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Badho Bahu 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Titli Confronts Pradhan And His Son


Badho Bahu 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 15th March 2018 Episode Start With Pinki calls Kamla ji Agent K and talks in code words. Lucky ji has left. It is time to implement our plan now. Kamla ji says I was doing that only. She drops everything from the cupboard by mistake and asks Pinki to give her Titli’s kundli. Pinki gives it to her. Kamla ji asks her to take her to Malti now.

Payal tells Vardaan that his mother cooks food and waits daily for him. he says I spoke to her but she dint say anything like that. Payal says she is a mother. She would expect it from you. I am sure she would have cooked something special for you today too. You should go and have food with her. Vardaan agrees and is about to leave when Payal mumbles that it is Pragya’s turn now. He asks her what she said just now. She tells him to take Lattu along with him. He nods.

Kamla ji tells Malti ji about a fast (where Titli must not utter a word) which someone should do for Titli’s sake. It will fix her alliance in no time. Someone I know has done it already and the result came out really well. Malti ji gets thinking.

Payal requests Pragya to meet Jamuna ji. Irrespective of whatever has happened between us, Ma ji loves you very much and misses you. She cooks your favourite food daily. She has 2 DIL’s yet she spends her days alone in Bakriawal.

Malti ji asks Kamla ji if any family member except Titli should do it. Kamla ji nods. It will be great when Titli’s Guru will do it. Pinki can do it. Pinki is stunned. Kamla ji adds that she is looking after me these days. Pinki nods. I can do anything for Titli’s wedding but Ma ji is right. Komal says I am also Titli’s Guru. I know she dint do whatever I taught her but I can do this tapasya. Kamla ji seconds her. You are strong mentally and physically too. She tells her where her Swami ji is staying. You must go there on foot. You should go halfway through car and then walk the rest of the way. Komal agrees.

Payal asks Pragya to meet Ma ji today. She has supported you in everything and it is your turn now. You will go today itself right? Pragya nods. Payal leaves as Teji comes in. He hugs Pragya from behind. She frees herself. Teji asks her to come with him for shopping. Pragya wonders what she should do now. If I tell Teji ji that I am going to meet Jamuna Ma ji then he will feel bad. She lies to him that she has headache. I wont be able to accompany you today. You can go alone. He agrees. Payal hears them from outside and smiles. My work is done!

Kamla ji and Pinki watch Komal as she packs her bags. Komal talks to Lucky’s photo. I am going to Baba ji to do tapasya for your Kabootari! I hope Titli finds a great life partner. She leaves. Pinki is thrilled that their plan is complete. Kamla ji suggests following Badho to make sure the plan wont fail. Pinki praises the goons but Kamla ji is sure Komal isn’t a weak person. She can tackle a lot many people on her own! Let’s go!

Titli notices the quiet in the house and realises it is because Lucky isn’t home. She meets Bharpayi. Bharpayi offers to cook something for her noticing the snacks in her hands. Titli asks about family members. Bharpayi says they are in the house only. Shall I call them? Titli decides to go outside for a stroll and eat something outside only. She lies to Bharpayi. If anyone asks about me then tell them that I have left for temple. Bharpayi nods.

Kamla ji and Pinki follow Komal at a distance (with detective coats and hats). They argue with each other a bit. Komal stops in her tracks for a moment and looks down. She frees her feet from a wire and resumes walking.

Titli is having hiccups. She has eaten to her heart’s content and thinks of finding a paan for herself. Villagers walk past her hurriedly and she too decides to see what’s happening. Pradhan ji addresses everyone. This girl standing before you is my daughter. She was hiding in Mumbai but till when would she hide from us? We finally found her! She has insulted us and all of you! Today I will punish her right in front of all of you. She ran away and married a guy from a lower family. She has insulted me and our society! Titli is angry. What’s happening here? A guy standing in front of her says I don’t know and addresses her as bhaisahab!

Pradhan ji announces that she will be hit 100 times with hunter and her hairs will be chopped off. She would remember it her entire life and wont be able to face anyone! Pradhan’s son adds that they are doing this openly as they want to set an example for everyone. If anyone tries to meddle in this matter then he / she will meet the same fate.

Pinki decides to get rid of Kamla ji as she is asking too many questions. She lies to Kamla ji that Komal is standing still. Don’t say anything or our plan will be over! Remove your coat. Kamla ji removes the coat and hat. Pinki removes her stuff too and leaves. Kamla ji hopes that pigeons should not do potty on her thinking her to be some statue. Pinki pays some money to a random guy. She asks her MIL to come and not utter a single word. Kamla ji agrees. Pinki keeps her hand on that guy’s shoulder and they both walk away. Pinki waves at them happily.

Pradhan ji asks his son to show this girl what happens when you cheat your family. His daughter requests him to hear her once. Try to understand me once. His son raises his hunter to beat the girl but Titli holds the other end of the hunter. She pulls it out of his hand in one go. What is this drama? Why are you so bothered when this girl did what she wanted to? People talk about Titli. Titli says I understand that your daughter did really bad by running away from the house and marrying someone else but will this drama make it any better? Pradhan and his son shout angrily.


Badho Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : The goons abduct Komal. Titli beats Pradhan’s son. Pradhna catches hold of her from behind. She will go bald before my daughter now! Someone holds Pradhan’s son’s hand.

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