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Badho Bahu 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Epi begins with Lucky apologizing to Rana on Komal’s behalf. She says anything. Please don’t mind. Rana heads to his room. Lucky thinks I know Komal has many doubts regarding the championship and wants to find out the truth but he wont let it happen. She also knows he is acting to be his brother’s shield so the truth remains hidden. It means there is something wrong for sure. I will find out the truth at any cost.

In his room, Rana is thinking about the championship. Kamla ji says you made me proud today. I can proudly tell everyone I am the mother of number 1 Iron Man of Haryana. She takes nail cutter and cuts her thumb a little to do his tilak with her blood. She sits down next to him. I wanted to feed you sweets and bless you since so long! I finally got a chance to sit so peacefully for the first time. He hugs her. If you hadn’t shown me the correct path then I! She warns him against it. Remember that I dint do anything. You won the championship on your own merit. He nods.

Lucky cannot stop thinking of what Rana did in the championship. Komal applies ointment on his wound. He writhes in pain. Why are you bothering me? She says I am just checking how it is. What did doc say? Lucky shares that he will do X-Ray when the swelling will reduce a little. She begins to read the magazine but he takes it from her. I don’t understand you. You sometimes makes mountain out of a molehill and sometimes you just don’t react. I scolded you so much and look at you! You aren’t even reacting now. She replies that Rana Bhaiya and Babu ji told me everything already. Why would I try to be Karamchand Jasoos (Spy)? Lucky asks Komal if she felt bad that he lost. She denies. Winning and losing is part of the game. You always be Hero Number 1 for me. They lie down.

Pinki complains to her MIL as to why she dint let anyone celebrate. My husband and your son won the first time. I worked so hard to make him win. Rana too is confused on the matter. Kamla ji says I don’t want to celebrate as the victory is still not complete. Only my son has won as of now. My entire family will become number 1 when my husband will win elections and become Sarpanch. See how I will celebrate then.

Lucky applies ointment on his wound. He seems to be in very much pain.

Pragya asks Jamuna ji if it is something special today. You made me dress up so differently today. Vimla ji, Rinki and a few other ladies come there. Jamuna ji tells everyone that Pragya’s pagphere ritual is complete now. She has also made up with her family. She is now a part of our family. No one should ever taunt her again. She is a complete DIL for us and the entire village. Vimla ji and other ladies nod. Pragya and Payal serve tea and snacks to everyone. Pragya nods at Rinki who goes to her side on the pretext of helping her. Pragya tells her she isn’t interested in becoming the DIL of this house or village. Just take me to my Teji ji somehow. I still love him. Rinki is in a fix.

Komal finds the ointment under Lucky’s pillow and deduces that Lucky’s wound must be paining. He would have surely applied it again. She notices Lucky looking at the Akhada.

Rinki asks Pragya if she has lost her mind. You are still thinking of running away? Teji is heartbroken. Pragya says now I must go to him. Rinki says will you go to London. He got a shooting project there. He dint want to go but you dint reach there on that day on time. He would have reached there by now. I am sure he wont return now. He dint get anything in return after all. I would suggest you to forgive him. I don’t think you both can unite in this birth. Pragya cries. You are right. My own people, this society and literally no one wants me to meet my Teji ji. I will have to take another birth as I cannot become his in this birth. Rinki is relieved. I am free for this birth atleast. You both can handle it in next birth yourself.

Rana has completely changed his dressing sense and everything when he comes to Akhada. He greets everyone. Ajay thanks him for making him win 5k. I won the bet with Jitesh when you defeated Lucky Bhai. Ajay demands for his money from Jitesh. Jitesh says I am not going anywhere. He advises Lucky to recover soon. We will hold another Iron Man Championship then.

Pinki ji gives aarti to everyone. Kamla ji acts to be surprised. Where is Badho today? Pinki says I dint see her anywhere so I thought to do aarti today. I feel she is still in shock as she lost the position of number 1. Malti ji quietly takes aarti. She notices Komal and begins to scold her. Dint you realise it was time for puja? Pinki did aarti. Komal is about to say something but Malti ji doesn’t let her. Bharpayi asks Komal if she needs her help in preps. Komal politely declines. Lucky ji and I will manage everything.

Lucky asks Ajay and Jitesh if they have gone mad. You cannot challenge just like that. End the topic now! Ajay and Jitesh ask Rana why he isn’t practising today. Rana says I am Iron Man now. It is alright not to practise today. They ask him what will Guru ji say. Rana is confident he will talk to him. I deserve it. I am the Iron Man after all. Ajay asks him where he is off to early morning. Rana shares that he was invited by some media journalists over breakfast. Everyone is inviting me nowadays as I have win. You guys can come along if you want. Jitesh declines but Ajay goes with him.

Malti ji scolds Komal. My son lost because of you! He couldn’t practise for the wrestling as you got him busy in the wedding preps. He lost so badly. Kamla ji tells Malti ji not to scold Komal. She wasn’t even there. Lucky lost to such a great fighter. Remember how Komal says one must not think about winning or losing in a game. Don’t worry so much.


Badho Bahu 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal tells Lucky they will play a game while doing work. She ends up asking him if Rana played the game honestly. He understands what she intends to get out of him. Don’t play such foolish games with me after today. Rana Bhaiya dint do anything wrong.

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