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Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Update Preview


In the Badho Bahu 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you read Vardaan is massaging his mother’s feet. She is in pain. I took Madhuri for a walk. He asks her why she isn’t wearing a slipper. Jamuna ji shares that she told Payal it is to be repaired. She ignores everything. He gets upset. You could have told me. I could have got a new pair of slippers for you. She tells him against it. You have my swear. He is taken aback. You are giving me a swear for such a small thing? Why? She explains that Payal would not stop talking then. He agrees to repair her old slippers then. She tells him to go for the class.

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Komal asks Malti ji to leave it. I will make it. Malti ji explains her as what is to be done. Kareena also tells them to leave it on Bhabhi. She will make it. Malti ji tells Komal to be careful. It is about our family’s respect! Komal nods. All three of them leave. Komal informs her mother about her task. Jamuna ji tells her to finish her work first. It is Ahlawat Family’s tradition. Continue it. Komal agrees. I will meet you when I am free. Jamuna ji advises her not to come. It is ok. Komal ends the call.

Jamuna ji gives a box of Gujia to give to Komal. It is for entire family. I don’t think she would be able to come. He nods. Holi does not seem like Holi without Didi. House looks so empty. His mother feels the same way. But it is about family. She has to take care of many things. Don’t take it in class. It is for Komal only. He agrees and tells her to take proper rest.

omal and Malti ji hear the sound and come running to kitchen. They are shocked to see that someone has spoiled Gujia’s. Kareena pretends to be unaware of how it happened. How will we distribute them now? Everyone will insult us now that we couldn’t live up to our promise. Malti ji scolds Badho for not doing anything correctly. Komal reasons that she dint do anything wrong this time. Don’t worry. I will make another lot of gujia’s. Kareena smirks. Malti ji says how I should not worry. We have to go to Punjab too. We don’t have time. Komal offers to do everything quickly. Kareena reminds her she had to meet her mother. Komal says I will explain to mother. She will understand. I will make everything. Malti ji leaves in a huff. Kareena calls Komal too sweet and nice. You should start now.

Jamuna ji calls Komal to wish her happy Holi. I am wearing my slippers. You did apply colour now! My Holi just started. Komal emotionally asks for her blessings. Jamuna ji says I pray that this Holi is one of you best till date. Lucky should fill your life with colours of his love. Stay happy. Komal says I couldn’t come to you yet I applied colour to your feet. Gujia was really tasty. Jamuna ji smiles. I know you love them which is why I sent them. Stay happy. They end the call. Epi ends on Komal’s sad face.

On Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will see Holi Maha-Utsav tomorrow. Komal maybe had Bhang. I want to play Holi with Lucky ji. Lucky is embarrassed as everyone laughs hearing it. Three shows will be showed together between 9 pm to 10:30 pm. To Read Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Stay Tune With Us .

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