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Badho Bahu 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal requests her brother to marry Pragya. It is about her respect. I beg you (folds her hands before him). Vardaan tells her never to beg before him ever. Whatever you say will happen. He announces that he will marry Pragya right away in this very mandap. Pradhan Singh tells Badho to stop using her brain. Panchayat will stick to their decision. Pragya and Zalim Singh will marry at any cost! Komal insists that being Pragya’s SIL she has a right to decide Pragya’s groom. Sangram Singh tries to counter her but she holds out her hand at him. You are bent upon ruining the lives of all the girls. We have made up our mind already. Sangram Singh warns her that it will cost her but other members of the Panchayat suggest holding a discussion to come to a final decision.

Kamla ji is eager to reach temple. The groom’s mother shares that she wants to make Pragya her DIL asap.

Sarpanch ji announces that Pragya will marry Vardaan. Everyone looks upset except Komal. She thanks Lord for the help. Pragya speaks up. You heard everyone. Listen to me also. Give me sme more time. Teji ji will come and marry me. Sarpanch ji says we have waited enough. Now you will have to follow the decision. Vijay Singh also raises an objection but Panchayat stays put on their decision. Zalim Singh throws the turban on the floor angrily and walks out from there followed by everyone else. Sarpanch ji tells Pundit ji to start the rituals.

Komal puts the turban on Vardaan’s head. She tries holding Pragya but she does not let her. She joins Pragya and Vardaan’s hands. Pragya lets go of it in seconds and cries silently. Vardaan firmly holds her hand and takes her in the mandap area.

Pradhan Singh and his allies are on their way out of the temple but are greeted by Lucky, Rana, Ajay and Jitesh.

Flashes of fights / clashes between Pragya and Vardaan are shown.

A fight starts between Ajay, Jitesh and Pradhan Singh’s goons. Teji watches them from far. Vijay Singh raises his hand to attack but Rana beats him.

Pundit ji asks Pragya to give aahuti as well. Vardaan holds her hand and makes her do it. Komal remembers her convo with Lucky about Pragya a few days ago. She does their gathbandhan as no one else is around. Pundit ji continues reading out the mantras.

Zalim Singh and Lucky engage in a fight as well. Teji thinks finally Zalim Singh will get what he deserves. Lucky beats Zalim Singh. Pradhan Singh watches them from behind a tree.

Pundit ji holds out mangalsutra for Vardaan. Put it around the girl’s neck. Vardaan does as told.

Teji calls Sirsa Police Station in an attempt to save Zalim Singh. Lucky hits Zalim Singh badly on his head. He digs out a light post from the ground using all his force.

Vardaan applies vermilion on Pragya’s hairline thereby making her his wife.

Lucky is about to hit Zalim Singh when Raghubir ji calls out to him. He signals him against it. Everyone is shocked to witness the scene. Rana pulls Pradhan Singh from his hiding place and pushes him before Raghubir ji. Your culprits are here. Punish them as you please. Lucky nods. He must not be pardoned but I wont kill him. You can punish them the way you want to.

Vardaan looks hesitantly at his sister who signals him to keep walking. Vardaan and Pragya take pheras around the holy fire.

Groom’s mother asks Kamla ji if they are doing something illegal. We don’t want to keep a relation with such family. Forgive us. Kamla ji reminds her that this is a family of wrestlers. Don’t take us wrong. Kailash ji seconds her. It was an old issue which is resolved now. You wont see any such thing again. Police also comes there just then. They arrest everyone. Raghubir ji and family agree to come to police station after completing the engagement. Inspector praises Rana and Lucky. Kamla ji says this is what I said. My boys don’t do anything wrong. They did a brave thing. Groom’s mother still looks thoughtful.

Pragya walks in front of Vardaan now. Komal hopes Babu ji and Lucky ji will understand what and why she did this today. You may not like Vardaan but I had no other option to save Pragya from Zalim Singh and Pradhan Singh.

Rana and the boys go with police as Inspector suggests them to.

Pundit ji announces Pragya and Vardaan husband and wife. Kamla ji demands to know what’s happening. They all look at one another in shock.


Badho Bahu 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji says my daughter is a runaway bride. Tell me who you wanted to marry. Pragya confesses that she had to run away with Teji because of Badho Bhabhi. She is responsible for the fact that I am called a runaway bride today!