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Badho Bahu 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Ahlawat Family returns home. Ahlawat jis is happy to see them. Home was empty without you all. Kamla ji jokes that it must be because of her. Ahlawat ji notices Komal looking uncomfortable. Are you ok? Kamla ji shares that she played Holi with too much excitement. She danced and even fell on the dance floor. Ahlawat ji offers to call doctor but she assures him she is fine. Malti ji is worried that Raghubir ji might scold her if he sees Komal thus. She always traps me! Kareena whispers in her ears against Komal. She is acting like some poor girl. Ahlawat ji asks about the boys. Kareena shares that they are at her home. They will be back in a day or two. Malti ji asks about Raghubir ji. She is relieved to know he will take time. I will make Komal look better till then. Bharpayi gives them water.

Kamla ji asks her if she had fun on Holi. Bharpayi does not reply. Komal takes water upon Malti ji’s askance. Kareena again fills Malti ji’s ears. She acts to be so poor and fragile. Malti ji nods. I have to bear all this so she gets fine soon.

Driver brings gifts. Ahlawat ji points out that new clothes will only be allowed inside once old clothes are donated. This is what Raghu follows. He advises everyone to take the old clothes out. Pinki says why follow it when babu ji isn’t here. Ahlawat ji says rule wont change if he isn’t here. Do as told. She nods. He goes out for some work. Malti ji tells Komal to go to her room and rest. Komal is in pain as she moves. They tell her to rest here only. Kareena tells Mami ji not to be so soft on her. Who will cook then? Malti ji tells her to let Komal rest for now. She has to recover before Raghubir ji comes or there will be a problem. Kareena smiles thinking it will happen only if she wants!

Teji vomits. He collides with Pragya. Kamla ji asks them where they were. Teji covers his face while talking to Kamla ji. She notices the colours on their faces. How did you play that the colour is still there? Flashback shows them recalling the time when they had Bhang. Teji tells about Holi in Mumbai. I used to put girls in Tank filled with water. Shall I put Bharpayi? Bharpayi agrees whereas Pragya does not buy it. Vardaan is also here. Pragya points at a girl standing in front of them. She tells Teji to put colours on her. Teji accepts the challenge. Bharpayi tells him to be careful. This isn’t Mumbai but Sirsa. Things can go out of hand. Vardaan also tries to stop him but Pragya holds his hand. Let Teji go. Vardaan goes speechless. Teji finishes the glass of Bhang while Pragya gives him colours. He applies colour on that girl’s face and laughs. All men stand up. Vardaan signals Teji to look back. Teji turns and finds two big men (brothers of that girl) standing there. You are too keen to enjoy. Teji explains that Pragya challenged him. Vardaan apologizes on Teji’s behalf. He is new here. The guys recognize Vardaan. Why don’t you tell him our traditions? All this wont work here. Vardaan agrees to do so. The guys still don’t let Teji go. They get Gobar and Grease. We will play differently now. They apply the combination on Pragya and Teji. Flashback ends. Kamla ji shakes them out of their reverie. Pragya lies that village people put too much colour. Kamla ji covers her nose. You smell really bad. Teji lies that seems like some mouse has died. Pragya seconds him. Kamla ji buys it. She goes. Teji blames Pragya for challenging him and she does the same. They complain to each other about the colour not coming off even though they have bathed too many times already!

Komal is sleeping on the sofa itself. Kareena smiles seeing her thus. She wakes her up and asks for tea. I told Bharpayi but don’t know where she is. Can you make tea for me? Komal asks her who makes tea in her home. Kareena reasons she doesn’t know where ingredients are kept. Komal goes to make tea. Kareena eats bananas as she is hungry. She throws them beneath the sofa seeing Malti ji coming there. Malti ji asks about Komal. I told her to rest. She never listens to me! Kareena says she wanted to have tea so she went to make it. She never listens to you. Malti ji nods. She always does what she wants. You are new. You will find out everything soon. A guy (Gopal ji) brings two different dressing tables. It is a gift for Lucky on his birthday. Malti ji tells him he isn’t home. Gopal ji asks her to ask Komal. It isn’t much of a difference as they are husband and wife only. Komal comes with tea. Malti ji starts scolding her without letting her talk. Gopal ji asks Komal to choose one of the dressing tables. You would know his choice.

Kareena says no one knows Lucky Bhai’s taste better than me. Gopal ji asks her to tell him then. Kareena finds one of them beautiful. Komal chooses the other one. Kareena calls it too simple. This one is so classy and beautiful. It will highlight the beauty of the room. It matches Bhai’s personality. Komal chooses the other one. She reasons that simplicity lasts. It is strong like Lucky ji. Outer beauty will wither in a year or two. What is true and inside remains same throughout. Kareena points out that the first thing we notice is outer beauty only. If its not beautiful from outside then how does it matter what’s on the inside? We will take this one. Malti ji smiles hearing Kareena’s logic. Kareena asks Gopal ji to leave the table. Lucky Bhai will like this one only. Komal agrees. Kareena smiles. She was about to tell me about Bhai’s choice. Kareena was about to slip on the banana peel but Komal pushes her away on the right time. Kareena gets hurt from the same table.


Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Kareena cuts one of the legs of the dressing table. She calls Komal there and tells her the table isn’t stable. Komal looks closely. Kareena very smartly makes it fall on her. Komal shouts in pain. Malti ji comes there and sees her thus.

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