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Badho Bahu 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal gives the bowl of halwa to Lucky. He spits the halwa the moment he takes a bite. Have you gone mad? You put salt in the halwa instead. Why did you bring me here if you had to do so? Everyone is cheating me now. You also cheated me. You lied to me. You also cheated me like everyone else. Even Rana Bhai cheated me! She apologizes to him for ruining his taste. I only had one option to make you spit the truth. I had a doubt but no one saw what Rana Bhai did in championship. He won stealthily. I understood the truth when I was readying the bed. I found that pain relief medicine from under your pillow. You were in pain entire night yet you were hiding it behind your smile. You couldn’t hide the pain that you were feeling. It reached me silently. That same pain came out in anger. You hid such a big truth? You hid what they did to you. What was stopping you from speaking the truth? Why did you hide it from everyone?

Malti ji is singing an old song. Raghubir ji asks her the reason for her happiness. You are singing my favourite song. She says you did not see how many people were anxious to meet you. I am sure you will win the elections. It will be a historical victory. Once you become Sarpanch then see how happily I will roam around in the village. People will call me Mrs. Sarpanch. He smiles. Don’t take the result (of victory or loss) on your heart ever. The winner will be from our family only. She nods. It will be you. Wait and watch yourself win the elections.

Lucky asks Komal if she is the only one who is worried about the family breaking apart. I have an equal right on this house like you. I have seen Rana Bhai since childhood. He has been my inspiration. I have learnt from him; followed him. I am not pained at what he did. It would have broken Babu ji as he is his ideal disciple. It would end up breaking him and the entire family. All this forced me to keep this matter to myself only. Komal hugs him. Lucky hugs her back and cries (little bit). Romantic song plays in the background. She takes him to the kitchen and feeds him halwa. He takes a bite hesitantly but then feeds her too. She tells him to stop thinking about the championship. We have to make preps for Bua ji’s wedding. He makes her promise that no one else should find out what happened in the championship. It would shock everyone. She thinks I will promise you but I am sure truth cannot be hidden for too long. It will come out in open one day. She promises him.

Pinki comes to her MIL’s room. Why do you seem tensed? You must be worried if your husband will become number 1 or not. My husband and I became number 1. Now its your turn. Your situation does not seem too nice. Chacha ji will definitely win as everyone is on his side. You will have to do something to make your husband win or your dream of becoming number 1 will remain a dream only. Kamla ji holds her neck. Pinki frees herself. You hold my neck on every little thing. I am only saying what’s true. I must leave now. Do something to make your husband win. She leaves. Kamla ji finds logic in her words.

Vimla ji gives sweets to Jamuna ji and her family. My daughter became number 1 as Rana won the Iron Man Championship. This makes my daughter number 1. Jamuna ji says I don’t care who is number 1 or number 2 but you should have sweets as your SIL won the match. Payal thinks to make Badho number 1 at any cost or Pragya wouldn’t stop bossing her.

Rana throws clothes on the floor. Pinki asks him why he is doing it. Rana boasts of his victory. It is Bua’s wedding tomorrow. Everyone was so eager to meet me. I am not the old Rana anymore. I have a new style now. I will have to have designer clothes now. She tells him to look at the clothes she has got for him. He tells her not to use her brain when she doesn’t have one. Get me some designer clothes. She stares at him in surprise.

Komal does aarti. Entire house is decked up for the wedding. She prays that no problem surfaces now. I wish Babu ji becomes Sarpanch as it will be no less than a boon for the village. Our village needs a leader and guide like him. I pray that you will listen to me. Lucky ji comes there looking for her. She tells him to put the buttons correctly. He tells her to put it himself. You argue like a kid sometimes. What are you thinking? Lucky says time passes quickly. Seems like Chotto Bua came yesterday itself and today is her wedding. There was a time when I refused to work with you and look at now. We are doing everything together since then. I want the wedding to happen nicely and smoothly. She assures him that whatever they will do together will go smoothly only. I must get Bua ready now. He nods. I will look after the rest of the preps.

Komal readies Chotto Bua. You look stunning. Chotto gives credit to Lucky and Komal for making this possible. I am really happy. Komal says we can do anything for you. Let’s go now. Lucky also appreciates Chotto. You look like a firework. She jokes that if it wasn’t for his Fufa ji, she would have gone in a Swayamvar. He tells her to be careful. Fufa ji might kiss you. Komal feels shy. Chotto Bua sends her to get water for her. She pulls Lucky’s ears the moment Komal leaves from the room. You are thinking about kisses! Did you thank Komal? She helped you in the wedding preps and Championship. He says who thanks your own people. She is impressed. You called her one of your own. He jokes with her. Is it important to thank every time? She nods. We must make the other person realise how much their effort means for you. It also makes them feel good. You wont be able to do it though. He says nothing is impossible for me. What should I gift her? She tells him to give her something different. I will then accept that you are different. Give her a kiss as a thank you. He panics. She calls him a scared cat, coward. You were speaking about Fufa ji kissing me but look at you now! He says I am no coward. She challenges him.


Badho Bahu 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chotto says we ignore our loved ones but we must thank them the most. She looks at Lucky and thinks which coward am I explaining things to. Lucky decides to kiss Komal before everyone. He goes towards her but stumbles in his steps. Komal supports him.

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