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Badho Bahu 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Raghubir Ji Becomes Komal’s New Coach!


Badho Bahu 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Loveena tells Komal about Harinder Singh Bawa. He means a lot to me and lives in Punjab. I will make you meet him if we get a chance.

Raghubir ji asks Komal why she kept on making mistakes when Loveena was trying to teach her a move. I know you understand it in one go itself. Why were you wasting time intentionally? She fumbles. Lucky says she does not wish to lie to you which is why she is quiet. Raghubir ji tells him to come to the point. Lucky tells him everything. Badho was intentionally doing it all wrong so she could waste time. Raghubir ji decides to teach a lesson to those cheaters. Lucky adds that he is training Komal in Bakriawal. No one can stop her from winning the medal if you will also support her. Will you? Komal tells him not to be under any pressure. Lucky ji has gone against the rules but I don’t want you to do any such thing.

Kamla ji brings Komal outside. She shows the newly opened shops to Komal. Make preps for inauguration. Pinki tells her to also invite reporters. Malti ji sends Komal inside on the pretext of some work. She very smartly manages her Bhabhi. Komal and Malti ji head inside. Kamla ji is irked but Pinki says Komal must be already tired. She anyways wont be able to do anything. Lucky ji and Babu ji are already out of Akhada. We will tackle Badho soon too! Kamla ji says this is what will happen. My family will be number 1 while Raghubir ji’s family will become number 2.

Komal tells her MIL that all the clothes are already stitched. Maybe you gave them by mistake. Malti ji denies. I already know this. I did it to stop you from getting busy with the inauguration preps. You already have your hands full and don’t get any time to rest. How will you practise if you wont rest? Close the door from inside and lie down. Komal hugs her emotionally. You worry so much about me. Malti ji again tells her to take some rest. Komal considers herself lucky to have a MIL like Malti Ma ji. I promise you I will fulfil my training and make you proud. I also promise you that Lucky ji and Babu ji will resume their schedule yet again!

Kamla ji makes Teji / Jatta inaugurate the newly opened shops. Teji notices Pragya standing in a corner quietly. He gives her a paan. Why do you seem so upset these days? She tells him everything. Teji spits the paan in shock. Shall I run away? Shall I hide? She tells him against it. Vardaan ji wont tell anyone about our relation till the time Jamuna Ma ji is unwell. Just stay away from Vardaan ji. He says I wont even come close to his shadow. She feels bad for pulling Vardaan in all this. He does not know you are my Teji ji. He looks around worriedly. Don’t tell anyone this. She says he feels I have an affair with someone else. He agrees to manage everything but tells her to keep his secret intact. She nods. The shopkeeper tells Pragya to have Paan. He leaves with Teji. She spits it in a second.

Pinki and Komal complain to the Parlour lady. Our skin is burning. We wont come here ever again! Sunita says I used the best cream. This has never happened before. Kamla ji takes Pinki inside. Payal smiles hearing it all.

Pragya finds a paan in the fridge and eats it. She loves this one. Bharpayi asks about the paan. Pragya says I ate it. Keep a similar paan for me next time. Whose was it? Bharpayi says it was Vardaan ji’s. He likes same paan like you. Your choices are so alike. Pragya goes quiet. It is ok if you wont get it for me. It is pinching me a little. Vardaan hears it from outside.

Lucky and Komal are practising. He tells her to keep her weight on his leg. She tries the trick taught by her Babu ji. He says he taught me too but you remember it all wrong. She requests him to let her try it once. They sweetly argue over it. Payal asks them what they are doing. If Babu ji was here he would have said… Raghubir ji adds – stop this argument! They all look at him in surprise. Raghubir ji asks Komal if she thinks she will win the medal by arguing. She accepts her mistake. He tells her to first make herself passionate towards the game if she wants to win District Level Medal. Whatever happened has happened. Now your coach wont bear anything like this anymore! Lucky is pleasantly surprised. Raghubir ji says I have decided to start training Komal from today itself. Everyone is thrilled.

Lucky says no one can stop her from winning the medal if you will train her. Raghubir ji notices Komal tensed. Is something wrong? she denies. I was wondering if I am so capable that rules can be broken for me! He tells her not to doubt her. you are really special. Don’t worry about me. your father saved my ife once by breaking all the rules. I wouldn’t have been here today if he hadn’t done so. I am only following him. I have decided to train you. I have understood that we should not pay heed to rules if we have to do something right in the world. Lucky made me realise it. She worries what if people will find out. He does not mind it even if they will. I have decided to follow my heart. Lucky asks Komal if she got all her answers. She nods. I don’t need anything more. I am sure I can win any match.


Badho Bahu 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal and Komal are taking the tracksuit stealthily when the bag falls. Pinki and Kamla ji follow her all the way to her home. They see her practising there.

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