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Badho Bahu 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Payal shows a girl’s photo to Vardaan. She thinks of controlling the girl after marriage. Jamuna ji too likes the girl.

Pragya blames Vardaan for keeping an eye on her since forever. He declines but she insists and blames him continuously. Komal calls it a lie. Lucky ji and I were trying to help Pragya as we thought she wasn’t happy with her alliance. You can ask her when he will come. Pragya asks her if she trapped Lucky Bhai in her sweet words too. How low will you fall? I couldn’t marry Teji ji because of her! She is the one because of whom I had to marry Vardaan! Komal repeats that she dint plan any such thing. Kailash ji asks her why she dint call them then. you ruined her life. I wont forgive you ever. Komal says I tried a lot but everyone was there including Pradhan Singh, Zalim Singh, etc. You can ask Pragya. Pragya affirms. But we don’t know who you actually dialled to! Komal requests Kailash ji to check his phone. Kamla ji tells everyone to stop. There is no point discussing this now. Truth is that both Pragya and Komal have maligned our respect!

Some guys walk around holding a cot. A girl is sitting atop it. Every villager sops to look at her and wonder who she is. One of the guys points out that it is Chotto Bua. People wonder why she has come back after so many years. She asks the mango seller to follow her to Ahlawat House.

Pinki reprimands Teji for all the drama. I too would be thrown out with you now. I beg you to leave in another 10 minutes. Leave from the back gate before someone does something to you. I wont be able to help you this time if Rana ji comes back. I had thought so much but you ruined everything. Remmeber not to show your face to anyone ever again! It will be better for you if you stop thinking about Pragya! Don’t think about looking at this house or of calling me! He tries to explain but she does not let him. Get out of here!

Kamla ji taunts Raghubir ji and Badho for destroying her family. She does not let him talk. Everyone will listen today. You promised not to intervene in Pragya’s wedding. What happened now? Who gave Badho permission to marry Pragya with Vardaan? Do you have an answer? Komal requests her to wait till Lucky comes. You can ask him then. Kamla ji says our family has no say before your family. You dint let me do anything. You dint even let me fix my own daughter’s wedding! Who will be responsible for this situation now; and for breaking the promise? Ask your Badho Bahu only. My daughter is married against my wish today. I wont be able to face anyone! I have no option but to kill myself.

Chotto Bua next asks a bangle seller to follow her to Ahlawat House.

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to ask her Badho Bahu where she should die. Malti ji accepts it dint happen right but you might fall ill this way. Let’s talk patiently. Kamla ji says she plots things for no reason. My own BIL has given her too much freedom. She does everything on her own. Sangram Singh was right. Badho took us all down today. Kailash ji seconds his wife. My daughter’s life is spoiled today because of you! Rana and Pinki also blame Badho. Malti ji too taunts Komal for keeping quiet today. You knew about Pragya and Teji but dint tell us anything. Why? Komal tells them to ask Lucky once. Kamla ji points out that Komal wanted to get Pragya married to her Teacher brother. Now you got a chance and you dint waste a second! Lucky is shocked to hear that Pragya got married to Vardaan. Komal rushes to his side. Please tell them the truth. I dint know Pragya loved Teji ji. Please tell them I dint plot anything. They think I got Pragya married to Vardaan for my own selfish reasons. I was trying to help her so I did that. Pragya calls her too smart. You are trapping Lucky Bhai. You only are responsible for Teji ji’s disappearance. You sent both the brothers to a different location and got Vardaan there. It was a great plan! Komal insists that she isn’t at fault. I only wanted the right thing for Pragya. Say something. Why don’t you say anything Lucky ji? He shrugs her hand away. You did send me to the wrong place! You have used my family. Komal is heartbroken.

Lucky asks her why she cheated his entire family. Why? I have only one sister who we have raised with lots of love. You broke her dreams not caring about the dreams I have kept so lovingly? My happiness is attached to her and you broke it all so easily? You have destroyed her life. I wont forgive you ever for that! Raghubir ji says I understand what you are going through but you could have tried to know why Komal did what she did. She was standing all alone before the entire village including Panchayat. She has saved Pragya. I know even she knows it well. Kailash ji asks him why he is still supporting Komal. Raghubir ji explains that he is only speaking the truth. Komal is standing quietly. It is wrong if everyone will point fingers at her. Lucky says it is enough. We dint say anything to you till date but it is enough today. I thought she thinks well of my family so I thought to do something good with her today but you proved me wrong. You have backstabbed me!

Teji thinks she saved him somehow. I should leave right away and never think of coming back ever!

Vardaan explains that his sister always thinks well for everyone. She had to take this decision for some reasons. You also know that she never thinks ill of anyone. Komal recalls Lucky’s promise that he will always support her. She reminds him of the same. He points out that he also promised to take care of his sister all his life. You broke that also. What are you talking about then?


Badho Bahu 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji slaps Pragya. She is about to fall but Vardaan holds her. Kamla ji tells Pinki to throw both of them out of the house. Badho is also a part of this. She too will be punished for her misdeed. She cannot live in this house anymore! She too will have to leave the house!

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