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Badho Bahu 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pundit ji takes over his place. He helps Chotto Bua and Sanjay ji take pheras. Komal and Lucky imagine taking pheras around the holy fire together. Romantic song plays in the background. Everyone sits down once the pheras are complete. Sanjay helps Chotto wear mangalsutra. Lucky thinks to make use of the opportunity to thank Komal. Everyone is busy in the ritual. Sanjay ji also puts vermilion in Chotto Bua’s hairline. Lucky was signalling her but Malti ji tells Komal to be careful. Lucky is in a fix. I don’t know what I should do. He notices everyone looking at the couple. I must thank Komal now. Kamla ji very carefully leaves from there.

Sangram Singh gets Kamla ji’s call. She asks him if he got to know anything. He says counting is still on. Our work is still incomplete. Time will tell how it will work out in the end. I will come soon with the polling committee. She nods and ends the call. Please make me number 1 this time Lord or I will jump in the well.

Vardaan tells his mother that he cleared his exams. Jamuna ji and Payal are thrilled. Jamuna ji feeds him sugar. She looks at her husband’s photo next. Our son has cleared his CA Exams. Please bless him. Whatever happiness has come in our house is because of Pragya. Everything is happening smoothly since she came in our home. She is really lucky for us. She also compliments Vardaan. Pragya smirks at Payal and congratulates Vardaan.

The newlywed couple seek blessings from everyone. Raghubir ji is teary eyed. I was yearning to see this day since last 18 years. Ma Babu aren’t here to see this day with us. Anyways, stay happy always. He requests Sanjay ji to take care of his little sister. Sanjay tells him not to worry. I have promised to take care of her always. Chotto Bua hugs Komal and Lucky. She thanks Komal. Komal says there is no need to say so. It was our duty. Chotto says you all did everything just the way I wanted it.

I don’t want anything else. It was made possible by Lucky and Komal. I don’t know how to thank you. I want to thank you all by giving you a small gift thereby making it memorable. Komal brings a plate full of small boxes. Chotto Bua adds that it will remind them of her wedding. She gives a box to everyone. It has a gold coin. Kamla ji is pleased. Chotto Bua points out that it has everyone’s name on it. Kailash ji praises her on the idea. Rana’s box is empty. Pinki notices it and points it out before everyone.

Komal says how is it possible. Pinki points at the box. It is an insult to give empty box to Iron Man! Rana tells Chotto Bua to joke in some other manner. It is an insult to me. Komal says it might have happened by mistake. Don’t say like that. Pinki says you took responsibility of the wedding preps so it was also your duty to keep the coin in the box. I wont do that! I forgot that you removed the coin from the box intentionally to take revenge for Lucky’s defeat or maybe you dint keep it in the first place! Lucky says she cannot do it but Rana blames Komal for doing it intentionally.

She is doing everything to insult me. I am Iron Man after all. What will people say if they will find out about it! Lucky tells him he is creating a mountain out of a mole. Komal insists she dint do anything. I was busy with so much at hand. I may not have checked it. Rana continues taunting / blaming her. You knew there cannot be a better way to insult me than this! Lucky gets upset. Komal and Chotto Bua tell him not to drag another matter into this. Malti ji and Kailash ji reprimand Komal. Raghubir ji requests them not to blame her without any reason. She had so much to do. She made a small mistake. You all are after her life for such a small thing! Kamla ji says people will think she did well but she always makes mistakes. Jeweller comes just then and apologizes to Komal. We missed keeping a gold coin in one of the boxes in a rush. Rana and everyone go mum. He hands it to Lucky and leaves.

Everyone is tight lipped. Lucky gives the coin to Rana. Shall I get few more for you or you can keep mine too? He turns to Pinki. Someone keeps winning in the game and someone loses. I might become Iron man next time again. Babu ji hasn’t taught us to cheat. It is sad. Everyone knows that Badho never complains even if she has to overburden herself for work but you all never appreciate her.

You all always taunt her and curse her. She has done so much for everyone. Instead of thanking her, you are cursing her? No problem. Go ahead and curse her today if you want to but today I apologize to her on me and my family’s behalf. Please forgive me Badho. I would also like to thank you for whatever you have done. Badho is touched. Lucky says this time I wont thank you like this.


Badho Bahu 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky walks up to Komal and holds her hand. He kisses her on her hand before everyone.

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