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Badho Bahu 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal tells Lucky that Pankaj and Payal can’t do such an act, they respect Raghubir ji very much. Lucky says he holds his father’s respect the dearest, she might come with him else he is going to search her parent’s house. Komal goes along with Lucky.
Payal’s mother comes to her and warns her against Badho and Lucky, she tells her about the whole drama created by people. Payal was left speechless and wonders who can do such an act.
Raghubir ji comes to his room and blindfolds Malti. She recognizes him at once, he regrets for being caught. She turns him and was worried watching him injured. Raghubir ji says he just fall off in the market, Malti swears him to share the truth. Raghubir ji makes her sit and tells her about the whole story.

Payal was afraid as Maa predicts Lucky won’t spare the culprit. Payal was worried what if Badho discovers she was responsible in this. She foresee Badho following her with knife in hand. Maa asks Payal why she is so worried, she isn’t the one who stole the money. Payal thinks she must not tell Maa anything, and denies being involved in such a big matter. She tells Maa about a surprise for her and goes to take it.

Malti was enraged over Badho for being a part of their family, she has been a curse for her. Raghubir looks at her and says Lucky has gone behind her, he says its not Badho’s mistake. He decided to go there by himself. He says when he was injured, Komal had to cost much for it. He tells her about Lucky’s arrival before the stage could break. Malti thanks God. Raghubir tells Malti about a sofa as well.

There, Payal brings water melons for Maa. Maa wonders what she would do with so many of them. Payal insists on her to take them all. Badho and Lucky arrive from behind.
Kamla ji was sitting in her room angry. Kailash ji comes to her and shares his dislike about what she has done today. He says it’s about Rana, why she always degrade him and forces her decisions over him. Kamla agrees Kailash ji and decides to make up for it.

Lucky tells Badho to take care of Payal and goes to search for the house. Payal asks why Lucky searching across her house is. Badho holds the water melon from the floor and places it over the table. Payal was worried and asks Lucky what is going on. Badho says Lucky is angry, he is only investigating. She tells Payal to concentrate on her water melon. Payal thinks for a while and makes weepy face.

Kamla ji brings food plate to Rana’s room. He wipes his tears and sits up at once. Jamla feeds him with her own hands, he denies eating. Kamla asks if he is angry with his mother. Rana says he is angry with himself, its his defeat that made them upset. Kamla says she has complete faith over him. She only wish him to succeed in life, she gets curt when she can’t see her dreams come true. If he gets hurt by this its fine. Rana allows Kamla to say anything to him.

Lucky comes to the hall and asks Payal where did she hide it. Payal asks Badho what’s going on. Pankaj comes home and asks Payal what has she done to the house. Lucky says there has been an accusation over Raghubir for money making in the fair. Payal explains the matter to Pankaj. Badho watches Pankaj wearing a watch and gold chain and asks about it.


Badho Bahu 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Badho tells Lucky if they can’t reach the person they must make the person reach them. Badho tells Jitesh and Lucky to announce across the village that a new market is going to be started in village. Atleast someone would come to get the shop with the money. She ties turban over Lucky to change his get up, and calls him handsome.

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