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Badho Bahu 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


In the room Komal was fuming that Jamuna stopped her else she must have replied to Kamla well. The plate fell off, Komal calms herself down, she tells herself to think with a cold mind how to teach them all a lesson. She sits to clean the fallen plate from floor.
There, Lucky and Rana had got late and lost the date until three coming months.
Komal asks the boys about fair advertisement. Both sing to her how Payal’s mother advertised for the fair. Komal was excited and winks at the boys to take the mattress. Payal’s mother come to the room and resists that she has to sleep and she has back ache issue. Komal makes her up to sleep on wooden stiff bed for back ache.
Rana was worried hearing about three months date. Lucky says it’s alright, he will participate next year.
There, Vardhan thinks Pragya is really innocent, he took her wrong in case of Teji. Pragya sat with Teji eating Qulfi. Teji appreciated her for teaching good lesson to Vardhan.
Lucky and Rana return home. Lucky explains to Raghubir that they have lost the bookings as Rana had fallen ill. Raghubir was tensed that the fair has been announced for tomorrow and they have no bookings now. The elders were worried that they would get disgraced. Komal asks to help Lucky and promises Raghubir not to make him hopeless. Raghubir says it seems they have lost the bookings already, it’s not an easy chore. Komal says where there is a will, there is a way. She assures to arrange for everything. She shares her plans, Raghubir says it needs a lot of work.
Komal follows Lucky to the room and assures him everything happens for good. Lucky complains she never let him take rest. Komal was excited and tells him she did it only because he appeared tensed. She asks for his hand to promise he would help her in the arrangements. Lucky was reluctant but watches Raghubir behind and holds her hand. Raghubir comes in to offer his help. Komal assures they would do this. Raghubir was sure Lucky won’t let her face any trouble and tells them to sleep.
The next morning. Pinky comes to Vardhan and says she feels he gave her the right advice. She must really stay away from Teji. She speaks to Vardhan that they must do the act together. Vardhan says he is happy that she considered his advice. Teji comes there, he shakes hand with Vardhan but doesn’t leave. Bharpai suggests Vardhan to play their English act. Teji winks at Pragya. Vardhan appreciates the idea and asks Teji if he would be able to do the act. Teji says he has already been acting… then explains he has done a lot of acts since childhood. Bharpai asks Teji what they would wear. Vardhan assures to speak to a tailor about clothes.
At home, Komal brings aarti to the elders. Raghubir hands Komal a bundle of 5 lacs so that she doesn’t have to ask for any money. Lucky comes there. Raghubir tells him to be careful about the money he gave to Komal. Lucky was uninterested. Komal tells him to have some Prasad.
PRECAP; Komal and Lucky comes for park booking. Two men were watching Lucky and Komal at the office and intends to kill them.

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