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Badho Bahu 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kamla Ji And Pinki Witness Komal Pracitising In Balriawal!


Badho Bahu 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 15th December 2017 Episode start With Jamuna ji tells Raghubir ji he does not know how much he and her husband means to Komal. You weren’t here till now but she used to daily start her practise by looking at your photo only. Payal seconds her. Raghubir ji blesses Komal. He looks at the photo. See how the time flew. We used to practise together and today I am training your daughter, who is more special to me than boys! He tells Komal to start her practise before he gets emotional. She nods. Komal and Lucky start practising. She gets a cut on her ear during the practise. Lucky apologizes. I dint remove my ring. She goes to clean it.

Next morning, Komal and Payal reach home late. Payal gives her her bag to keep in the room before someone sees it. The bag falls down. Komal hurriedly keeps it back in the bag and leaves with Payal.Pinki has seen it. She wonders why they take the track suit to Bakriawal.

Loveena questions Badho when she comes down late for the practise. You wont be able to train for District Level if you will take it lightly. Komal promises not to do it again. They start the practise when Loveena notices the wound on her ear. How did you get this injury? It wasn’t there till yesterday. You get such a wound during the practise only. Komal lies to her. Loveena thinks one shouldn’t lie when one does not know how to. But I cannot give this suggestion to you!

Raghubir ji is listening to songs. Malti ji enters and is pleased to see him happy after so many days. Tell me the secret of your happiness. He says I went to Bakriawal last night to train Komal. She asks him why he had to train there. He says I have decided to be her coach. Lucky also went with me. We both will make her an amazing player so she is able to do well in District Level. Komal has turned the courtyard in Akhada. She is surprised. It is good news. What will happen to Loveena if you both will train her? Raghubir ji tells her everything. Balwinder and Loveena are doing everything opposite. It is good that we found out at the right time so Lucky and I decided to train Komal. She is worried for him. You broke the rule for the first time in life. What will we do it anything goes wrong? He says you are right to worry but everything is fair in love and war. Will you support me in this fight? She asks him if he has ever opposed any of his decision before. How can I not support you then? I am with you. He smiles. I expected this answer only. See how I will train Komal now.

Pinki tells her MIL. I swear it was track suit only. I don’t understand why she has to carry it with her to Bakriawal when she gets training here. There is surely something fishy. Kamla ji nods. I am sure they are up to something! We will have to find out how Komal carries her track suit with her to Bakriawal.

Lucky gives a file to his father to overview. Kamla ji tells him he is really happy to see him move over his past. You have managed everything. Rana and Balwinder come. Pinki greets him excitedly. How was your training? Rana says it was amazing. New, people, new machines, I got to learn new techniques! The atmosphere of gym was such that I felt like practising double. Balwinder adds that he has shown many improvements in fewer days. Rana promises them that he will bring the medal home. there were 2 contenders for it earlier but it is just me now. I only will win it! Kamla ji and Pinki smirk. Lucky tells his brother he too feels that the medal will come to their home only. He thinks Badho’s District Level Medal will surely come. Raghubir ji blesses Rana. If you will work this hard then it is bound to happen. Lucky tells his father he kept the grain sacks in the godown. They go to check it. Rana asks his family how come Lucky left without giving any reply. Kamla ji too is unable to digest it. Badho is hiding something from me and this father-son duo have suddenly changed. Something is certainly wrong! She asks Pinki to get ready. We haven’t met her in a long time. Pinki gets confused.

Kamla ji’s car breaks down. She tells Pinki they will walk all the way to Bakriawal. Pinki wonders why she told her MIL about track suit. She will get me killed this way! She tries diverting her mind against this idea. Let’s take the car to mechanic and then head home. I wont be able to walk all the way home. Kamla ji refuses to give up. Badho does something in the end and wins every battle. I am sure something similar is happening this time too. Raghubir ji and Lucky are supporting her in this. Pinki is still unable to understand. Her MIL tells her not to think too hard. We will find out everything once we reach Bakriawal. Pinki gives up.

Komal and Lucky are practising. She was almost about to slip. Kamla ji and Pinki are on their way to their home only. Lucky suggests practising without the mattress today.

Kamla ji and Pinki enter and are stunned to see Komal weightlifting heavy boulders. Kamla ji’s voice stops Komal in her tracks. Lucky and Raghubir ji were inside. They stop seeing the ladies. Raghubir ji calls them problem. How did they land up here?

Pinki tells her MIL that it seems like they aren’t happy to see us here suddenly. They look like statues. Payal tries covering it up. Kamla ji says we went to meet Pinki’s mother and thought to check on Jamuna too. She asks Komal if she comes to look after her mother here or to practise. Komal says I gave her medicine. She is taking rest. I thought to practise afterwards as the match is coming soon. she thinks to stop them from going inside. Kamla ji tells her to take some rest too. Lucky stops his father from going outside. Pinki asks Komal if she wont call them inside. Komal ends up inviting them for tea. Payal hopes it wont cost them badly. She asks Kamla ji to help them a little. Komal is practising so I have to do everything on my own. Please help me. She asks Pinki to become Komal’s partner in wrestling. She advises Kamla ji to become the referee. Pinki gulps recalling how Komal had thrown Loveena the other day. Komal excitedly asks Pinki to play along. We are childhood friends after all. Pinki asks her MIL in low voice if she has brought her here to get her killed. I wont be able to survive before Badho. Let’s leave. Kamla ji makes an excuse and turns to go with Pinki. Payal asks them to meet Jamuna ji atleast. Kamla ji agrees to meet her next time. Let her rest. They leave. Komal heaves a sigh of relief.

Lucky says our timing was great. Tai ji would have caught us otherwise. Komal says we got saved today but what will happen tomorrow. She requests her Babu ji to give up on his decision. He tells her not to worry over such a small thing. I have thought well. Such problems will come and go. Don’t worry. Just focus on your training.

Pinki requests her MIL to walk slowly. I cannot run. Kamla ji says Badho is practising so hard. She is taking the match too seriously. She will win if this continues. It will be a problem for us if she wins. We will try pulling her back. We wont let her win. Pinki agrees. How will it happen though?

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