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Badho Bahu 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 1st April March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 1st April March 2017 video watch online HD

Kareena comes to Komal’s mother’s place, she thinks if this is Komal’s residence. She must get an ego after getting married for a reason. Komal shows her Bauji’s photo to Kareena, then takes her to the cow’s corner. She tells Kareena she always share her heart out with these friends.

There, Raja comes looking for Pinky with a flower bunch. He notices Pinky had taken his gifted bed sheet off. Pinky comes to the room annoyed and doesn’t accept the flowers from him. He comes towards her near the mirror and asks what is it about, Pinky asks what can it be. Raja flirts she looks beautiful when angry. Pinky tells him she has no mood to speak to him. He asks what he has done, then asks if its for the bed sheet and understands he must have gifted two bed sheets. Pinky says she is angry and this isn’t a joke. She asks what’s the top most mountain in the world. Raja didn’t know the name, and says she can’t climb it. He remembers about Mount Everest. Pinky asks the second highest mountain in the world. Raja didn’t know about it, he comes to her braid saying he loves it. Pinky looks towards him enraged and clearly states no one remember the second one in the world.

Teji arrives at Komal’s place. Payal was happy to welcome them with their gifts. Jamuna asks Payal to arrange for food and serve everyone together. Kareena says it feels really nice, as if they are celebrating picnic. Komal wish Lucky was also here.

There, Pinky tells Rana to prepare and be the best in wrestling. But it seems he is repeating the history. She pushes him to fight this time and not let Lucky win this time. She says had he fought in wrestling last time, Bauji must not have sent him to city. Rana shouts at her to shut up. Pinky says alright, he must scream and shout at him, she is helpless but to watch him stand on second. She screams at him, he leaves the room out of rage. Pinky smirks behind.
At night, Teji, everyone heads to sleep. Kareena asks Teji if he has brought what she wanted and discuss with him to spread unpeacefulness in their Shanti-paat. Everyone choose their outdoor bedding. Kareena was worried as Bharpayin complains of being sleepless. Komal sings her twinkle twinkle in a bad tone as a lullaby. Kareena tells them to fell asleep and brings Bharpai her headphones.

Lalita and Ahlwat discuss about going to Shanti Pooja. Laita tells him Kamla has kept the proposal matter at heard, she has denied going to Jamuna’s place anymore. She would better stay with Kamla at home.

At night, Kareena tries to get up when Komla places her heavy leg over her. She struggles to get up and wakes Teji silently, asking him about the luggage he brought. He shows her it was under the pillow. The cover the faces of Komal, Bharpai and Vardhan and silently works to loosen the nuts of utensils. Both were shocked watching Vardhan wake up


Badho Bahu 2nd April March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : During the Pooja, the utensil stand breaks. Kareena breaks the thread behind Bauji’s photo. The family was tensed. Pandit predicts there is some dark soul in their house. Ahlwat insists on their family to come to his place and live there.

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