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Badho Bahu 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Raghubir ji walks up to his son. I want you to keep a tab on your anger. Do you realise how loud you were today? She is your wife. You spoke like that to her before everyone. Komal only thinks well of you and this family. You cannot get a girl like her anywhere. Do you realise she saved your life today? You don’t leave any chance to scold her in anger. Lucky says I was angry. Raghubir ji nods. Keep your anger in check. It drives people mad. They lose track of what’s right or wrong. You have grown up. Think about what I just told you. It was her birthday today. This is what you gifted her today? Is this how we celebrate a birthday? I don’t know what’s written in her fate. Anyways, think about what I just said to you. I love you very much son.

Vardaan brings Jamuna ji to Komal’s home on some pretence. She scolds him for the same. He explains how she was upset since morning. You were so restless and crying. You might have fallen ill. She is still not keen to meet Komal but Vardaan sweetly requests her.

Komal cries recalling how Lucky had scolded her. She covers her ears and shouts in anguish. She opens the windows of her room to breathe in fresh air. Vardaan and Jamuna ji wave at her from outside. Tears stream down Jamuna ji’s cheeks. Komal and Jamuna ji extend their hands towards one another and cry. Vardaan also gets emotional seeing them thus. Komal folds her hand so as to greet her. Her mother blesses her from far. She wishes her happy birthday. Vardaan also silently nods at his sister. Komal recalls Kamla ji’s words. She mentally apologizes to her mother as she closes the window from inside. Jamuna ji stumbles in her step. She cries. Take me back son. Vardaan complies.


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Komal throws things angrily. She stumbles across her father’s photo and cries holding it tightly against her chest. She thinks of her mother and how she declined the alliance of that fat guy for her; of her immense love towards her; of her marriage to Lucky. Lucky enters just then. Komal senses his presence. Lucky looks at his messy room. She looks away. He notices her crying and takes her name. He keeps a gift next to her. I got something for you. Please see it. He leaves from there. She opens the gift and finds a snow globe inside with a Happy Birthday and Sorry note. The morning incident flashes before her eyes. She cries holding the snow globe in her hands and looks at the note again. Lucky peeks at her from outside. He heaves a sigh of relief.

Komal wipes her tears and keeps the things back in place. She lies down to sleep tired. Her hands reach out for the snow globe as she turns. She notices Lucky coming in and acts to have fallen asleep. Lucky tries peeking at her. Sad song plays in the background. He sits down on the bed to actually see if she has slept or not. He holds himself from reaching out to her once but then moves the strands away from her face. He covers her with the quilt. He smiles looking at his own note. He sits down in front of her and looks at her. Forgive me for misbehaving with you and mocking at you all the time Badho. I dint do it right. I don’t deserve your forgiveness but forgive me if possible. I even broke the gift that Babu ji had given to you. I did all that wasn’t right. I wanted to say it that day itself but I couldn’t say it. I am saying it again today. Please forgive me Badho. Happy Birthday! He walks away. She opens one eye and smiles.


Badho Bahu 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ahlawat Family gets a bike for Rana. Rana suggests giving it to Lucky. Raghubir ji points out that Komal too has a share in it. Lucky asks him if she will drive the bike now. Raghubir ji says she can sit on the back atleast.

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