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Badho Bahu 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kailash ji asks Rana how the photo of Sangram Singh was used on the poster. Who told you to do so? Kamla ji says it was my idea. If he wants to support us then we should also respect his decision. He gives in. They start the function.

Malti ji wants to put mehendi on Chotto’s hand first but Chotto wants Badho to be the first one to put mehendi on her hand. Komal happily sits down to apply henna on Chotto Bua’s hand. Komal is about to get up but Bua also applies henna on her hand. She writes Lucky’s name. Komal smiles. Bua tells her to win the competition. Komal nods happily. Bua tells everyone to play some music and dance. Both my Bhabhi’s are standing quietly. I want them to dance. Will you? Kamla ji and Malti ji agree. They go on stage. Bua tells DJ (Som) to play nice song for his Bhabhi’s.

The ladies dance on Ghani Banwari (Tanu Weds Manu 2). Both of them vie for praises on stage. bua advises Komal to stop them or a new drama will start. Komal thinks for a second and then makes Rahgubir ji and Kailash ji join their wives. Meanwhile, Chotto bua applies mehendi on Lucky’s hand as well.

Komal is having trouble picking tray with one hand. Henna has also not dried. How to give sherbet to everyone? Lucky asks her to bring juice if the tray is ready. She asks him if he will help in lifting the tray. He denies. She asks for reason but he does not disclose. You are acting as if you also have henna on your hands. He nods. She asks him to show it. He denies but she stays put. Komal suggests Lucky to show their hands to one another on the count of 3. They are surprised to see their names on each other’s hands. Lucky tells her to stop laughing. Bua put it forcibly. She asks for an idea to take tray. He gives her an idea.

Malti ji notices them walking together. She asks them what they are up to. Komal points out that there is a problem. Lucky adds that none of them can carry this tray alone. They show their hands to Malti ji who gets all the more irked. She thinks Komal is making my son do kitchen chores also. Don’t know what magic she has cast on him that he keeps doing whatever she says.

Som and Bharpayi complement each other. He tells her how music is played on the console.

Kamla ji notices Chotto sad. Chotto bua points out that she is unhappy as her husband isn’t here. Sanjay ji comes in just then. Chotto Bua’s face lights up. Bua dances on Bole Chudiyan. Lucky and Komal give soft drinks to everyone together. Sanjay ji joins his wife in the dance performance. Everyone claps for them as the performance comes to an end.

Kamla ji calls Sangram Singh. Opponent party has given us a fitting reply by printing Badho’s name on the posters. We must stop the posters from being put in the village or we will lose. You must do it if you want my husband to win. I don’t know how you will do it. Do something against Badho that everyone will turn their backs to her. He assures her it will be done. Kamla ji smiles as she ends the call.

Bharpayi smiles as she goes on stage next. She too has prepared a special dance for tonight. Bua tells her to go ahead. Som plays Bharpayi’s song. Bharpayi dances on Aaja Nachle. Everyone is surprised to see her dance so well. Komla keeps her hand on Lucky’s sleeve while complimenting Bharpayi. He notices her hand. She immediately withdraws it but points out that it has dried. He asks her to come to wash it off. They both head to kitchen. Lucky cleans the mehendi from Komal’s hand while she does it for him.

Som dances with Bharpayi. Chotto Bua notices Komal and Lucky coming back. She looks at their hands and smiles joining them close. Komal and Lucky also smile. Bharpayi’s performance comes to an end. Lucky tells Komal he is really excited. We only will win this competition. She is hesitant whereas he is super excited.

Lucky goes to Chotto bua as she calls him. Malti ji takes Komal aside. I trust my son but I don’t trust you. You must win the competition at any cost. What will everyone say when you will lose? You have to win this at any cost. Understand that our respect is also associated with you. Win this at any cost. Komal reasons that all this is for fun. What’s the point of winning or losing? Malti ji says I have told you so many times but I know you don’t understand anything. There is no fun factor now. It has gone way too far. You must win this time. Komal agrees to try.

Chotto Bua points out that Lucky-Komal and Rana-Pinki’s dance is due. We will see who will win the competition! Lucky gestures Komal to come.


Badho Bahu 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pinki tells Komal she will become a mockery if she will fall while dancing in saree. Lucky ji’s respect will also be maligned. Komal refuses to dance. Chotto Bua tells Komal that the bad people will win if she wont even try. Komal insists that she only wants to do it for fun. Bua points out that Pinki did all this for fun only. She broke your diya’s for fun too. Komal is shocked to see the video.

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