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Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho BahuSuhani Si Ek Ladki 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update You Will Watch : Kareena cuts one of the legs of the dressing table. She calls Komal there and tells her the table isn’t stable. Komal looks closely. Kareena very smartly makes it fall on her. Komal shouts in pain. Malti ji comes there and sees her thus.

Kareena was about to slip on the banana peel but Komal pushes her away on the right time. Kareena gets hurt from the same table she had chosen. Malti ji rushes to her side. Kareena asks her if she wanted to kill her. Komal denies pointing at the banana peel. I was just saving you. Malti ji asks her who threw it here. Komal says I don’t know. Gopal ji notices that a piece of the table got broken in the process. He leaves the other one behind for Lucky.

Malti ji asks Komal if she cannot sit at one place. Are you happy after causing loss to someone? Komal apologizes. Malti ji scolds her. I will get you whatever you want. Just do this favour on me. Sit at one place till you are fine. Komal nods sadly. Malti ji sends her to her room to rest. Komal winces in pain. Malti ji tells her to be careful.

Komal heads to her room. Malti ji goes to bring medicine for Kareena. Kareena thinks Badho pushed her intentionally to so the mirror she likes comes to home. I will teach her a lesson she wont forget!

Komal comes to her room. She takes out the t-shirts which she feels Lucky does not wear. Kareena comes there. Komal asks her if she needs something. Kareena asks her about the t-shirts. Do you know from where he got them? Komal replies that as per Babu ji I have to take out old clothes. Kareena points out that she had gifted them. They are her favourite. Komal tries to say something but Kareena advises her to keep them back in cupboard. Kamla ji tells Komal not to keep the t-shirts back in cupboard. You should donate them. Kareena tells them to be prepared to bear Lucky’s anger. Kamla ji also says she hasn’t seen Lucky wear them. Kareena puts an end to the discussion by refusing to let them be donated. Kamla ji agrees. Either Lucky will wear them or they will be donated. Both ladies leave while Komal wonders what she should do.

Payal counts her safely kept money. Her mother comes there with a few ladies. Payal says you dint call this time. Her mother says we came to see Mata. Payal quietly tells her there is no such Mata here. Payal’s mother says entire village knows your mother has been blessed by a Mata and she is all quiet. We came to see her. Payal shares that it is the effect of Bhang. Flashback shows Jamuna ji complaining to Payal for not buying colours for Payal. Get him some sweets. Payal hasn’t made any. Jamuna ji asks her if she will take money with her after death. Payal tells her to stop. You don’t stop talking. I got sweets from market. She feeds sweets to Lattu. Lattu goes to freshen up. Payal feeds her MIL happy holi as she feeds ladoos to her. Jamuna ji allows her to do whatever she wishes to do today. I wont stop you. Payal smiles. It will anyways happen with effect to the ladoo. Jamuna ji holds her head feeling dizzy. She sits quietly. Payal prays to God to help her. Save Ma ji. I wont do anything like this ever again. A few ladies come to play Holi with Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji sits quietly on the cot. Payal lies to them that her MIL is meditating on Mata Rani. Don’t break her concentration. Ladies feel as if Mata has entered Jamuna ji. Payal plays a conch to add extra effects. She also asks ladies to offer donation to Mata. She keeps money before Jamuna ji. Other ladies follow suit. Payal tells those ladies their wishes will be fulfilled soon. Tell everyone about this. Flashback ends. Payal shares that she fed Bhang ke Ladoo to her MIL yesterday. This is the effect of Ladoo only. Don’t tell your SIL. Take your friends and go. There are so many ladies here already. Payal’s mother agrees to help her. She takes the ladies with her. We came on the wrong day. Today is a Holiday. We will come some other day.

Jamuna ji holds her head. I have such a bad headache. Did anyone come? Payal denies. Come and lie down. I will bring tea for you. Jamuna ji goes with her. I feel really dizzy!

Kareena cuts one of the legs of the dressing table. She was lecturing me so much. Now I will tell her what’s good and what’s bad. She cleans the place well so there is no trace left behind and puts the broken piece back in place temporarily.

Malti ji comes to Komal’s room. Komal wakes up startled and winces in pain. Malti ji gives her medicine. Kareena is irked to see her Mami ji serving Komal. She acts so well! Komal says why did you brother. I could have come. Kareena drops the glass of water. She offers to clean but Komal assures her it will be ok in 5 minutes. Weather has changed. Kareena offers to bring water for her. Malti ji advises Komal to rest and leaves. She thinks Badho Bhabhi will never be lucky enough to get water from her. You will have to come yourself!

Komal sees Kareena cleaning the floor. She tells her not to do it. I will ask Bharpayi. Kareena says it’s done. She points out that her that the table isn’t stable. Komal leans closer. Kareena very smartly makes it fall on her. Komal shouts in pain. Malti ji comes there and sees her thus. Kareena pretends before her. They put it back in place. Malti ji asks Komal where she got hurt now. Did you get hurt at the same place again? Komal nods. They help her stand. Malti ji asks her if it is the effect of Saturn. Can you not stay in single piece? Why did you come here? Komal is about to say I needed water to take medicine but Kareena does not let her complete her sentence. You shouldn’t be here. Malti ji sends her to her room. I will bring water. Kareena thinks even destiny supports Komal but till when.

Komal takes medicine. I wish Lucky ji was here. I know you would have looked at me in anger but my pain would have reduced a little with your presence.


Badho Bahu 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal shouts in pain. Lucky helps her. Malti ji complains to Kareena that she never wished that Komal marries her son. Do something if you can but don’t let anyone find out anything. Kareena assures her she will do everything. The work will be done without bringing anyone’s notice to it!

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