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Badho Bahu 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Payal tells Lattu to take Halwa to her Bua’s home. Shankar stops him. Where are you off to? Lattu blames his mother for making him spy on that house. Payal scolds him but Shankar seconds him. Payal advises him to go as well. Keep an eye on the house. He points out that he might lose the job this way. She denies. He asks her to give her watermelon. It is too hot. I saw so many outside. Where are they? She offers to make Lassi but he insists on having watermelon. She lies that they rot. He settles for Lassi. She wonders about the watermelons.

Pundit ji finishes the puja. Komal thanks him for the puja. She offers aarti to Raghubir ji and then gives the thaal to Bharpayi. Komal apologizes to Raghubir ji. It’s entirely my mistake. You went there for my house, my family and see what happened. He tells her she is not at fault. You did what you thought was best. No one knows about the result in advance. Don’t worry. Bharpayi gives aarti to Teji and Pragya with a sad face. Komal thanks her Babu ji. She next asks Rana if he spoke to Lucky. I am feeling restless. Rana tells her not to worry. He is not a kid. He notices Lucky on the door right then.

Lucky walks up to Komal (with his clothes all dirty and messed up). Komal is about to do his tilak when Lucky pushes the plate away. Everyone is taken aback. Raghubir ji angrily calls out his name. Kamla ji is sure Komal did something again which is why Lucky is so angry. Lucky questions Komal. Why did you take petrol out from the car? She does not care about anyone else but herself. You wanted me to be with you which is why you got petrol out from the car! She tries to explain but he does not let her. Your wish is fulfilled. I am with you now. She tells him to calm down. It seems to be a misunderstanding. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to explain. Lucky blames Komal for not respecting anyone. Komal asks him what happened. Raghubir ji gets a call. It is Sevak Ram ji. Raghubir ji is surprised to know that Lucky dint reach. Surely there must have been some problem. He apologizes to Sevak Ram ji for what happened. Sevak Ram ji disconnects the phone angrily. He tells his brother about what Sevak Ram ji said. Kids got upset waiting for Lucky. People mocked him. Kailash ji questions Lucky who says it would have happened only if I she would let me. Kamla ji asks Komal what she did now. Lucky shares that Komal took out from petrol from the jeep as she dint want me to go away from her for even a second!


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Komal shakes her head. It isn’t so. Bharpayi tries to speak up but Lucky does not allow either of them to speak. Babu ji promised someone right before you. You should have thought of him atleast. He got insulted because of you! You could have told me if this was in your heart. I would have told him not to make any such promise. Kamla ji asks Komal why she cannot leave Lucky alone. He might run away one day this way. Raghubir ji asks Komal why she did this. Bharpayi begins to speak again when Jitesh and Ajay come running. They immediately hug Lucky relieved. Lucky pushes them away. What happened? They were concerned for him after hearing a news. We came running to see if you are fine or not. Everyone is confused. what happened? Jitesh shakes that the flyover that connects Shekhpura is broken. So many cars fell in the river! Around 80 people have lost their lives. This is what boggled us and we came running here to check on you. Family members get tensed. Raghubir ji asks Lucky where his car broke down. Lucky says I was near the flyover when the car broke down because we were out of petrol. Bharpayi speaks up. I was there when Bhabhi took out petrol from the jeep. She dint take it out to stop him. She wanted to help Gajendra Bhaiya. He had to reach home before evening which is why Bhabhi gave them petrol. Raghubir ji thanks the Lord for making Komal do that. Kamla ji also seconds him. Lucky goes speechless. Raghubir ji says I was sure Komal wont do anything without any reason. Kamla ji praises Komal as well. You saved Lucky today.

Lucky walks up to Komal. You could have told me once. Bharpayi adds that she tried a lot and even ran after your jeep but you were driving in a high speed. You couldn’t hear anything. Lucky recalls the same. Bharpayi says she tried calling you but I stopped her thinking you might get upset. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to be patient. You say whatever comes to your mind. Have you ever thought what she goes through? He tells Komal her puja is successful today. It might be your birthday but such a big miracle happened because of your pure heart. This is the power of puja. He points out to Lucky that this is the power of a wife’s puja. Kailash ji seconds him. She saved your life with her tapasya. Not everyone gets such a life partner. Rana tells Komal to continue doing such things. Komal stands there holding back her tears. Kamla ji calls her an angel who has come to save her kids. Jitesh also praises his Bhabhi. Raghubir ji tells Komal to scold Lucky now. Komal replies that she is happy to see him standing safely before her eyes. She goes from there. Lucky feels bad.

Komal comes to her room.

Lucky stands in a corner of the room and quietly wipes off his tears. Kamla ji suggests Raghubir ji to teach Lucky how to be patient. He is always short tempered. It isn’t right. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji nod in agreement. Raghubir ji walks up to his son. I want you to keep a tab on your anger.

Komal calms / composes herself.


Badho Bahu 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky comes to his room. Komal is crying. Lucky gives her a gift which she has brought for her. She cries seeing the snow globe. Lucky looks at her from outside.

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