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Badho Bahu 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Lucky Finds Out Loveena’s Truth!


Badho Bahu 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 13th December 2017 Episode start With Someone knocks at Raghubir ji’s door. He thinks it to Malti and tells her to leave him alone but it turns out to be Komal. She has brought food for him but he refuses to eat it. She says I know you are sad. So much has happened with our family lately. We even lost out Akhada. Ma says Babu ji used to say that pain and happiness are a part of our life. The player, who does not stop smiling even in pain, is a real player. He says what a player without an Akhada is! She reminds him what he had said to Lucky once. Once a player always a player. How can you forget your own teachings?

There cannot be a bigger superman for kids than their fathers. You must stay strong. Raghubir ji agrees that kids sometimes encourage elders. I am because of you and Lucky only. She offers to feed him food but he agrees to ask her to bring it whenever he will feel hungry. He drinks water. Loveena has heard everything. She talks to Komal about Kailash Babu ji trying to stop people from setting up shops in Akhada. He wants this only but the shop owners have refused to let go of the plot. They were saying that the Akhada will be of no use now as Babu ji and Lucky wont practise there anymore. Komal tightens her grip around the glass. Loveena keeps speaking badly about Lucky and Raghubir ji. Badho ends up hurting herself. Loveena smiles. Your anger injured you only and helped me. My mission is accomplished. She takes her along to bandage her wound.

Kailash ji apologizes to his brother. Raghubir ji refuses to talk to him about anything. You can leave. Kailash ji says I understand your pain. I tried to make them understand but they aren’t willing to understand. I will raise this matter in Panchayat. I would also request them to free you and Lucky from this promise and allow you to practise once again. I am sure they will listen to me. He goes.

Lucky gives a package to his Babu ji. this is the treasure gathered by you and Mahender Babu ji for your kids who would take on to wrestling in a later stage of life. Raghubir ji asks him how he got this. This money was being sent to Post Office. Lucky relates the Jamuna ji gave it to him. Thses boundations have snatched my dream from me. I still have a hope left though which can fulfil my and your dream. Raghubir ji asks him if he is speaking about Komal. Lucky nods. Raghubir ji speaks of the rules. Lucky says one has to go against rules sometimes. Raghubir ji recalls hearing the same line from his late friend. Raghubir ji relates that Mahender saved his life years ago by breaking the rules. Lucky advises him to think upon this matter more seriously then.

Komal is punching the sack angrily. Jamuna ji asks Payal why Komal is so upset. Payal shares that she first threw Loveena during practise and then she cut her hand. Her anger is on a different level altogether. Jamuna ji looks on worried.

Komal stops and notices her mother there. I told you to rest. Jamuna ji says how I can rest knowing my daughter is tensed. Komal lies she is fine but her mother makes her sit next to her. Calm down. Now that you have decided to wrestle, I want to tell you one thing. Your Mama ji dint like seeing your father wrestle. He scolded your father once but your father kept calm. He dint retort. I forgot to give him lunch even though it was a very important day for him. He fought all day. He dint get angry at all throughout the day. He won the matches. I understood that day that a calm mind makes you win in any situation. You should now decide what you want to do. Komal agrees to take lead from her father. He was my first Guru ji after all. She hugs her mother. Jamuna ji is happy to see that she understood what she was trying to say. Work hard and make us proud. Payal says it will happen only when her training will be complete. She turns and goes quiet noticing Lucky there.

Lucky looks at the makeshift Akhada. I came to meet Ma ji while you are practising here? Why do you need to undergo training once again even after getting training under Loveena ji. You dint tell me about any of this. Why are you doing this stealthily? Jamuna ji asks him to sit but he refuses to take any step further till he gets his answer. Is Loveena ji aware about it? Am I the only one who does not know about it? I will call her. She stops him. I will tell you everything. I cannot train under Loveena. She has cheated us big time! She tells him everything. Lucky gets angry with Loveena and Balwinder. I will put an end to this matter once and for all today! I will tell Babu ji everything! She stops him and ends up hurting on her hand again. He asks her how she got hurt. She replies that she became a victim of her anger. I knew you would lose cool so I dint tell you anything. I took Bhabhi’s help and abided by her words. We decided to train here at night so as to trap both the cheaters. Bhabhi has helped me in all this. There is no point getting angry here. He agrees. I will help you in your training now. She speaks of his boundation but he refuses to abide by it. You will have to win District Level Medal for my and Babu ji’s sake. I will train you. Let’s start right away. She misses Babu ji. He assures her that she has his blessing already. Let’s begin.

Next morning, Payal, Lucky and Komal return home. The shops have been opened in the Akhada already. Payal advises them to head inside and goes to meet her mother. Payal speaks to her mother. Pinki invites Payal’s mother in the inauguration ceremony before leaving. Payal’s mother complains of a cream that she ordered online. It reacted badly. Payal gets an idea. She takes the cream from her. Payal’s mother takes leave. Payal decides to use this cream well.

Lucky observes Loveena and Komal’s training practise. Komal falters in her practise. Lucky speaks of District Level Championship. Loveena assures him that Badho will win. Komal thanks her for showing faith in her. They resume practise.


Badho Bahu 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji and Pinki plan something against Komal and her family again. Raghubir ji decides to teach a lesson to the cheaters (maybe he has found out the truth). Komal promises herself that Lucky ji and Babu ji will resume their schedule yet again!

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