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Badho Bahu 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kamla Traps Raghubir In Another Punishment!


Badho Bahu 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Komal and Lucky are practising. Raghubir ji points out that every passing day is only making this time precious. Komal should be extra careful and focused now like Arjuna! Just don’t take off your eyes from your opponent the next time you enter in the Akhada. You should watch her every move. She promises him. Lucky also promises to make her his Arjuna! Komal and Lucky resume their practise when Lucky stops in his tracks. Komal is happy that she did it right. Seeing him too lost, they turn and notice Kamla ji and Pinki standing there with some members of Panchayat. Ex-Sarpanch ji says we dint expect this from Raghubir ji. He broke the rules. He was banned to wrestle in Sirsa and is now practising here! Sangram Singh adds that they have found a good solution to escape the punishment.

He should have kept the bet a secret if they wanted to keep it a secret. Everyone knows of it now. We cannot let you escape your punishment. Kamla ji acts modest. This is just for fun. This isn’t training. He is just overlooking it. Sangram Singh tells her to open her eyes and look closely. This is proper makeshift Akhada. Don’t know since when it is going on. Ex-Sarpanch asks Raghubir ji to speak up. Raghubir ji shares that he has started training Komal in her Bakriawal. This is my decision. I don’t see anything wrong in it. I did what I thought was right. You can punish me whatever you wish to. He stops Komal from saying anything. Let them punish me. Sangram Singh decides to take this matter forward. Both you and Lucky will be punished!

Kamla ji says this is not what you are thinking. I feel they fell in Badho’s words today and thought to help her. It never happens daily right? They made a mistake. We should ignore it. She signals Sangram Singh. Raghubir ji accepts that he broke the rule of the condition. What did Lucky do? You banned him to wrestle with men. It is same. I am at fault. He isn’t at fault here. Why should he be punished then? You can punish me! Tell me what it is. Lucky tries saying something but his father tells him against it. I dint say anything wrong. Let them decide now. Sangram Singh asks the Panch’s what they should do. Kamla ji is the Sarpanchni of Sirsa village for now. Decide. Kamla ji says I don’t want Raghubir ji to be punished. We shouldn’t forget all that he has done for the village. He made a mistake. We should let it go. Other Panch’s suggest discussing the matter with the Panch’s of other villages tomorrow in Sanjha Chulha. Kamla ji acts to be helpless.

Kamla ji says I don’t understand what I should do. You (Malti) should have atleast told me that Raghubir ji and Lucky are going to train Komal there. You made me a stranger after I got shops built in the Akhada! Payal thinks stop shedding crocodile tears. I know your reality. Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji to lie to everyone tomorrow. You will just say you weren’t doing anything. I will manage it somehow. He refuses to lie. I have never lied and will never lie. I haven’t done anything because of which I have to lie. I don’t have a problem now that the world knows about it. I am instead happy that I will be able to share my viewpoint. It isn’t wrong to train Komal. It is ok with me either ways. I have no regret nor will I ever have it. Kamla ji plans to get him thrown out of the village! He wont be there so Badho wont practise or wrestle at all. Everyone leaves.

Kamla ji says I did the right thing. Pinki, Loveena and Balwinder are also there. They praise her. Kamla ji thanks Pinki and Loveena for what they did. Flashback shows Balwinder and Loveena watching Komal, Lucky and Raghubir ji in Bakriawal House practising. They later tell everything to Kamla ji. Balwinder says it means they can attack us anytime. Do something. Kamla ji decides to teach them a lesson. Flashback ends. Kamla ji says I decided to organize Sanjha Chulha the moment Kailash ji left. I made Payal and Komal believe that I don’t know anything. Sangram Singh also supported me a lot. Loveena asks her what her next move would be. Kamla ji replies that she has to fulfil the promise made to Raghubir ji first. She recalls how she had to beg Raghubir ji not to leave the house before her husband but that only was her motive all along.

Next morning, the Panch’s have gathered to discuss the matter. One guy asks Raghubir ji if he did this willingly. You stick to your words and ideals. How did you decide to do this then? Raghubir ji says it wasn’t easy. I know I have broken the rules but it is alright to overlook such rules to fulfil a bigger motive. I had no selfish reason behind it. I did it for my daughter. She gave her best before Babita Phogat only because she cared about my dream. Should I leave her alone when she needs me? I am in a dilemma. I am tied with rules and I am also bound to my duty as a Guru. I did what I felt was right. Sangram Singh says we know how open minded Raghubir Singh is but he did break the condition because of which Badho got to wrestle with Babita Phogat. Entire village was insulted as she lost in that match. Should Raghubir and Lucky not be punished for breaking the rules regarding the same? No one is above rules. This is all that I have to say. You guys can make a decision now.

Panch’s discuss the matter. Sangram Singh smiles at Kamla ji who nods back. Panch’s says Kamla ji gave this responsibility to us in her husband’s absence. We feel that Raghubir ji might have done what he felt was right but he did broke the rules of the condition. It also affected our village badly. He has done a lot for the village but this action wont justify any of it. We had to take this decision with a heavy heart. we want to set an example before everyone. No one can go against the rules and will be punished if he does so! Raghubir ji will have to leave this village!


Badho Bahu 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Malti ji asks her husband to take her along too. I wont be able to stay without you. Lucky and Komal also say the same. Raghubir ji tells them to continue working toward their and his dream. Don’t let the cheaters succeed. He leaves the house. Komal promises Lucky that now they will show everyone. Our time of misery and pain is over now. I promise you of that. Kamla ji advises Malti ji to stop Komal from practising. Later, Malti ji tells Komal to stop practising stealthily.

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