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Badho Bahu 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky informs Kailash ji about Pradhan Singh and his allies in a nearby village. Rana wants to come along. Kailash ji seconds him. You should solve this matter once and for all. Malti ji advises them to let police handle it. It is a legal matter. These boys might be needed here for some or other rituals. Police will handle them. Kamla ji wants her boys to handle Pradhan Singh. Police wont do justice. Malti ji is reluctant but Rana assures her they will handle things their way. Our blessings are with Pragya. Lucky tells his Tau ji they will be back soon. We will not spare Pradhan Singh and his men. Kailash ji allows them to go. Bharpayi is worried as Prgaya is still not home. What if someone asks me? All the preps are done.

Sangram Singh looks at Pragya from top to toe. It is true then. Pragya Ahlawat ran away from her home in her wedding dress! I feel she is the new runaway bride of this village. Her groom also left her alone. She cries. It cannot be! Pundit ji asks for her groom when Zalim Singh, Pradhan Singh and Vijay step forward. Pragya gets tensed seeing them. Zalim Singh throws some photos in the air. This is her groom! Everyone look at the photos and recognizes Teji. We dint expect this from a girl from Ahlawat Family! Sangram Singh asks who this guy is. He doesn’t seem to be from our village. Sarpanch ji shares that he is Raghubir ji’s guest. Sangram Singh gets upset. I said we should set an example through Kusum or everyone will follow her lead. It has already begun. Ahlawat Family’s daughter is on the same path now. People begin to gossip. Who will marry her now? She is surely a runaway bride!

Kamla ji greets the groom and his family as they come to Ahlawat Family. Malti ji finds everyone really beautiful. Our Pragya will be very happy there. Raghubir ji asks about Lucky and Rana. Kailash ji tells him that he has sent them for some urgent work. They will be home soon.

The boys are on their way to the location shared by Komal. Lucky thinks to help Pragya after taking care of Pradhan Singh.

Villagers suggest taking Pragya to Ahlawat House but Sangram Singh decides against it. this girl will become our amanat (property) now. Pragya shakes her head. Panchayat has no right on me. My Teji ji will come to marry me. I am not a runaway bride. Sarpanch ji also suggests giving her some time. She belongs to a nice family after all. Sangram Singh asks him if Ahlawat Family is more important to him than Panchayat. What have they given to you that you always take their side? Sarpanch ji tries to explain but Sangram Singh does not let him. Villagers request Sangram Singh to take the decision. We will accept whatever you will say. Sangram Singh thinks for a moment. I announce this girl Pragya Singh Ahlawat the amanat of our Panchayat! Komal interrupts him before he could complete the sentence. Pragya is shocked to see her there. Komal adds that Pragya is her amanat. I am the DIL of Ahlawat Family. I have a right on her which is why I announce her as my amanat and not this Panchayat’s! Sangram Singh tells her she is too late now. She is the runaway bride now. no one else but Panchayat has a right on her now.

Komal tells him he cannot forcibly do that. Vardaan seconds her. Komal hugs Pragya assuring her nothing will go wrong as she is here now. She turns to Sangram Singh. Only our family has a right on Pragya. Only they will decide her future and no one else. Vardaan realises that they trapped us in this. That guy Raju was sent by Pradhan Singh only. We sent them to a different place altogether. I will call him and inform him. Vijay Singh breaks his phone. Sarpanch ji advises Pradhan Singh to control his son. He cannot do something like this. Sangram Singh refuses to let this matter slip out of his hands. We cannot let her go like this. Komal decides to stretch the matter so Babu ji can come and save Pragya. She lies to the villagers that Pragya informed family before coming here. Sangram Singh does not buy it. Where are they then?

Everyone asks for Pragya. Groom’s mother suggests letting the bride and groom talk to each other for some time. Kamla ji sends Pinki to bring Komal. Bharpayi points out that she is not in her room shocking everyone.

Sangram Singh demands for an answer. Where is Teji? He gives the photos to her. Look at what your SIL has done. Komal remembers her conversation with Lucky and Vardaan. Sangram Singh says Pragya ran away to marry Teji but he left her and ran away. Pragya denies. He must be in some problem. She dials his number. Teji watches this and puts his phone in flight mode. Sangram Singh puts the phone on loudspeaker. They hear that the number is out of coverage area. Zalim Singh repeats it. Teji thinks I am exposed now. I will have to calm this matter somehow so no one tries killing me. I will call Lucky here. He will beat all the bad guys. My image will remain clean.

Lucky and the boys corner a guy and asks him about Pradhan Singh. The guy replies that he does not know anything. I haven’t seen them since morning. Teji calls Lucky and updates him on everything in bits (Sirsa, Shiv Mandir, Pradhan Singh and acts to cry in pain). He tells his brothers. They leave for the temple immediately.

Everyone asks Bharpayi what she means by that. She is not in her room? Kamla ji and Kailash ji tell her to speak clearly. What are you saying? Bharpayi shares that Pragya went to Shiv Mandir early morning to seek Lord’s blessings. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief hearing the same except Kamla ji. Even the groom’s family is impressed. Kailash ji offers to send car to the temple but they want Pragya to come home before the set time. Groom’s father suggests heading to temple itself. We will do the engagement there only. Everyone agrees.

Zalim Singh tells Pragya to accept it now. You are a runaway bride. Pradhan Singh also asks Komal what she will say now. Your SIL is a runaway bride. It is also clear that Teji is also not coming back. You stained my family’s name that day by helping my daughter elope. Ahlawat Family is also going to go under the same scanner now. Ahlawat Singh’s daughter is also a runaway bride. Sangram Singh repeats that Panchayat will decide the fate of this runaway bride now. She is our property now!


Badho Bahu 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragya blames Vardaan for everything. Maybe you only pushed Teji away from him. Panchayat gives two choices to Pragya – to either kill herself or let Panchayat make the decision. Pragya chooses to end her life willingly.