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Badho Bahu 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Pragya Lies To Teji


Badho Bahu 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 19th March 2018 Episode Start With Pinki gets a message from the goons. She checks the selfie and is shocked. She calls them. Goons keep her phone on speaker. Komal is lying unconscious. She taunts them for clicking a selfie with Komal. Delete them right away. Don’t repeat this stupidity ever again. If anyone finds it then we would be in trouble. Goons reply that they sent it to confirm her about the abduction. We have kept Badho ji nicely. Pinki asks them if they took Badho’s phone or not. They lie to her about it. She tells them not to use their brain. Follow my words. They agree.

Pragya and Vardaan sit down to eat food. She hurts her finger as she tries to lift the lid. He gets concerned. They share a moment of awkward silence. Vardaan tells her to relax. I will serve it. He lifts the lid and they are thrilled to see Kadhi. It is their favourite food. Vardaan serves food to both of them. Pragya keeps looking at him while he does so. They compliment the food.

They fight sweetly for the Kadhi. Pragya challenges him that she can finish it by herself. He agrees to wait and watch. Teji watches them from far. Vardaan gives water to Pragya as she coughs. Teji thinks pragya has lied to him for the first time just to meet this stupid Vardaan. I came to know about this thanks to Chachi ji or I wouldn’t have known anything!

Kamla ji asks Titli why she is quiet. Titli says you would think ill of me only though. She begins to explain when Kamla ji interrupts her. Titli says this is what I was saying. Malti ji tells her to be quiet. Kamla ji tells Malti ji no one can do anything about her now. Do you (Titli) realise how much we would have been insulted if your head was shaved off? How would we find a groom for you? Titli says it dint happen. Malti ji tells her not to cross question. Kamla ji says what to tell her. She cannot see what my family is going through because of her but she is bent upon doing such stupid things! Raghubir ji instead compliments Titli.

Kailash ji also supports Titli and praises her. Raghubir ji adds that she dint care for her life for a helpless girl. Kamla ji says I agree but which guy would have liked her if her head was shaved today. Malti ji agrees. What would we have said to your Babu ji? You dint think what kind of guy you are messing up with? I am really worried about her now. Raghubir ji says you all are right but the guy who would refuse to marry her would be at fault. Titli smiles.

Vardaan and Pragya return home. Vardaan apologizes to Pragya and thanks her as well. I wanted to apologize to you thinking that you only act to care for my mother. I want to thank you for still caring for my mother. Pragya says why I would not care. Jamuna Ma also thinks me to be her daughter which is why she gave importance to my happiness. She thought more about my happiness than her own son. He asks her to go inside. I don’t want people to see you with me and ask questions. I will come in a while. She begins to go inside when Teji calls out to her.

Malti ji brings Kamla ji to her room. Kamla ji asks her to send Pinki to her room. I have to pay her for what she did today. Pinki comes there and acts to be apologetic. I don’t know how I got away from Ma ji in market. I tried looking for a lot but I couldn’t find her. Kamla ji nods. Pinki tells herself to get ready for punishment.

Teji says I am your Teji. You are getting tensed as if you saw some stranger. Vardaan thinks to talk to Teji but decides against it. Pragya tells Teji it isn’t so. Teji says nothing can be hidden from me. You dint even come to meet me? She lies that she had a headache. I thought to go out in fresh air. I am feeling better now. Teji says you could have taken medicine but no problem. You must be feeling better now. He tries to hug her but she does not let him. What if someone sees us? He tells her there is no one but she walks away. Vardaan leaves too. Teji thinks what someone else will see. I saw it today already how you lied to your true love. You met your ex husband and had lunch with him! I should do something asap or I will lose her. I wont be get any place anywhere then!

Kamla ji fools Pinki by acting to hold her hand so as to forgive her but Kamla ji tries beating Pinki. Malti ji saves her. Malti ji gets a message from Komal. She has wrote that she has reached safely in Ashram. She isn’t allowed to call so she is sending a message. Swami Ji has checked Titli’s kundli. She will begin her fast not after which Titli will be blessed with the boon of marriage. Komal will return in a few days. Malti ji is relieved that Komal is safe. Kamla ji thinks her dream of becoming number 1 seems to come true.

The goons are afraid of Badho. They bring juice and fruits for her and request her to eat something. She refuses to eat anything. You should first tell me who you are and why did you bring me here. They assure her she will know everything soon. Komal asks them to open her hands and then she will take care of them. They panic. Komal hopes Lucky comes soon and saves her.

Lucky is worried that entire day passed yet Komal dint call her. Rana gets Pinki’s call and speaks nicely to her. Lucky thinks why I should get upset like this. he dials Komal’s number but it is unreachable. He thinks to not call at home as everyone will tease him then. Where are you Badho! He tries her number again but in vain.

Next morning, Kamla ji and Pinki are doing puja. Malti ji joins them. Kamla ji asks Malti ji why she is so quiet. Malti ji shares that she is missing Badho. She is the DIL but she has become daughter of the house. She prays early morning but I miss her today. Pinki asks her if she felt bad that she did aarti today. Malti ji denies. I was only missing her. Kamla ji tells her not to worry so much. Badho will return the moment Titli’s wedding is fixed. Malti ji panics hearing it. Kamla ji covers it up. I am sure Badho will return and Titli’s marriage will be fixed the same time. Malti ji hopes it comes true. This house looks empty without Badho. She prays to God to give strength to Badho.

Komal’s mouth is also covered. Goons did her puja. We have come to know that you are a spiritual person. We will bring Prasad for you daily. Don’t scare us with your big eyes. Badho shifts uneasily. Goons tell her to relax. You don’t have to stay here forever. Komal is sure Lucky would be back now and would look for her the moment he is back.


Badho Bahu 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Titli refuses to sit quietly till she teaches a lesson to Pradhan and her son. Lucky too wants to do the same. Komal, Titli and Jitesh make a plan. Lucky calls Komal. Her phone is ringing but she isn’t about to hold it. Lucky throws his phone away irked.

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