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Badho Bahu 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji manages the matter between Malti ji and Komal. We must finish the work asap as we have to go to vote.

Villagers and Sarpanch greet Ahlawat family. Both couples go to vote. Kamla ji talks to Sangram Singh. Every person has come here to give vote. Do anything and everything to make my husband win. Sangram Singh assures her that her husband only will become Sarpanch.

Jitesh and Lucky are decorating the house. Jitesh tells Komal about a guy who lost his wallet. He started crying when a kid came to return it to him. The kid was very honest. We must take a lesson from him. The guy gave him prize (of Rs. 1000). Komal says seems like he is an honest kid like Rana Bhaiya. Lucky remembers the championship and nods (for Komal’s sake). He diverts the topic.

Payal tells Pragya to wash clothes followed by a list of other chores to do. Pragya refuses to do it. Jamuna ji also asks Payal why she is making Pragya work so much. Payal says I am only following what you said. You wanted her to take responsibility of the house. She cannot just manage expenses but also do other chores too. That is also important. Vardaan asks Pragya to return the books he brought from library. I have to return them. She speaks rudely to him. Find them yourself. Everyone is taken aback. Payal points out that she may be wrong but she has never insulted or misbehaved with her husband.

Chotto Bua asks Jitesh and Komal who broke her bangles. Jitesh acts innocent but she asks him if he did it. You came in my room a while ago? He declines and goes about his work. Chotto Bua asks Komal why everyone is working so quietly. We used to play games, sing or dance while working. There was a game wherein one has to ask random questions and the other person must reply instantly. He must not take time to reply. She plays the game with Jitesh. Jitesh ends up accepting that he broke her bangle. She pulls his ears. Komal smiles. Chotto bua insists that one should play this game to get the right answer from someone. Komal thinks to play this game with Lucky.

Lucky comes there just then. Chotto Bua and Jitesh leave. Komal tells Lucky about the game. She ends up asking him if Rana played the game honestly. He was almost about to shake his head when he understands what she intends to get out of him. He angrily drops the basket from his hands. I know what you want to know. Don’t play such foolish games with me after today. Rana Bhaiya dint do anything wrong. He played honestly. Don’t try to fool me ever again! Komal thinks I want to thank you how I can get truth out of you.

Jamuna ji speaks to Pragya. Just stay calm. I know what Payal is doing with you. She is doing it intentionally but you too must understand that you too are a part of this family now. You too will have to fulfil all responsibilities towards this home. You too will have a family one day. She imagines her future and panics. She thinks to get out of this life at any cost. I want to spend my life with my Teji ji. I don’t want to be dragged in all this anymore.

Lucky and Komal reach the voting centre. Reporter is about to click their photo when Rana and Pinki reach there. Everyone rushes to his side and cheers for him. Reporter also leaves Lucky and Komal and goes to click the photo of new Iron Man. He asks Lucky to step aside so he can click Rana’s phto. Lucky and Komal step aside. Rana and Pinki pose for the photo. Komal and Lucky leave. Payal’s mother is eager to get a selfie clicked with Rana and so are other ladies. Komal asks Lucky if he will have halwa. He gets tempted. She says Babu ji used to say that one must eat his favourite dish whenever upset. It will uplift your mood. He likes the idea. Go and cook halwa for me now. Ladies push Payal’s mother and she gets hurt on her head.

Sangram Singh calls Kamla ji. Voting will end soon and a lock will be placed outside the voting centre. I will get you an entry inside the centre somehow. She asks him if he thinks she will come out at this hour. I told you to get your men on the job. He tells her to mind her words. This is your work. I am just doing it on your behalf. Come here and help us or your husband will not be able to win the elections. His victory is in your hands now. He disconnects the call.

Komal is making halwa. Lucky gets impatient. He goes to check on her. Are you cooking halwa or Birbal’s khichdi? She says it will be done in a few minutes. He blames her for tempting him with halwa. Bring it fast. She tells him not to act like a kid. Sit in the courtyard. I will bring it. He leaves. Komal thinks of his reaction during the small game and adds salt to the bowl of halwa. Pardon me but this is my only chance now.

Lucky removes the plaster. He agrees to what she had said earlier about anger and favourite food. He spits the halwa the moment he takes a bite. Have you gone mad? She laughs. I fooled you. He asks her why she cheated him. You lied to me. You also cheated me like everyone else. Even Rana Bhai cheated me!


Badho Bahu 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal accepts before Lucky that this was the only way to get truth out of him. No one saw what Rana Bhai did in championship. He won stealthily. What was stopping you from speaking the truth? Why did you hide it from everyone?

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