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Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Komal and all ladies bathe the unconscious girl with milk. The girl opens her eyes. Everyone is relieved to see her fine. Dhairya asks her if she fine. the girl nods. Amba assures him on the same. Dhairya thanks everyone. He thanks the girl for coming on the right time and giving right suggestion. Amba sends the girl inside with her family members. She tells Dhairya not to worry about the girl. She is at our home. They resume Holi.

Amba tells Manpreet she managed to present her before the world as her son but she is a daughter after all. I couldn’t change some things even after trying my best. I was and I am still scared to lose you as a daughter’s destiny is made differently. Manpreet tries to hug her but Amba stops her. Sons seldom hug their mothers. She pats at Manpreet’s shoulder and leaves. Manpreet wipes a tear out of the corner of her eyes. Her sister reminds Manpreet of her promise. I don’t want to marry that guy and do something about Rajvir too. Manpreet tells her (s)he will take care of it but (s)he has something more important to do first.

Happu Singh enters just when Pawania’s come. He talks about searching everyone to make sure there isn’t any weapon but then ends up celebrating Holi with everyone.

Komal looks on excitedly as everyone dances on Rang Barse. Pinki and Rana play Holi. Ladies dance on Holi Ke Din. Amba feels Bajwa’s wont come here without any reason.

Manpreet’s sister drinks Bhang. Manpreet comes there and stops her. She forcibly takes Gunjan with her. Gunjan vows to kill Aman. Manpreet brings her to her room. Gunjan repeats she wont marry Aman and passes out. Manpreet wonders what to do. Mummy will kill me if she sees us like this. I cannot even take Didi in this condition. It will be an insult to our family. She notices a few suits kept there and changes into one. She covers her head well to make sure no one finds out. Manpreet tells Gunjan to call her when she feels well.

Manpreet covers her face as she goes for the ceremony. Amba asks about Manu. She leaves with her sister-in-law to check on Manu. Manu calls Gunjan but gets no response. Someone calls out to her. She turns and her veil comes off. He recalls someone telling him about meeting someone special today. Manu tries to go when he asks her her name. A guy asks him where to keep the boxes of sweets. Manu decides to change the clothes or he would recognize her. She takes the clothes brought by Pahuja’s and goes to change. The guy starts looking for her.

Komal is coming towards Lucky to wish him Holi but he goes away on the pretext of talking to someone else. Komal makes a sad face. Kareena says you wont be able to play Holi with Bhai this way. How is your aim? Komal says it is good. Kareena advises her to throw a balloon at Lucky from the stage. also announce that you are Lucky Bhai’s wife. Kareena tells her of a special Sherbet which will give her the courage to do so. Komal is hesitant but insists as she wants to play Holi with Lucky.

Amba announces Gunjan’s marriage with Aman. Let’s start the ritual. Pahuja suggests seeing the guests they have brought with them. Everyone goes to the stage. TV Celebrities dance one by one.

New show Agniphera is also promoted.

Amba gives coconut to Aman to give to Gunjan. Your relation will last for 7 berths once this ritual is completed. Manu thinks this way she will get engaged to Aman. Rajvir holds it in time as it was about to fall down. Rajvir keeps it in Manu’s hands saying it would have ruined everything. Amba scolds him for the mess. Amba calls Manu. He did it intentionally as he dint want the marriage to happen. Amba’s sister-in-law offers Thandai to Rajvir who politely declines. Kareena has mixed Bhang in the glasses upon Mohini’s instructions. Mohini smiles thinking it would be fun to see drunken Pavania’s now!

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