Badho Bahu 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Raghubir ji asks Sarpanch ji what is happening. Sarpanch ji shares that Pragya ran away from her home to marry her lover. He ran away though. We got her married to Vardaan with Panchayat’s consent. Raghubir ji says what you are saying. You married my daughter to anyone jsut because someone left her? You dint think of anything? He questions Vardaan if he even understands the meaning of marriage for a girl. How dare you do so? Teji thinks to do something to save himself. He dirties his clothes in mud, tears them a bit and bangs his head on the tree many times to make himself look presentable. This is enough to fool them.

Kailash ji shouts Pragya angrily and reprimands her for stooping so low. Who is that guy? What is Sarpanch ji saying? Why did that guy leave you? Answer me or I will kill you! Groom’s father tells him to stop his drama. Remember that no marriage will happen between your and our village from now onwards. We wont forget this insult ever. We will surely take revenge. Thank you all for insulting us like this. Kailash ji folds his hands before him. How to make you understand that we were not at all aware about it? Groom’s father refuses to hear anything. Kailash ji begs him but his brother tells him not to do anything like that. They have a son but it doesn’t mean they will make us look down like this. What if they had a girl? Groom’s father refuses to hear anything and leave from there upset.

Kamla ji is seething in anger. Malti ji requests her to speak something. Kamla ji points finger at Pragya. My daughter is a runaway bride? She walks closer. Now tell me who did you wish to marry? Wont you speak now? Teji shouts Pragya just then. Everyone looks at him in shock. Teji falls down on the floor (acting to be unconscious). Pragya runs to him. She keeps his head in her lap trying to wake her up. Please wake up. I am only yours. no one can separate us. She requests them to wake him somehow. Malti ji asks her if she ran away from home to marry Teji. Pinki thinks they ruined everything by doing this. Kamla ji raises her hand to slap Pragya but Raghubir ji advises her to go home and then talk.

Payal gets her mother’s call. She keeps the phone on loud speaker as she is doing something. Her mother gives her the breaking news. Pragya wanted to marry someone. He left her in the madap at the last moment. Panchayat found her and called her a runaway bride. Payal is sure they would have married her to an oldie then. Payal’s mother does not know who Pragya was married to. She is certainly married though. I will tell you by evening. She ends the call. Jamuna ji remarks that it was really bad. Imagine what Pragya must be feeling. Her life would have become hell. Payal says be glad that Komal is not involved in this or she must be coming home anytime. Jamuna ji tells her to be quiet. I cannot call either Vardaan or Komal at this moment. I pray that pragya gets the strength to bear this. Hope she gets all the love and happiness wherever she goes. Payal says she is not as nice as you think of her. We were mad to think of her marriage with Vardaan. It’s good that it dint turn out in our favour. Think about what that family will go through now. Jamuna ji again tells her to be quiet. You talk non-stop.

Pinki nurses Teji’s wound. He is mad. I told him so many times to go away but he is used to doing wrong things every now and then. Ma ji and I wont be able to face anyone now after what happened. Hope I am not thrown out of this house because of this stupid guy. Help me Lord!

Bharpayi notices Pragya dressed as bride. Why is there a garland around Master ji’s neck? I don’t understand anything. She remembers her past moments with Vardaan and gets teary eyed. Raghubir ji turns to Komal. We don’t have patience anymore. Tell us how Pragya married Vardaan. She shares that things went out of hand by the time she reached temple. She relates everything. Pragya came to temple to marry Teji ji but he left from there. Situations were such that I had to marry her to Vardaan. Rana says what in shock. Pragya married Vardaan? Komal asks about Lucky. Ajay and Jitesh tell them that Lucky went somewhere else. He said Rana Bhai must be here today. Rana goes inside to see Teji.

Rana wakes Teji who acts to be still in a dizzy state. Pinki requests him to let go of her brother. Rana declines. He will run away with my sister? Teji confesses that he loves Pragya. I couldn’t marry her so I ran away with her. Rana warns her not to take his sister’s name again. I give you 2 minutes to leave from the house or I swear on Pinki ji’s name not to spare your life!

Kailash ji asks Pragya why she dint tell them earlier. Did you think we will kill you? Pragya shares that they tried a lot to tell everyone. I even told Lucky Bhai. Komal understands why Lucky met his lawyer and for whom. He wanted to set a factory for Teji and wanted to build a house for them on the land nearby. Pragya adds that she had to run away with Teji because of Badho Bhabhi. She is responsible for the fact that I am called a runaway bride today! Komal and Vardaan are stunned to hear Pragya blaming Komal for everything. Vardaan realises that everyone will make his sister’s life hell now. Lucky ji also wont spare her. Do something lord.


Badho Bahu 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone blames Komal for what happened with Pragya. Kamla ji decides to kill herself. Komal insists that she isn’t at fault. I only wanted the right thing for Pragya. Say something. Why don’t you say anything Lucky ji? He shrugs her hand away.


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