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Badho Bahu 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Komal shakes Payal out of her reverie. They start the practise. Kamla ji tells Komal to prove that she is strong and has had loads of ghee of Sirsa village. Pinki also instigates Payal to think how Komal had thrown her out of Sirsa! Komal asks her if this is how someone motivates people. Komal ends up pushing Payal down on the floor. Kamla ji and Pinki enjoy watching them thus. Payal does not give up though. She keeps helping Komal so she can practise. Malti ji feels it is not a permanent solution to the problem. Komal holds Payal from behind and tightens her grip around Payal’s neck. Payal is short of breath by the time Komal lets go of her. Kamla ji happily announces Komal the winner of the fight and murmurs in Payal’s ears too. Did you have fun? Payal falls down.

Vardaan comes to his room and his clothes are dirty. He tells Pragya he slipped in the fields. He notices something on the bed. She says you said you were going in the fields so I thought to give you a manicure and pedicure once you come back. He is touched to see her making so many efforts for him. She feels awkward as he removes before her and sits down on the bed. He dips his feet in the water. She turns to bring towel for him but slips right into his arms. They share an eye lock. Teji notices them from outside and hides. Vardaan mentally thanks Pragya for taking care of him. Pragya feels trapped. I wanted to be with Jatta ji but where am I! Don’t know what I have gotten myself into!

Malti ji comes to Lucky’s room. It was your father’s decision that Badho should wrestle. You and I supported him in this. He also dreams of Badho playing Nationals and International Championship. He nods. She adds that they live in a joint family so they have to value everyone’s opinions. Kamla Bhabhi said no guy will train Komal so we had to agree to that only. Payal fought with Komal today but she was defeated so easily. There must be some lady trainer in this whole world who would train Badho here. Write to or call Sports Authority to find us one such trainer. Lucky is thrilled at the idea. Why dint I or Babu ji think of it? She jokes that they should sometimes ask her too. He kisses her on the forehead sweetly. I will call them right away.

Kailash ji notices his brother all tensed. Raghubir ji says now I know what it means to travel in 2 boats at the same time. On one hand, I am giving proper training to my 2 best wrestlers while on the other hand, I want to train Komal and keep Mahender’s memories alive. What happened today has left me wondering if my one dream will remain incomplete for forever! This is eating me from inside. Don’t know what I should do. Pinki and Rana overhear everything from far. She takes him inside.

Pinki fills Rana’s ears against Raghubir ji. You heard everything yourself now. Did you understand what he means? He shakes his head. It has become more important for him that his DIL should wrestle. You are not important to him anymore. You are going to play in Nationals whereas he left your training in between to teach some tricks to Badho. You should understand that you must do something yourself if you want to win in Nationals! National level fighters are different. They are like Balwinder. Strong and smart. He agrees with her. What should I do then? She suggests him to train along with National Level Champions only so he can become one of them too.

Komal takes care of Payal. Payal is in too much pain. I too should fill the form. Komal says I warned you so many times but you were too keen to wrestle. Payal says I was pushed into this by those cunning ladies. Kamla ji asks her if she is blaming her. Payal thinks she understands everything. She covers up saying that you instead made sure that Komal should not stop her practise. Kamla ji nods. I am her Tai ji after all. Give me this hot water bag. I will take care of Payal. Komal denies but Kamla ji insists. Payal thinks I will also get a chance to avenge this one day. She puts the hot water bag too hard on Payal who screams in pain. Kamla ji asks her if she is enjoying. Payal nods. I think I will be fine soon. Bharpayi enters. She sends Komal and Kamla ji outside. Rana Bhai wants you all to meet someone. Komal takes Kamla ji with her.

Entire Ahlawat family is gathered in the courtyard. Raghubir ji asks Rana who he wants them to meet. Rana says have patience. You will find out yourself. He points at the door. It is Balwinder. Ahlawat family is surprised to see him. Rana hugs him and takes him inside. Raghubir ji says I know him already. Lucky nods. We all know him. Why introduce him again? Rana says it was important as his identity has changed from today onwards! He was our competitor earlier but now he will train me for National Championship. Pinki smiles. Payal notices her and Kamla ji’s face and understands that it is their plan only. They don’t sit quietly even for a day. They are too cunning. Kailash ji gets angry with Rana. How dare you even think of it! You have only one Guru which is my brother! It would never change. Raghubir ji calms him down. We must listen to him first. He tells Rana to go ahead. Rana apologizes to him for the way he spoke to him in the morning. You only have taught us to be fearless in Akhada so we must follow it in every other aspect too. I don’t want to burden you with many responsibilities. I know you already have a lot to do take care of. I don’t want to pile on. I have thought well and have decided that Balwinder will train me from now onwards. I have decided to make him my new Guru ji!


Badho Bahu 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky hugs Rana. Balwinder extends his hand towards Lucky but Lucky does not respond. Kamla ji is impressed with Lucky for creating a rift between Lucky and Rana finally. Malti ji informs her husband about the new trainer that Lucky has arranged for Komal. She is here.

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