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Badho Bahu 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky enters in Akhada and touches the dirt on his face. Jitesh, Ajay and the villagers cheer for Lucky whereas Rana looks at him in awe. Iyoko and Lucky shake hands before starting the match. Komal and Malti ji look on. Komal is worried for Lucky because he is fighting despite his wound.

Everyone watches the fight with bated breath. Lucky manages to throw Iyoko on the ground once. Everyone claps for him. Villagers praise Lucky. He is playing better than International player. Raghubir ji looks on proudly. Lucky throws off Iyoko one more time shocking Rana. Kailash ji and Raghubir ji get excited. Lucky’s wife cheers for her husband while Komal tells Lucky to take it easy. Raghubir ji thinks if Lucky plays like this only then he can also win the National championship. He can then also take part in International Championship thereby fulfilling my dream.

Kapoor asks Jatta why he is quiet. Bharpayi brings tea for them. Tau ji has invited you for wrestling match. Jatta tells her he isn’t interested. My fans make too much fuss whenever I make public appearances. She turns to go but Teji holds her hand. She asks him what he is doing. He says I am trying to read your eyes. I can see that someone troubled you sometime back. She thinks of Teji. He advises her to pay some attention to herself. You can become our calendar girl then. She looks at the calendar kept on the bed. Teji asks Kapoor what he thinks of it. Kapoor says she is fine. Bharpayi leaves. Kapoor warns Teji not to mess with his idea. Focus on the girl I told you I want! Teji gets irked but Kapoor insists he only wants Pragya as his calendar girl.

Iyoko lifts Lucky high and then throws him back on the ground with a thud. Lucky winces in pain. He thinks of how Rana also hurt him on his wound and threw him off in a similar manner. Komal thinks Lucky again got hurt on his shoulder. Lucky gets up once again and resumes fighting with Iyoko. Iyoko manages to beat him yet again and attacks him with all his might. He is declared the winner. Host even speaks against Lucky’s calibre in the process upsetting Raghubir ji.

Raghubir ji, Ajay and Jitesh run to help Lucky. Komal and Malti ji also ask him if he is fine. Lucky holds his hand. Mr. Tokas asks him if they should end the matches. Raghubir ji tells him against it. People have come from far off villages just to see these matches. Please continue. He silently hopes Lucky’s wound isn’t too bad. Hope it wont all my dreams of him winning the International championship one day. Lucky also hopes his wound does not become so deep that he will fail to take part in International Championship. I cannot see him dejected. He touches his father’s feet. Raghubir ji tells Ajay and Jitesh to take Lucky inside.

Doc checks Lucky. Malti ji stops Komal from going inside. This is why I told you to do all that. Why don’t you listen to me? I told you to keep lemon and chillies in the middle of the road and let him wear the necklace but you made him remove it. See what happened to him! She assures her MIL Lucky will be fine. She heads for her room.

Lucky shouts as doc moves his right hand. Komal asks doctor about the wound. Doc stares at them.

Raghubir ji is looking at the winners stand and the flags of the players of different countries. Malti ji asks him if he feels Lucky will recover. Raghubir ji nods. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Doc is here. She goes. Raghubir ji thinks God cannot be so merciless that he will break my dream this way!

Doc assures Lucky and Komal that the wound isn’t deep. He will be fine soon. Lucky and Komal thank doc / God. He is relieved that he will be able to fulfil his father’s dream soon. Doc gives them a spray and leaves. Komal sits next to Lucky. Don’t think of anything else but rest. You have to recover soon. He says I want to be fit asap so I can resume practise. She tells him to rest for now. You can do that later.

Raghubir ji asks doc if Lucky is fine. Doc shares that the situation is critical. Don’t know how much time it will take for the wound to heal completely. It is very deep. There is a lot of swelling too. I will only be able to say anything once swelling reduces. It needs to be taken seriously. Raghubir ji asks him if he said anything to Lucky. Doc denies. We don’t say anything to players as they sometimes lose their confidence and go in depression. They feel their career is over. You are Lucky’s father and Guru. Hope you would understand what I am saying. Don’t say anything to Lucky. Raghubir ji agrees. Doc leaves.

Komal gives a gift to Iyoko’s wife (a dupatta). This is a very important piece of cloth for the women of our villagers. You are our guest after all. She thanks Komal. They all head outside.

All wrestlers take their place on the stand. Iyoko also invites his wife on the stand and he hands her the bouquet. Komal imagines herself and Lucky in their place. Lucky keeps his hand on her shoulder thereby breaking her reverie. He takes her with him.

Lucky gives Komal her kit. Your practise starts tomorrow. It has everything you need. She likes the kit. When did you buy it? You were mostly at home. He shares that he ordered it online from Germany. She tells him she isn’t a good wrestler yet and he already got her such an expensive kit. He replies that he only wants her to become a good wrestler. A good kit is very much needed for that. She thanks him and goes to show it to Babu ji.

Everyone stands to give respect to the flag as per tradition. Raghubir ji keeps looking at the flags. Komal comes and stands next to him. He points out that whenever someone wins the championship and gets gold medal then his country’s flag is hoisted like this. This is the most proud moment of him, his family and entire country. Komla is again drawn back to her dream. She understands her Babu ji’s dream and looks determinedly at the flag.


Badho Bahu 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal gets ready for her practise. Lucky smiles seeing her thus. Malti ji does her aarti and everyone heads out for a jog. Lucky smiles looking at her.

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