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Badho Bahu 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal calls Rahgubir ji using Pragya’s phone. He takes out the phone from his pocket but Kamla ji advsies him not to pick it. We will do everything afterwards. Komal tries calling Lucky but Sangram Singh snatches phone from her hand. Don’t waste our time. Let us do our work. She seeks a chance to call Babu ji. Sangram Singh recalls the way Komal had reacted against his last decision. Sarpanch ji allows Komal to go and call her Babu ji. Pradhan Singh and Vijay Singh are taken aback.

Sangram Singh refuses to call either Raghubir or any member of Ahlawat family. we are not fools. We know they will not support Panchayat in their decision. Panchayat is famous for their firm decisions. It will become weak then. This Panchayat will still take an unbiased decision! Her fate will be decided now itself. He asks Sarpanch ji if he has joined hands with Ahlawat family. Sarpanch ji makes it clear to him that he was, is and will always be honest with the Panchayat. Komal is in a fix. Sangram Singh gives two choices to Pragya – to either kill herself or marry the guy that Panchayat will choose for her. Vardaan thinks of the situation in which Pragya is stuck. Get her out of this somehow.

Payal is irked hearing the crow’s voice. It is chirping as if someone is coming to our house for forever. Jamuna ji says you have come here already. What harm can someone else do to me now? Payal advises the crow to fly away as a bigger fight has started here.

Pragya kneels down before Sangram Singh. Don’t be so harsh on me. I love Teji ji a lot which is why we came here to marry. He cannot leave me alone. He must be in some problem. Komal tries comforting her but Pragya pushes her away. Both of you should stay away from me. I am in this condition today because of both of you! Vardaan tries to explain but in vain. She complains that he spoke ill to his sister about Teji. She scolded him so much. Komal tells her to listen to her but Pragya holds out her hand. Who knows maybe you are responsible for all this? Maybe you have hidden him somewhere! You dint want this wedding to happen. Don’t know where he would be right now. Vardaan reasons that she is mistaken. We dint do anything like that. Pragya refuses to hear anything. Sangram Singh tells them to stop this drama. Don’t waste our time. We have to take the decision right away. Villagers second him. Sangram Singh asks Pragya what she will choose to do.

Ahlawat Family is on their way to temple. She tells driver to drive fast but her husband speaks of the bad roads. Don’t worry we will reach on time.

Pragya chooses to end her life willingly. Komal refuses to let her do so. Teji wonders what’s everyone up to. Vardaan requests Panchayat not to pay heed to what Pragya said. She is not in the right state of mind right now. Komal tells Pragya to think about her family. Zalim Singh whispers in Sangram Singh’s ears. We cannot let her die or our entire planning will go down the drain. Sangram Singh nods. Pragya says there is no other option. I cannot and will not marry and old guy and serve him all my life. She sticks to her decision. Komal gives her Lucky’s swear. Sangram Singh advises Pragya to marry the guy of their choice. You will get a chance to live your life if you get married. You will be thankful to Panchayat then. It is better to marry the guy chosen by us rather than killing yourself. He might be elder to you but he wont be too old for you. Vijay Singh seconds him. Which guy will marry her? Is such a guy present here? Pradhan Singh too asks the same question. Komal begs them to show some mercy on Pragya. Zalim Singh chooses to marry Pragya. Only a strong and powerful man like me can marry her. I will become her groom. Teji, Komal and Vardaan look shocked. Zalim Singh tells Sangram Singh he wants to fill Pragya’s life with happiness. I request you all to allow me to save the respect of this runaway bride. I promise you no one will say anything to her after today! Teji understands their plan finally. What if he really marries Pragya? He will take everyone down on the knees along with Lucky. Wait and watch. Lucky is on the way!

Rana tells Lucky to drive fast. We should be there on time or Pradhan Singh and his goons might abscond. Lucky nods.

Komal says Zalim Singh will have to kill myself before marrying Pragya. Sangram Singh advises her not to speak in between now. You have lost the chance. He mocks her. Pradhan Singh claps. Sirsa’s Panchayat made the right decision today. Pundit, groom and bride are here. Mandap is also ready. What are we waiting for? Sangram Singh agrees with him. Zalim Singh instructs Pundit ji to start the rituals. Pundit ji keeps the turban on his head. Zalim Singh smirks and walks up to Pragya. She passes out. Vardaan holds her. Sarpanch ji tells Komal they cannot ignore the decision but you too have some responsibility towards your SIL. Find a good guy and get her married to him. Think about it and let us know. We will marry her to the right guy. Vijay tells Zalim Singh to take care of Pragya after marriage. She passed out just like that. Pragya gains conscious. Sangram Singh instructs him not to wait anymore. Marry her right away. Zalim Singh asks Pragya to come.

Komal prays to God to show a way out of this situation.

Lucky and the boys are still on their way. They vow to kill Zalim Singh today!

Komal thinks of what Sarpanch ji had said to her. She tells everyone to stop. Pragya wont marry Zalim Singh but my brother Vardaan. Sarpanch ji looks relieved whereas everyone else looks upset.


Badho Bahu 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarpanch ji announces that Pragya will marry Vardaan right away. Pragya marries Vardaan reluctantly. Ahlawat Family reaches there just then and are stunned to hear it!