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Badho Bahu 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal finds Gajendra stealing petrol. They share that someone stole petrol from their bike. I told my husband I will be back by evening. If we don’t reach on time then I will be in trouble. My husband wont spare me. I enquired the passer bys but there is no petrol pump nearby. Komal gets an idea.

Lucky recalls how he broke Komal’s snow globe in the morning. Shopkeeper tells him to buy it as well but Lucky denies. Pack only what I told you to.

Komal takes out petrol from Lucky’s bike using a pipe and pours it in a bottle. Bharpayi watches her doing that and asks her about it. Gajendra tells her everything. Gajendra’s sister thanks Komal. May you have a great day today. Stay happy with Lucky Bhaiya. Komal says I will also pray for you that you are able to tell everything to your husband one day. All your dreams will fulfil. They leave. Bharpayi compliments Komal. You are really nice. Komal asks her to come inside. Bharpayi agrees to join her soon.

Teji is angry with Vardaan. He has started talking too much today. I feel like beating him. He suddenly recalls how Vardaan had beaten him. Nothing comes out of fighting. I will have to do something else. Bharpayi brings Lassi for him. He refuses to drink it and tells her to leave. She asks him if everything is fine. Are you upset with me? He calls her cheater. I don’t speak to cheaters. Leave. She says I understood I backed out from the play at the last minute. I am sorry. He finally looks at her. She apologizes and agrees to do whatever he will say. He asks her if she will back out again. She denies. I promise I will do as I say. He agrees to when it will be time. She gives him Lassi. Has anything happened between you, Pragya Didi and Master ji? Teji denies. Vardaan is in some other world these days. Forget him. He pulls her closer. She is scared and backs off. She leaves.

Komal has packed lunch for Lucky. Has he come back? Bharpayi nods. He must be leaving anytime. Koaml panics. She hears the car honk and rushes outside. She continuously calls out to Lucky but he refuses to stop. He finally relents and stops the car. She keeps the lunch boxes in the car. Eat if you get time. Come early if you can please. He replies he will come as late as he possibly can. He begins to drive away when Komal recalls about taking petrol from his car. She is about to call Lucky but Bharpayi advises her against it. He gets upset when someone pokes him. He will get it filled. Komal agrees.

Teji passes smiles to both Pragya and Bharpayi as they make preps with Komal for puja. Everyone else also comes. Raghubir ji asks Komal about her family. Komal lies to him. Raghubir ji thinks I know your pain. You must be missing the mother who is always by your side. Kamla ji wishes to keep Komal away from her family for forever if possible. They were about to enjoy after snatching my happiness! Pundit ji joins them. They all sit down for the puja. Kailash ji tells Pundit ji to do the puja for Komal. It is her birthday. Bless her well. Pundit ji nods. Rana adds that komal is very lucky for them. She saved my sister’s life twice and this time she saved mine too. Kamla ji pinches him. Pragya also hopes everyone gets a courageous Bhabhi like her. She goes quiet noticing her mother’s stare. Komal thanks them for thinking well about her. I only want my family’s happiness. Pundit ji says let’s start the puja as everyone is here. Komal adds that some people are missing. She keeps photos of Jamuna ji, her father and Lucky next to her. Kamla ji finds her too dramatic. She cannot stop all such antics. Komal tells Pundit ji to start the puja. Everyone is here now. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji appreciate her. Puja starts.

Komal prays for Lucky’s well being. He should reach on time and play well. I want to stay happily with him. Please end the problems between us soon.

Lucky is unable to understand what Badho does all the time and why. She does everything in extreme (work, love, or anything). Don’t know what all will happen in my life because of her.

Komal thinks Ma is not with me for the first time but I know she must be missing me, praying for me. I too am praying for your health. Vardaan should get the fruits of his labour soon. Hope he becomes successful very soon.

Jamuna ji silently cries hugging Komal’s photo. Vardaan consoles his mother.

Bharpayi goes to bring ghee. She notices Teji and Pragya holding hands from the kitchen and recalls all the times he was trying to get close to her. She drops the bowl as she begins to cry. Everyone looks in her direction. Bharpayi brings ghee. Teji asks Pragya why Bharpayi’s is upset. Something has happened for sure. Pragya dismisses it.

Komal signals Rana about Lucky who replies back in signals. Teji keeps his hand on Pragya’s knee. Bharpayi notices it as well.

Lucky’s car stops in the middle of the road leaving him surprised / confused. How can the petrol finish? I got the petrol tank full yesterday only. Someone must have stolen it! I wont spare him if I find out. He tries starting the car again but in vain. Gajendra calls him. We have reached safely. Thank Bhabhi from our side. If she had not given us petrol then we would not have been able to reach on time today. Lucky confirms if it was Komal who gave him petrol. Gajendra agrees. Lucky angrily shouts Badho. He remembers Komal telling Gajendra’s sister how she wishes Lucky never goes away from her.


Badho Bahu 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal asks Rana if he spoke to Lucky. I am feeling restless. Rana notices Lucky on the door. He walks up to Komal (with his clothes all messed up and dirty). Komal is about to do his tilak when Lucky pushes the plate away. Everyone is taken aback.

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