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Badho Bahu 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal makes Jitesh click a photo from her phone so she can send to Vardaan. He nods. She asks Lucky to smile. He complies as Jitesh click the photo. He starts the bike next when Kailash ji gives him helmet. They leave for the ride.

Vardaan’s phone beeps showing a message indicator. Jamuna ji calls out to Vardaan but he tells her to check it as he is taking bath. She smiles looking at the photograph.

Raghubir ji goes to bring Malti ji. I want to give her a surprise. Kamla ji misses Gulabo (Pinki). She should be here to celebrate the moment. Kailash ji agrees with her. I will send car right away. She will come back by tomorrow. Rana gets excited. Kamla ji teases him on the same. Kailash ji and Rana ask for breakfast. They all head inside. Teji asks Bharpayi to get food for him too. I would love some extra butter. She tells him to take it from the kitchen. He wonders what has happened to her.

Everyone sits down for breakfast. Pragya asks Bharpayi to call Teji for breakfast. Bharpayi replies that she has kept it in kitchen already. Pragya tells her to go. Bharpayi suggests her to go instead. I will serve breakfast to everyone. Kamla ji scolds Bharpayi for throwing tantrums. Don’t speak in high volume here. Go and call him here. Bharpayi leaves reluctantly. Kamla ji next taunts Rana for eating. How can you eat when I cannot even think of eating? She asks her husband why she brought such an imported expensive bike and then gave it to Lucky. You could have returned it. Now that boy will roam around the village and show that we are number 2. Everyone will now gossip about it. You (Rana) are of no good. Keep eating as much as you can. She keeps taunting Rana. He leaves the table upset / disturbed followed by Kailash ji. He points out that she dint do the right thing. Kamla ji does not mind it. Pragya watches everything worriedly.

Lucky and Komal enjoy the bike ride. She keeps peeking at him in the rear view mirror. Lucky looks away noticing her doing so. He gestures her to look ahead instead. She extends her hands to enjoy the moment and then keeps them on his shoulders. He notices her looking at him once again but she looks away. he applies brake because of which she holds him tight. He tells her to be careful. Don’t hold me though. She says I dint do it intentionally. I don’t mind it though. Continue to apply brakes. He bangs his hand at his helmet. I don’t have any such intention. She teases him to learn to live a little.

Teji cannot find his breakfast. Bharpayi comes just then and gives him breakfast. He asks for one more. I need butter and curd too along with the special tea that you make. She nods. He holds her hand as she turns. She looks at him angrily. Leave me hand or I will break it right away! He lets go of her hand scared. Did you drink something in the morning? She tells him to mind his business. I don’t want to talk to you. He thinks the servants of the house lose their heads just like that. I am anyways not interested!

People look at Lucky’s bike in wonder. Everyone who notices it begin talking / gossiping. Someone says our money was used to buy it. Komal asks Lucky to get sweets. He stops the bike at the sweet shop. Another villager is sure they bought the bike using their money. Sarpanch ji tells them not to talk rubbish. Another person speaks of the corruption that happened in the fair. People taunt Lucky calling their bike the result of their hard earned money. Your father is corrupted. He got it from us to buy it after all! Lucky holds his collar angrily. What are you saying against my father? Komal tells him to let go. It isn’t right to fight. The guy tells Lucky not to show his anger on them. you may be the Iron Man but this wont work here. Lucky suggests Sarpanch ji to explain it to the guy. Another guy chips in on behalf of the first guy. Everyone knows how much money your father got during the fair. Lucky gets upset but Komal controls him. How can you blame your Babu ji like this without proof? The guy tells her to keep quiet. You too have a contribution in this. Komal requests Sarpanch ji to speak up. The guy says he knows everything. He knows our pain. We never said anything before but there must be something because of which we are voicing it out today! Komal points out at all the good things Raghubir ji has done for everyone. The guys still don’t buy it. He took it all back with interest. Lucky warns the guy not to speak anything against his father or he wont spare him. Sarpanch ji frees them somehow. Komal again asks for proof. One of the villagers suggests them to bring Raghubir ji before them. We will get things out for you! A guy shares that he has gone to bring Malti Bhabhi ji. People decide to get justice in the evening itself! We need to; and have a right to find out the truth! Lucky vows not to heave a sigh of relief till he proves his father innocent. Do whatever you want to! Everyone leaves.

Komal decides to find out the reason behind these misconceptions before Babu ji even finds out about it. Lucky agrees with her. Let’s head home. Payal’s mother has heard everything. Such a big problem is going to happen in Ahlawat House!

Lucky paces angrily. I have to find out who did it. I wont spare that person! She tells him to be calm and patient or the culprit might escape. He nods. we must not let it go out of hand. We don’t have much time. We have to sort it before Babu ji comes back. Who can do this though? We don’t lack anything. She asks about who organized the entire fair. They come down to two names – Shankar and Payal. She is sure they cannot fall that low. They respect Babu ji a lot. He has done a lot for them. What’s the need for them to do this? He points out that his Babu ji’s respect is above everything for him. I am going to check the house. You can come if you wish! She agrees to join him.


Badho Bahu 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal’s mother tells Payal that Lucky and Komal are going to find out the culprit who stole everyone’s money. Payal gets tensed. Komal and Lucky enter just then. They confront Payal as to why she did this. Payal acts innocent. Lucky shares their doubts with her. Shankar enters just then. Komal notices his new gold chain and watch. From where did you get the money to buy them?

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