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Badho Bahu 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Kamla Ji And Pinki Decide To Abduct Komal


Badho Bahu 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 14th March 2018 Episode Start With Pinki helps Titli get ready. Komal enters and smiles. You look really beautiful. Titli is uneasy as she overate earlier. Komal compliments Pinki who boasts that people don’t value her. Komal assures her that everyone would learn to appreciate it very soon. Come out with Titli. I will bring everyone else.

Sita and Gita ji complain that they have to wait for so long. Don’t know who is getting ready. Titli and Pinki come there. All the ladies are impressed to see her. Kamla ji says no one will be able to withstand my beauty though. Everyone goes quiet. Kamla ji says I don’t mind it. See my beauty today. Titli smiles that Lucky has turned her into a joker. Kamla ji makes Komal click a photo of her and Titli to see who is looking more beautiful. Komal also asks Titli to get a single photo clicked so her father can see her too.

Ram ji comes just then. he is surprised to see his daughter all decked up. I couldn’t recognise you for a minute. He praises Malti ji and Komal for the change in Titli. Malti ji gives credit to Kamla ji and Pinki instead. Ram ji thanks him. Kamla ji acts all modest. Gita and Sita ji also praise Kamla ji. Kamla ji says Pinki also helped a bit. Pinki murmurs that she took entire credit. Kamla ji suddenly realises that since past days she completely forgot that she and her family is supposed to be number 1!

Kamla ji is thinking about what Sita and Gita ji said earlier. Kamla ji is anyways number 1! There is no doubt about it! Pinki is irked to hear her say so. She is so happy just because someone calls her number 1! She gives milk to Kamla ji. Kamla ji asks her why she rubbed her face clean completely today. I was looking so beautiful today! Anyways I am really happy today. I was yearning to hear someone addressing me as number 1 since so many days. Pinki tells her to enjoy at the moment.

Badho will anyways supersede eventually and get all the credit. We wont be able to do anything as she has got luck on her side. Kamla ji says it wont happen this time. See the kind of relation I will bring for Titli. Everyone will praise her. Pinki is sure she will find a good groom for Titli but no one will praise you till Badho is here. Will she disappear suddenly or will goons abduct her? Kamla ji likes the idea. She should not be seen here till the time Titli is married! There wont be any problem. She will be kept safely. She will return when everyone will accept that we are number 1! Pinki asks her how they will put it into action. Kamla ji asks her if she wants her to spoon feed.

Komal prays for Lucky and Rana’s well being.Kamla ji tells Pinki they must get rid of Badho at any cost! Pinki shows her a book. I read it overnight. It has a very good idea. She narrates it to Kamla ji.Komal asks for strength to keep everyone happy in Lucky’s absence. Everyone is concerned about Titli. Do something so that Titli gets a nice groom and nice family too.Pinki continues narrating her story in a scary manner. Kamla ji is getting scared with every passing second.

Lucky joins Komal. I hope that I am not away from you for even a second. She reasons that he is going away for only 2 days that too for training! You wouldn’t realise how they would pass. He says I don’t wish to stay away from you for even a second. This time I don’t feel like leaving you alone this time. Don’t know I feel as if something will happen to you this time! She assures him she will be fine. No one will harm me. He says I wont spare that person. She assures him that she will do the same to the one who will try to harm her. Go and complete your training. You will find me right here waiting for you with a smile.

Kamla ji takes the book from Pinki and throws it aside. It is a waste. Call goons. Pinki says I already called them (Chunnu and Munnu). They are really scary. Kamla ji doubts it hearing their name. Pinki says we don’t call people by names when we are about to do something wrong. We call them by fake names.

Payal says I am failing again and again in fixing Vardaan and Pragya’s broken marriage. Ma has sent me so many kundli’s! What should I do to bring them together? Teji isn’t ready to leave that house too! She gets Jamuna ji’s call. Jamuna ji tells her she is making her favourite dish. You would have eaten it if you were here. Payal tells her not to rub salt to her wound. Payal tells her she is worried. Jamuna ji tells her to stop focusing on this business and come home.

Bring Vardaan too. It is his favourite dish too. Payal gets an idea. She tells her MIL that both Vardaan and Pragya will come to meet her today. Jamuna ji is taken aback. Payal assures her that they are staying like friends nowadays or it would have been really difficult to stay under the same roof! They miss you very much so they decided to come together. Jamuna ji says I love both of them. I would like it very much. She ends the call. Payal decides to convince Pragya and Vardaan now.

Raghubir ji tells Rana and Lucky that after all the obstacles in their way, their training is complete. National Medal should be your only mission now! You have to win it. Rana and Lucky nod. We will sweat it out completely this time. Malti ji does their tilak and aarti. Lucky looks at Komal before heading to the car.


Badho Bahu 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Pradhan ji asks his wrestler to show this girl what happens when you cheat your family. Titli holds the hunter. Kamla ji tells Malti ji about a tapasya which someone should do for Titli’s take. Komal offers to do it.

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