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Badho Bahu 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kamla Plans To Find Out What Raghubir Is Hiding!


Badho Bahu 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Kamla ji tells Payal to ready 3 plate’s breakfast. Payal asks them if a guest is coming. Kamla ji asks her if she wont give breakfast to her MIL. Jamuna ji steps forward. Kamla ji says I thought that my younger DIL has to run around a lot. She keeps on running from Sirsa to Bakriawal. I thought to bring her here only. Payal and Komal can stay here only. It would also be a relief for everyone. Payal thinks she knows her plan really well. Pinki tells Jamuna ji that Badho is so happy that she cannot even utter a word out of happiness. Jamuna ji hugs Komal. I couldn’t say no as they were very much persistent. Kamla ji says how I could agree. We had to also think about our younger DIL.

Vardaan and Pragya take care of Jamuna ji. They look at each other awkwardly. Jamuna ji says you will spoil me this way. She next asks Pragya if Vardaan takes care of her not. Does he keep himself too much occupied with work? Pragya lies that Vardaan takes good care of her. Vardaan tells his mother that Pragya’s focus is always somewhere else. Jamuna ji looks at Pragya. Vardaan lies that he was kidding. She takes very good care of me and always worries about me. Jamuna ji prays that they should stay happy together always. I will recover in no time seeing you both so happy. Pragya gets up to bring tea for her but Vardaan tells her not to do anything for his mother. She tries going but he stays put.

Teji stands outside thinking of how to enter inside the room. Vardaan notices him thus. He tells him that the one he is looking for is looking after his mother. Hope it wont be a problem for you. Teji declines. He hurriedly leaves from there.

Payal thanks Lucky and Raghubir ji for taking out time from their schedule to help her. Kamla ji comes there. Payal shouts that it would be better if they can finish this work tomorrow itself. Kamla ji asks her what she is planning now. Why are you sending them to Bakriawal when Jamuna is here? Payal tells her that they had to do some repairs in the house since long. Kamla ji says I dint see anything like that. Komal points out that she dint do inside. Kids have started calling it a haunted house. Payal seconds her. It is the right time to do so. It would be great if Lucky ji and Raghubir ji will help us. Lucky and Raghubir ji also show an inclination to do this task. Raghubir ji taunts Kamla ji that they anyways don’t have much to do with her grace. He leaves with Lucky. Payal takes Komal with her. Kamla ji makes faces.

Kailash ji tells Sangram Singh like every year Raghubir will go in that fair. People agree that he is right but villagers want Sarpanch to go in the fair this time. Sangram Singh points out that this fair happens once in 5 years. All the Panch’s come there. We want you to go there and represent our village. Kailash ji fails to understand why they are dragging this matter. Sangram Singh leaves it on Raghubir ji to decide. Raghubir ji does not wish to meddle with Komal’s practise. He too suggests his brother to go in the fair this time. Kailash ji also agrees to go now. My brother will look after my responsibilities in my absence. Raghubir ji politely declines. A Panch suggests giving this responsibility to Kamla ji. Sangram Singh happily seconds him. Kailash ji opts for this idea too. Everyone will support in whatever she will do. Kamla ji and Sangram Singh smile at each other. Kailash ji tells his wife to seek Raghubir ji’s help in case she has any confusion. She nods. Kailash ji leaves to pack his bags.

Payal paces in the kitchen while Komal makes food. She advises her Bhabhi to help her instead. Payal says I am thinking of a solution for you only. Kamla ji has power now. She will do every possible thing to stop you from going to Bakriawal. She knows you practise there. Kamla ji asks her if she was talking about her. Payal denies. Kamla ji asks Komal why the food isn’t ready yet. Think about something apart from wrestling sometimes. I am super hungry. Something good is going to happen in the village tomorrow (Sanjha Chulha). Badho has to make all the preps. Payal says we have called lot many labourers for work in Bakriawal. Who will help then? Kamla ji asks her why she is needed there when Raghubir ji and Lucky will be there. Payal replies that Badho knows which all parts are to be repaired. Give these preps to me and Pragya ji. Pinki can also help us. Kamla ji gives her permission. Don’t swear on my name ever again or I wont spare you. People from 5 villages will come for the occasion. Don’t take this lightly. Don’t take Pinki’s help. She is good for nothing. I am taking her with me as I have to invite people from all the 5 villages. Payal asks her if she will go to Bakriawal too. Kamla ji nods. Payal advises her to go to Bakriawal first then. Both your in-laws live there. It would be best to invite them first or people will gossip. Kamla ji tells her she knows it well. She leaves with Pinki. Payal mocks Kamla ji. She tells Komal to let Kamla Ma ji leave from Bakriawal first. We will go then so we are safe.

Kamla ji meets a Sarpanch who speaks of a guy repeatedly making the same offense. We banish such people from the village in the end. Kamla ji gets thinking. She invites him for the Sanjha Chulha thing. He agrees to join them.

Malti ji calls Sangram Singh. She is unable to reach Kamla ji. Malti ji asks him if he went to Bakriawal. He lies that they went there first. He then pretends to be not able to hear anything and ends the call (Kamla ji was staring at him all this while).

Malti ji tells her family that the road is clear. Sangram Singh told me they went to Bakriawal already. Komal is happy thinking her day wont be wasted today. Raghubir ji nods. Nothing is wasted when you put in real efforts.

Kamla ji is sure there is something fishy. Malti called Sangram Singh to find out about our whereabouts! I must find out.


Badho Bahu 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghubir ij tells Komal to be more careful. We have to focus hard on the practise. Lucky and Komal are practising when Kamla ji enters with Sangram Singh and other members from the Panchayat. They question Raghubir ji for breaking the rule. Now you will be punished!

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