Lucky are eating golgappa’s. Lucky gives up. Jitesh knows that he lost intentionally. Lucky replies that it is ok to lose sometimes. Rana tells Lucky they must leave for the practise camp asap. Komal comes to check on Titli and Pinki and finds Pinki sleeping peacefully on the bed. Lucky tells Komal about his trip. He asks Komal if she wont miss him. She replies that he is only going for a few days. It isn’t about months! He holds her hand.

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