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Badho Bahu 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky manages the rest of the preps. Most important work is left. That card! He wraps the card and smiles. He keeps it next to the CD player.

Pragya puts eye drops in Jamuna ji’s eyes while Payal cuts veggies. Vimla ji comes there. Rinki is here. She has cooked food. I have put all the spices which you gave to me. I thought to share some food with you too. I must say that the fragrance of spices is spread in entire village. Jamuna ji takes pride in it. Payal gets upset thinking about how rude everyone was with her (during the fair incident). Pragya should be thrown out of the house. I haven’t forgotten her insult till date. I will bring out her truth before everyone! She asks Vimla ji why Rinki came all of a sudden. Vimla ji replies that it is her home only. She can come anytime.

She hurries off to her home. Jamuna ji gives the container to Pragya to keep inside. Payal warns Jamuna ji to be careful. Pragya will turn out to be no less than a snake. She wont spare anyone. Jamuna ji warns her not to utter another bad word for Pragya. She was in bad company at that time. It wasn’t her fault. Payal thinks this was a good suggestion. Now I will prove before you that Pragya is not right for our house. I need some bad company for that reason. I very well know who that is.

Komal comes downstairs and checks out the decorations / preparations. Lucky joins her. How’s it? She says what the hurry is. Let me check. He tells her to let it be. You will praise me later. She asks pundit ji if he has everything he needs. Pundit ji agrees. Lucky ji did a fab job. She affirms. Raghubir ji, Kailash ji and Rana also compliment the preps. Chotto Bua and everyone else is also impressed. They compliment Badho who gives credit to Lucky. Bua thanks Ganesha ji. You have indeed started it off nicely. Lucky did his duty by supporting her. Just keep them together like this so their love can develop later. They ask for Bua’s husband and hear the sound of band just then.

Chotto Bua’s husband (Sanjay) enters followed by his brothers. He was about to lift his wife but she gets all shy. Everyone else smiles too. Ahlawat Family sit down for the puja. The puja is about to start but Komal requests them to wait for a minute. Malti ji tells her not to interrupt such auspicious moments. Raghubir ji seconds her. Why did you stop the puja? Komal asks Lucky to bring what she has got for Bua. Kamla ji asks Pinki if she dint know about it. Lucky and Komal give Bua her first wedding card. Chotto Bua (Naina) and her husband are overwhelmed to see it. Bua gets emotional. It is an invite from my parents. Komal requests them to offer it to Ganesha ji together. Bua nods. You brought my parents alive with this. I feel they are right here with us and are blessing us at this very moment. Kailash ji and Raghubir ji nod. Sanjay adds that his parents would have been thrilled had they been alive today. Bua and her husband offer the card to Ganesha ji.

Lucky gives another card to his Bua as memento. She gives it to her brothers. Kailash ji and Raghubir ji get teary eyed. Bua tells Badho and Lucky that they did what no one even thought of. You wont my heart. Lucky shares that it was Badho’s idea. She dint want any ritual to be missed out. It is her doing. Kamla ji scolds Pinki that she cannot think of any such thing. Rana asks his mother why she is scolding Pinki ji again and again. Kamla ji murmurs that she isn’t brought up well maybe.

Vimla ji and Rinki come to Jamuna ji’s home. Payal has invited them over for a cup of tea. Payal says she is our relative after all. We can atleast have a cup of tea together. Vimla ji and Rinki sit down. Rinki has brought something for everyone. Jamuna ji does not seem pleased. Payal thinks of something. You spent too much on all of this. I have heard that your husband does not have much salary. I was thinking… Rinki says what if he cannot earn well. He has got Lakshmi in my form who handles everything. Rinki asks for Pragya. Payal complains that she sits in her room all day while I do all the work. Jamuna ji stares at her. Payal covers it up.

Bua tells Pundit ji to start the puja now. Lucky thinks this is the perfect time. He takes permission from pundit ji to give out one invitation as well. Everyone is confused. Malti ji thinks no one thought to tell her anything. Kamla ji remarks that Ganesha ji will have two invitations in a day. It is his day it seems! Lucky gives his gift to Komal. Kamla ji is sure they will do something to gain appreciation from everyone. Komal is touched to see the card. He says it is for you. Your wedding card was never printed and this was your childhood wish. This is why I got you this. She gets emotional looking at it. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays in the background. Lucky and everyone keeps looking at her. Komal finally smiles.


Badho Bahu 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangram Singh gives up his chance from elections. I have realised you (Kailash ji) deserve it more. Raghubir ji later tell him that now he will also withdraw his name from elections. Nothing can stop you from winning now. Komal tells them it cannot happen.

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