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Badho Bahu 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Badho Bahu on

Komal tells Lucky to be careful while walking. You would have gotten hurt just now. Malti ji asks her if anyone shouts at her husband like this. Komal says sorry to Lucky. Raghubir ji tells his wife not to scold Komal unnecessarily in front of everyone. She said that for him only. She was concerned. Malti ji gives up. Kamla ji asks everyone to come for the phere.

Chotto Bua asks Komal if she got return gifts for everyone. Komal nods. I just have to check them. Bua thinks to keep her near Lucky so he can complete his challenge. She tells Komal to stay with her in the mandap.

Rinki’s husband confronts Rinki. I was wondering what you are doing in your mother’s place and why you are not missing me. I already had a doubt on you and it is confirmed now. She tries to explain but he does not let her. I don’t need any clarification anymore. It is my mistake. You will stay here after today. Don’t dare to come back to my house! I will send divorce papers to your house very soon. Rinki’s friend tells her to forget their relation. He walks away. Payal taunts Rinki for falling for a guy who is not strong enough to even support her. You were going to leave your husband for him! See how easily he walked away. You cannot go anywhere now.

Pundit ji coughs while chanting shlokas and explaining the rituals. Chotto Bua expresses her wish that her gathbandhan be done by Lucky and Komal. Lucky and Komal do the gathbandhan. Pundit ji’s health worsens. Everyone requests him to rest for a while. He nods. Pinki says rituals and vows are incomplete now. What will happen?

Rinki is crying. Pinki explains that one always falls when you keep your legs in 2 different boats. You must be smart enough to manage both the boats if you wish to. Rinki wonders where she would go now. There is no point asking you to delete the video now. No one saw it yet everything is over. Payal assures her they will find a way out of this situation. Have faith in me. She helps her stand and looks thoughtful.

Komal says I remember the vows. Bua tells her to say them. I will repeat after you. Sanjay ji agrees to repeat after his wife. Pundit ji allows Komal to do it. Jitesh and Ajay take pundit ji inside. Komal sits in Pundit ji’s place. Bua also asks Lucky to sit in the front. He nods and sits in the front. Komal says the first vow. Bua promises Sanjay ji and vice versa. The wedding vows flash before Lucky’s eyes too and he also promises Komal of the same surprising everyone sitting there. Komal asks him if he will take vows with her again. He nods. I will promise you once again now that you are saying them. Lucky repeats all the vows after Komal. In some, Lucky says I have already done that with you. I have arranged everything for the wedding with you only. She thanks him for helping her. He again promises to include her equally in every chore or anything and would discuss everything with her. She makes him promise her that he wont insult her before her friends or anyone. He promises not to insult her ever before anyone ever. I would not let you be insulted or insult you even when we are alone. She gets emotional as she comes at the last vow. She gets stuck on the word love.

Jamuna ji gives Prasad to Payal. I prayed to Lord that my son becomes CA. He deserves it. I hope he comes with back a happy face. Payal notices Vardaan coming home with Rinki in his arms. They ask him about Rinki. Vardaan puts her on the bed. Jamuna ji fans her while Payal brings water. Vardaan shares that he saw going somewhere when he saw Rinki coming from the other side. She fell unconscious in seconds so I brought her here. Payal thinks she must be in shock as both her son and lover left her in a day! She suggests calling Pinki’s mother who would take her. Rinki gains conscious. Payal says I told you to eat something. You fell unconscious. It was good that it was Vardaan. What if something had gone wrong?

Komal asks the last vow. You wont include any third person in our relationship. He promises her. Komal smiles sweetly. Raghubir ji appreciates their preps. Chotto Bua seconds him. They also said their vows this way. It felt like it was their wedding today. Lucky thinks it feels something else when you say the vows with all your heart. I have to thank you before everyone now.


Badho Bahu 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sanjay ji and Chotto Bua’s wedding is complete. She gives a gold coin each to everyone. Pinki points out that the gold coin is missing from Rana’s box. Rana blames Komal for doing it intentionally. You knew there cannot be a better way to insult me than this! Lucky gets upset.

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